Venus is transiting in Pisces on April 1, 2016. This transit will affect all the zodiac Moon signs in different manner. But, what kind of effects these could be? Read this post , to get all your answers unrolled in the predictions made by our Bhaiyaji.

On April 01, 2016 Venus will enter in Pisces. With this transit, Venus will enter in an exalted sign. It will again transit to Aries on April 25, 2016. Natives of different zodiac signs may face different impacts of this transit. These effects are listed below:

Note : These predictions are based on your Ascendent , Moon sign wise.


Expenses will take place on luxurious items. Your arrogance will increase. Couples may go somewhere for outing. Your liking will increase for oily and heavy food. Your mother may likely to go on a pilgrimage. Spendings may occur on decoration of home. You may buy some new clothes. Male natives may feel interested in looking for other women. You will develop a tendency of giving free teachings.


This is going to be a good time for work and business. Transit of lord of ascendant in eleventh house will produce favorable results. Great chances are arising of getting success in competitive exams. Success is also likely to come in elections. New female friends will develop and profits will also come from them. You will be able to convert the thoughts of people in your favor. Father may have to travel somewhere and health issues are likely to your mother.


Delay is possible in works. Your estimation will prove to be right. Profits are likely to come from stock-market. Workfront will remain great. Some new friends and a love relationship may develop. Luck of your father will improve. A new dimension for earning money may develop. Personal life of your uncle will remain great. Your grandfather is likely to gain profits from immovable property. There are chances of buying a new vehicle. A prosperous atmosphere will prevail at home.


You are likely to make donations on religious places. Respect and honour will come from people. Some long journeys are possible. Benefits will come from mother and your faith will increase in her. Some new thoughts will arise in you. Your trend toward philosophy will increase. Prosperous atmosphere will prevail at home. Property & bank balance will stay safe. Some physical problems are possible to your father. You will feel less interested in spiritual tasks.


Many hurdles are possible at workplace. Your anger will increase. Attraction toward wrong addictions will increase. A curiosity of getting into a hidden relationship will also arise in you. Your speech may create troubles. Your father might need a great amount of money suddenly. Relationship with parents will remain cordial. You may feel angry with your mother.


Mellowness will remain in thoughts and your speech will remain cheerful. You would like to do fun and crack jokes. Sexual desires will increase. You will try to get physically intimate too much during this time. This may bring a reduction in your health. A desire of eating sweet things and betel will increase. Your father will gain profits and he is likely to meet an old friend. All the halted tasks of father will get complete. Any disease is also possible to your mother.


Enemies will dominate. You will feel lack of confidence. Any disease may affect you. Chances are arising of meeting with uncle. Some hurdles are possible in your work. You may feel lazy. Wastage of money will occur. You will try to delay your works. You may get any of your desired task due to somebody’s absence. Time is not appropriate for your father. His interest may increase in writing. Your mother is likely to speak more this time.


Problems are possible in childbirth or health issues may occur to your child. There are good chances of getting into a new love relationship, if you keep on doing efforts, favorable results will come within 3-4 months. Interest in music is likely to increase. A desire of gaining knowledge will increase in mother. You will enjoy time with family. Relationship of parents will remain balanced. Financial gains are possible to younger siblings. If you are looking forward to get married, profits are likely to come from it.


Happiness and profits will come from relatives. Your money may stuck somewhere, so take care. Friends will help. Some health issues are possible. Some may feel reduction in manly power. Depression may arise in your mind. Your father may have to face loss of respect. Health issues are also possible to your mother. Your uncle may have to face some controversies due to debt. Your interest will increase in pets.


You will get respect at workplace and some new connections will develop. Your reputation will increase in family. Love with your brothers will further intensify. Your journeys will get accomplished. Your words will be able to create an influence among others. Atmosphere at home will remain prosperous, and parents will share a cordial bond. Mother may have to spend more than usual. Your uncle may have to face opposition at workplace.


Venus will definitely produce favorable results after getting exalted. Its transit in second house will give you everything despite you are going through its sub-period (Antar-Dasha) or sub-sub-period (Pratyantar-Dasha). You will buy some new things. There are chances of minor financial loss. Prosperous atmosphere will prevail at home. Some opposite effect is possible on your father’s health. Your mother will enjoy good health and money will also come.


Transit of Venus in ascendant will bring some fresh thoughts in your mind. Your interest may increase in natives of opposite sex. Venus will come in your ascendant being the lord of eighth house, due to which some health troubles may arise. You will become hardworking and you will accomplish all your works with a great energy at workplace. Your interest will increase in music. Disputes are possible with father.


Hope, our above predictions made by our Bhaiyaji would have been a great help for you. May you have a beautiful day ahead