Surya bestows us with vitality and life force. Being the lord of the zodiac sign Leo, it rules over our heart and eye. Any ailment related to this could be a cause of weak Sun in one’s natal chart. The planet has a fiery and independent streak , surrounded by an aura of ruling and authority.

Sun makes it a point to guide us towards the path of spirituality and enlightenment. A person with a strong Sun has an arrogant air around him/her and is ruthless and cruel while taking decisions.

Weak Sun gives management and career related issues. The native will have a hard time attaining glory at work , various health issues etc .

Planet Sun would transit into the zodiac sign Libra on October 17, 2017 at 12:50 p.m. tillNovember 16, 2017 at 12:56 p.m. 


Sun will move into the 7th house from your moon sign. Your married life might have to face trials and troubles. You’ll have to be cautious about conflicts with your siblings, which if not taken under consideration might turn your relationship sour. Your arrogance could increase and you’ll become hot under the collar quite often. There could be some issues in business partnerships; stay cautious while taking any decision. Health issues to the spouse are probable. Children are advised to take proper care of their well being. You might face a lack of happiness and mental peace at home due to any trivial issue. Love life will be troublesome; you’ll have to manifold your efforts in order to get things on the right track. Children would be determined in this duration to reach for the stars.

General Remedy: Chant the Mantra: Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah.


Sun will move into the 6th house from your moon sign. Your determined attitude would coax you into moving mountains in this period. You’ll be quite competitive and would go up against in a contest with people of opposite sex. Students will taste success in examinations. You’ll outshine your opponents in this period. It’ll be your priority to throw off your enemies. Some property related disputes could crop up in this period, but they are probably gonna end up in your favour. Your health would improve and you’ll start paying more attention towards staying in the pink of your health. Gains through Government will bring joy to your life.

General Remedy: Offer vermilion and red flower infused water to the Sun God.


Sun will move into the 4th house from your moon sign. There will be a sudden rise in your career. Although, some issues might keep the children away from attaining success in studies. The time isn’t favourable for love matters. You are advised to stay wary of disputes and banters. Your mindset in this duration will face a setback; due to which you might have trouble coming to conclusions. Wealth losses are predicted for you in this period. Government offers and schemes won’t work out in your favour, so be cautious while dealing with them. Health will remain low, so make sure you eat healthily. Single masses could find someone intriguing in this duration. This might turn out to be a start of something new for them.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

General Remedy: Offer Pure Ghee in a Lord Vishnu temple on Sunday.


The planet Sun will move into the 4th house from your moon sign. This period could give health issues to your mother. You’ll be mentally stressed due to this. Lack of happiness will be apparent on your face; tiffs at the domestic front will make you take charge and work towards aiding it. Your marital bliss could be hampered; you’ll have unnecessary banters with your partner. If these do not cease at the proper time, they might crop up later and be the thorn in your path. Your spouse is likely to receive a sudden news pertaining to their career. You’ll continue doing your good work at your vocation. You would try to dominate others in this period. Try to abstain from overshadowing anyone.

Remedy: Offer water to Sun God daily.


Sun will move into the 3rd house from your moon sign. During this period there will be an improvement in your health. You’ll get over any past illnesses in this period. Siblings might have to face trials and tribulations in this duration. You’ll feel a significant rise in your career, this would enable you to get a promotion or a laurel at work. Your social status would also reach new heights in this time period. Some short distance trips will keep you occupied; despite a number of trips you’ll get to go on, the period warns you about uncomfortable excursions. Gains through government or higher officials will keep you high spirited. You are advised to maintain cordial relations with people of the opposite sex. You’ll have a religious approach in this duration. Refrain from getting lazy and adopting a lethargic approach towards your work.

General Remedy: Recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra daily starting from Sunday


Planet Sun will move into the 2nd sign from your moon sign. This period might increase the harshness in your speech and make your relationships go bitter due to this. Some tiffs in the family are also probable; you are advised to keep your temper under check and make sure that it stays like that. Refrain from saying bitter words to anyone. The health of your family members will need attention. The probability of eye related ailments is high in this duration. Few losses are probable, but with proper caution, they can be nullified. Gains through foreign lands will bring in prosperity and maintain the cash flow. Materialistic life will give you discomfort in this period.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

General Remedy: Recite or listen to Shri Harivansh Puran.


Sun will transit into your own house. During this period slight health issues will keep you bothered. Ego clashes are probable, due to your anger and temper issues. You’ll be the last one to back off in a fight. Your endeavours could face hurdles, so make sure that you go the extra mile in that case. Some mental agony would keep you stressed. Tiffs with friends and loved ones will be an on and off thing, making you bitter about relationships in general. Wealth losses are a probability in this duration. An upset stomach might bother you; eat healthily and exercise regularly to stay in shape. There might be a delay in your undertakings; maintain cordial relations with people of opposite sex.

General Remedy: Donate Copper vessel on Sunday.


Surya will move to your 12 th house . This period indicates travel plans taking shape. You might get to travel overseas or to a distant place due to professional purposes. Mental stress would be quite high in this period; there’s a high probability of getting a bad name due to your own deeds. You are advised to pay heed to what you do and what you speak. Words uttered in haste will need caution. Expenditure will rise; keep tabs on your pocket. www.vedicastrologysolutions.com .Health will remain low for this duration. Fever, body aches, upset stomach, bowel related issues, and eye related issues might hamper your everyday tasks.

General Remedy: Chant Aum Hiranyagarbhaya Namah !


Sun will move into the 11th house from your moon sign in this transit period. This predicts multiple gains in your life. You’ll cash in favours from your seniors, higher business officials, and even Government. You’ll be blessed with good health in this period and this would make you achieve bigger things in life. You’ll be inclined towards spiritual deeds; the time might see you organising an auspicious event as well. Gains through father are on the cards for you. A steep rise in your career would make you happy beyond explanation. You’ll meet eminent people of the society in this duration, which will make you develop contacts that are sure to help you in the long run.

General Remedy: Chant Aum Ghrini Surya


Planet Sun will move into the 10th house from your moon sign. This period would provide you favours from the Government sector and Government policies. Your honour and recognition at work would increase; this would help you hit it up with your seniors and acquaintances. Although, you might have some issues with females in this period; try to be passive in your dealings. Not every action requires your reaction. Avoid arrogance at all costs. Domestic life could suffer due to some issues. Sudden ups and downs will keep you moving forward in the roller coaster, i.e. life.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

General Remedy: Feed Jaggery to Cows.


The planet Sun would move into the 9th house from your moon sign. A decline in your name is probable. Your glory would dwindle; this might trigger mental unhappiness. You could be stressed out in this period. Father’s health would require your attention; you might have some misunderstandings with him. These ideological differences, if not taken care of at the right time might result in a bitter relationship. Wealth would trouble you. You won’t be happy about the amount of wealth that you’ve accumulated and could be quite vocal about it. Some false allegations could find their way towards you in this period!

Remedy: Donate red cloth on Sundays


The planet Sun will transit into the 8th house from your moon sign. This period would invite health issues in your life. You’ll have to struggle with minor health issues, but proper medication is advised to get them gone for good. Your tasks could face obstacles in this period, but you are advised to not get disheartened due to this. Heated arguments are possible; keep yourself at bay from any sort of dispute. Indigestion could trouble you; refrain from foods that might trigger this. There’s a high probability of getting defamation due to your own deeds. Maintain your name and do not indulge in anything that might tarnish it.

Remedy: Donate Wheat grains on Sundays.