Venus is the main factor for life partner, family happiness, land and materialistic comforts. With its strong presence in the Birth Chart, a person finds happiness in the form of a good life partner, blissful married life, vehicle, house and other worldly pleasures. 

However, the debilitated position of Venus in one’s Kundli causes problems in marriage and declination in all comforts.

Venus is the planet of worldly luxuries, comforts and perfection. With its strong presence in one’s horoscope, a person achieves luxury vehicle, house, expensive clothes, jewelries and all materialistic comforts. It is also the main significator of art, beauty and marital bliss. Venus strongly influences people of the glamour world as well as brings love and affection in married life.

According to Vedic Astrology, Venus rules Taurus and Libra Moon signs. It is naturally a benefic planet. It is in exalted position in Pisces whereas debilitated in Virgo.

Venus transit in Leo has taken place today, on July 5, 2018 at 2:38 AM and will remain in this sign till 12:41 PM on Wednesday, August 1, 2018.

Here is a General glance at how this transit will influence the lives of natives of all Moon signs.



Venus will move into fifth house from your moon sign. This period will be good for love related matters. Your love life would improve and there romance might be in the air. Your relationship would yield comforts and togetherness. However, some occasional tiffs are also likely. Students might have to face some hurdles. Despite that, they’ll be able to focus on studies and get good results. If married, your children might flourish and do well in their areas of work; although you’ll have to be particular about their health.

Your well-being also needs attention as stomach or abdomen related ailment might trouble you. Any new relationship might begin in this duration. Your income would increase. Natives thinking about getting married may go for love marriage. Your family will support you in various matters.

General Remedy: Distribute candies to little girls on Friday.


Venus will move into the fourth house from your moon sign. This period would bring happiness in your domestic life as domestic harmony would prevail and you would enjoy spending time with your family members. You’ll start looking for options to decorate and beautify your home in this period. However, some minor ideological differences are possible at home. Your mother will enjoy comforts and her health would also improve.

On the work front, you would perform very well. You should avoid gossips or controversies to abstain from any controversy coming your way. Your maternal relatives might visit you and some auspicious activity might occur at home. Your spouse, if working, would receive good results at work. You might also acquire any property or vehicle during this period.

General Remedy: Wear shucita jadi in white cloth.


Venus will move into the third house from your moon sign. In this transit period, you would love to take risks. You’ll become determined towards a hobby and would devote most of your time to it. There might be short distance journeys for entertainment or enjoyment purposes. Possibility of a new relationship is high and after some conflicts, you would enjoy that relationship.

You would also enjoy the company of your loved ones, and would make it your top-most priority to spend most of your time with them. Your artistic ability might shine and it could bring you good name and fame. Your status in society would elevate. If married, your spouse might receive some good news. Children would enjoy their life with new zeal.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and offer white sandalwood or flowers to him.


Venus will move into the second house from your moon sign. This period would bring you monetary gains. You would be able to accumulate good amount of wealth which will give you financial satisfaction. Gains through property are also possible in this duration. Your speech would improve and you would be able to convince others.

However, sometimes this sweetness would change to harshness and that could give you trouble. You would enjoy delicious delicacies and may go dining out. There might be some auspicious ceremony in your family and addition of a new member in family is also possible.

General Remedy: Offer Vermilion (Sindoor) to Lord Hanumanji on Tuesday and Saturday.


Venus will move into your own sign, and in this transit period, you would be known for your good work. Toils of the past would pay you this time. There might be a positive change in your persona and due to this, people around you would get impressed. People may come to you to seek your valuable advice on various issues. Siblings would be supportive of you and may provide you with comfort in your direst need.

During this period, you would do something personally for yourself and your mind would be full of love, happiness and romance. Marital life would also improve, however, some conflicts are likely. Make sure you don’t do anything to spark those conflicts.

General Remedy: Offer red roses in a Goddess’s temple on Friday.


Venus will move into the twelfth house from your moon sign. During this period, your expenses would be peaking. As a part of this, you would get involved with luxuries, sensual activities and other material comforts this world has to offer. You’ll shell out your money for lavish living. You should be careful as your gadgets might get dysfunctional.

On the other hand, sensuous approach will give you happiness but, maintain control as this might end up putting you in trouble. You might go abroad or may look for new opportunities overseas. Long distance journeys are on the cards for you. Some of them might be just for the sake of travelling. You’ll plan out picnics or vacation trips for your enjoyment. The health of your spouse might get affected.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva with little Curd and Sugar, and thereafter offer the same to a Brahmin on Friday.


