Venus, the ruler of Taurus and Libra is known as Shukra Graha in Hindi. It is considered as the planet of love, beauty, music, arts, romance, etc. The placement of Venus in Horoscope determines the married life and materialistic comforts of the native. Shukra is exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo, and represents the spouse of a person. 
The friendly planets of Venus are Mercury, Saturn and Rahu, whereas the Sun and the Moon are considered as its enemies.
Venus will transit into Sagittarius on December 20, 2017 (Wednesday) at 18:43, and would remain there till January 13, 2018(Saturday) at 14:56. The transit would have pronounced impacts on all the twelve Zodiac Signs, and to know how does it affect you, do not take your eyes off this article.


Venus will move into the ninth house from your Moon Sign. The period would be beneficial for you as you would be able to achieve gains through your spouse or business partnerships. The help and support of your spouse would serve as your biggest strength within this duration. 

You would indulge in performing virtuous and religious deeds. You would bask in glory, as well as receive favours from the government. An auspicious activity can take place in your family. Long journeys would be fruitful for you, and you would enjoy the period with your friends and loved ones.

Remedy: Distribute Kheer to poor girls.


Venus will move into the eighth house from your Moon Sign. Health issues might trouble you during this period, and you might develop an illness if you do not pay attention to your health. You would immerse yourself in deep thoughts, sensuality and materialistic pleasures. 

You might be able to repay your debts, and get a chance to meet your in-laws during this period. You would be able to take out some time for yourself, and you would enjoy your own company. Health problems might trouble your spouse, so proper attention to their health must be paid.

Remedy: Chant the Mantra: Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah Shukraya Namah!


Venus will move into the seventh house from your Moon Sign. You would be romantically inclined towards your spouse, but some conflicts are likely to occur. You might grab an opportunity to go abroad. During this period, love relationship could be converted into a wedlock.

 You would yearn for love during this period, and this would lit the fire of passion in you. You need to set your limits, failing which you might have to face defamation. Your spouse might encounter certain issues related to their health.

Remedy: Chant the Mantra: Om Shum Shukraye Namah.


Venus will move into the sixth house from your Moon Sign. The period would present you a lot of obstructions in your undertakings, which you need to overcome with your hard work and sincere efforts. Property related disputes, and issues with the people of the opposite gender are likely. 

Your opponents would gain strength and try to overpower you during this period. You should carefully monitor your health and your pocket during this period, otherwise illness might trouble you, and you might end up spending a lot. Conflicts with your spouse might stress you up.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva with white flowers.


Venus will move into the fifth house from your Moon Sign. There are chances that a new relationship might blossom. The period would be favourable for your love relation and your children. 

You might pour your heart out to your loved one, and they would reciprocate the same. You would be affectionate towards children, and would develop an inclination towards artistic activities. You would be able to gain wealth in this duration, which would keep you happy.

Remedy: Worship Cows and feed them.


With the transit, Venus will move into the fourth house from your Moon Sign, which would shower harmony, bliss, and affection in your domestic life. You would spend your wealth over household activities, and might plan to do some modifications in your house. 

You might consider buying a vehicle in this duration, and could also go around shopping and purchasing other material assets. You would be happy and contended during this period.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati with dry rice.


As the ruling planet of your sign, Venus will move into the third house from your Moon Sign, you would be able to befriend a number of people, thus expanding your friend circle. You would be more determined than ever during this period. 

Your communication skills would improve for your betterment, and you would be affectionate towards your siblings. You would have a liberal and virtuous bent of mind, but undesired travelling might distress you. Your health might degrade occasionally, so you must pay attention to your health. Comforts through subordinates are indicated during this period.

Remedy: Offer Perfume to any Temple Priestess.


The planet Venus will move into the second house from your Moon Sign, and your spouse or your business partner would be your lucky charm during this period. You might have a social or sacred activity in your home. There is a possibility of an addition in your family in the form of marriage, childbirth, etc. 

You would exhibit a sweetness in your communication, and would thus be able to impress others. Harmony would prevail in your family, and you would receive gains through foreigners.

Remedy: Donate white sandalwood on Friday.


The planet Venus will move into your own sign, and this would be a mixed period for you. You would gain wealth, but would be more prone to health issues so you should pay attention to your diet and hygiene. 

You would breathe in the air of freedom, and would luxuriate in comforts. You would be more open to bold ideas during this period. You would have an upper hand over your enemies, and your business would expand within this duration.

Remedy: Offer Saffron mixed Kheer to Goddess Durga on Friday.


With the transit, Venus will move into the twelfth house from your Moon Sign. While students might go abroad for study purposes, professionals can also utilise the time to go abroad for a business trip or job hunting. The period would witness a good inflow of income, but at the same time you would spend money extravagantly.

 You would end up in the lap of luxury, and relish in comforts. Your heedless and rash expenditure of money might come to a halt with you being bankrupt. So, you are advised to tighten your belt right through the beginning so as to avoid the harsh consequences.

Remedy: Take blessings from little girls.


The harbinger of affluence, Venus would enter into the eleventh house from your Moon Sign. The period that it brings would prove to be great for you. You will earn a good rental income, that will keep you contented. Multiple gains would adorn your life with joy and bliss. There will be a substantial rise in your income. 

Love life would function smoothly; you’ll enjoy the time spent with lover and make sure that you create memories out of it. Journeys undertaken in this period would bring good gains to you in the long run. You will enjoy your free time in the company of your kith and kin. There would be a rise in your social status; keep yourself in sync with it to stay at the top of your game. You might develop friendship with people of the opposite sex; support from friends will keep you happy in this duration.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga.


The planet of wealth, Venus would move into the tenth house from your Moon Sign. This movement of the planet would affect your career. You will have a mixed outcome in this period; several ups and downs are predicted at your workplace. The ill deeds of the past might come back to haunt you in this time span. 

You would be surprised to know how much value your words hold for some people; exercise control over your tone of speech. Opponents in this duration will gain in strength and strategize to take you down, when you least expect it. It is quite a probability that you might face some struggles in undertakings; these hurdles will make you garner strength to fight back with equal force. Some issues to females and siblings are presaged, but with proper caution, these can be dealt with.

Remedy: Recite Goddess Lakshmi’s Shri Sookt.