Venus will move into the eleventh house from your moon sign. This period would bring success, achievements and gains in your life. Your undertakings would lead to success. Any of your long awaited wishes might see the dawn of fulfillment. People of the opposite sex may become a reason of your growth as they will extend their support towards your goals. Sudden or unexpected material and monetary gains are highly possible. Your love life will improve in this duration.

You may enjoy social gatherings and would meet up with friends and relatives. Socially, you’ll enjoy going out for parties and expanding your friend circle. A new relationship is likely to happen. Children would enjoy this period, however, some things might upset their health. Your married life would become strong.

General Remedy:Wear good quality Opal in your ring finger on Friday.


Venus will move into the tenth house from your moon sign. Your business would yield good results and there might be a foreign collaboration that would bring good profits to you. Overseas or long distance journeys in relation to your work are likely to take place during this period. Your business partner would actively participate in your work. If you are working in a job, your spouse would extend his/her full support in your work as well.

Domestic life would flourish with harmony, however, you should avoid arguments and stay away from any unethical relationship at workplace. You are advised to drive carefully. The health of your mother will take a turn for the better.

General Remedy: Worship cows and feed them Jaggery.


Venus will move into the ninth house from your moon sign. Your hard work would result in good benefits during this period. You might have to go for quite a few long journeys, out of which a few would be beneficial for you. Your father might experience a rise in his career and life. However, some issues with him are likely. Your charitable approach towards life would increase. Siblings would also feel comfortable in this duration.

Your love life would improve and the chances of romantic encounters will be there, however, you should refrain from any arguments. Elder siblings and seniors at work might extend favors. You may consider starting a new business in this duration.

General Remedy: Water Peepal tree every Thursday.


Venus will move into the eighth house from your moon sign. During this period, you need to control your sensual activities as it might result in health issues. If married, your children might suffer a bit in this duration. Some issues might also occur in your love life, however, you would enjoy a good time with your beloved. Sudden gains and losses are possible.

Ups and downs in career are likely. You may benefit through some unfair means in this duration, but it’ll be better if you refrain from such activities and stay vigilant as well, as it might give you a bad name. You may suffer from venereal diseases. Enjoy comforts but, with limitations.

General Remedy: Chant Maa Durga Mantra everyday.


Venus will move into the seventh house from your moon sign. During this period, your marital life would flourish. Venus would influence your personal life while improving your relationships and giving you sweet moments to cherish with your loved ones. There might be an increase in your love and affection. Your image in public would improve greatly.

You’ll carry yourself with new found grace and panache. On the other hand, your spouse might have an inflated ego that could create some issues in your marital life. Your luck will support you. It is likely that you may grow in your domain with the help of people of the opposite sex.

General Remedy: Chant Shukra Mantra.


Venus will move into the sixth house from your moon sign. You would be extra energetic during this period. You might taste success in competitive examinations or in sports. You’ll also be inclined towards implementing your hobbies or any artistic ability to earn or utilize the same in your vocation. Your expenditure would increase excessively.

There might be issues with people of the opposite gender. Your health might get affected and any chronic disease could hamper your well being. There are slight chances of separation from your beloved. Your spouse might spend a lot on materialistic comforts. Your siblings might also enjoy comforts during this period.

General Remedy: Feed Jaggery and Wheat flour dough to cows.


These are general predictions for each moon sign. For individual predictions as per your birth chart, please take guidance from a learned astrologer.






हरी ॐ साई राम ,

शुक्र ग्रह को भौतिक सुखों का कारक माना गया है। कुंडली में शुक्र के शुभ प्रभाव से वाहन, घर, महंगे वस्त्र, आभूषण जैसे तमाम सांसारिक सुखों की प्राप्ति होती है। शुक्र को कला, सौंदर्य और वैवाहिक सुख का कारक भी माना गया है, इसलिए ग्लैमर की दुनिया से जुड़े व्यक्तियों पर इसका गहरा प्रभाव होता है।

वहीं शुक्र की कृपा से दाम्पत्य जीवन में मधुरता आती है। शुक्र ग्रह को वृषभ और तुला राशि का स्वामित्व प्राप्त है। यह मीन राशि में उच्च भाव में होता है और कन्या राशि में नीच भाव में रहता है।

शुक्र ग्रह 5 जुलाई 2018, गुरुवार को 02:38 बजे सिंह राशि में गोचर करेगा और 1 अगस्त 2018, बुधवार 12:41 बजे तक इसी राशि में स्थित रहेग