Venus being the planet of love, harmony, art and social life endows people with vitality, beauty, intellect and equality. It guides their desires and encourages them to be honest, friendly and affectionate towards others.



Venus transit in Aquarius allows the natives of this Zodiac to be strong and dominating in personality along with gracious charm from Venus. It also governs individuals to be witty and promotes relationships, marriage and business partnerships.

Venus will transit from Capricorn to Aquarius on Tuesday February 06, 2018 at 12:10 PM. Read how Venus will influence your Zodiac while it is residing in Aquarius Moon sign wise.


For Aries, this transit will signify enhanced financial benefits and multiple personal and professional opportunities. Since the Aries lord, Mars, is already influencing Aquarius, Venus conjoining Mars will fortify the benefits that accrue due to this placement. The only unfavourable effect will be felt due to the presence of Ketu which is also a part of this Venus-Mars conjunction. If Arieans manage their impatience, temper and finances well, situations are predicted to be smooth during this transit period. Tensions regarding children’s welfare and education will also be reduced due to the presence of Venus in 11th house. But it would be wise for the Aries to remember to go easy on the kids as too much of strictness can cause ruptures in the parent-child relationship. Health safeguards need to be given proper attention. Presence of Jupiter in 6th house and Saturn in 8th house will be a cause for concern, but cooperation and understanding from spouse and family will help Arians sail through smoothly during this transit period. Presence of Mercury and Sun in the 9th house will result in creative expression and augmented professional output. On the whole, this Venus transit will be an indicator of plenty and abundance in terms of opportunities and money and the only caution note will be the management of temper and irritability during this period.


For Taureans, this Venus transit will signify increase in professional exposure and social participation. Some will find overseas work opportunities knocking on their door while some might have to undergo extensive work related travel. Due to their persistent hard work, creative ability and efficient time management skills, Taurus will win over their colleagues and supervisors. Appreciation will pour from all directions at the workplace and this Venus transit indicates promotions for both Taurus and their spouses. For many, this period will signify immense positive changes at work. A few might experience slight enmity and competition at work which will be managed smoothly and efficiently by beneficial Jupiter and Saturn transits. Some Taureans can expect relocation to a different region or a change in residence in the nearby locality during this transit period, while a few will have disturbed relations among family members. These disruptions within the family will be quickly resolved by tactful handling of irritants in time. Children’s education might be a cause for concern, while personal health issues will also need to be addressed. Putting in a nutshell, this Venus transit will be an emphasis for Taurus to strike a fine balance between professional and personal life.


Geminis are expected to be in their elemental best during this Venus transit. Their courage, initiative and interpersonal relations will be at their peak. They will smoothly handle the family affairs and efficiently perform at their workplace. Some Geminis might have to be careful about their relationship with their spouse while others might have to give priority and attention to their father’s health during this period. With their creative juices working and flowing overtime, Geminis will go all out in renovating, beautifying, decorating their home space. They can also expect accolades for their creative endeavours and persistent efforts at work. Their stamina, energy, physical capabilities and mental capacities will be on an all time high in this transit period. Troublemakers will lie low and competitors will be won over by the Geminis. Business ventures dealing with printing, publishing, education related items, computer software products will thrive while professionals in sales, marketing, travel and academics will do particularly well. Geminis will share great bonding with their siblings and friends and a few might go on a picnic or vacation along with their colleagues and well-wishers. Geminis will find this Venus transit expanding their external horizons and enhancing their internal faculties.


During Venus transit, Cancerians need to exercise restraint in handling matters related to interpersonal relations at home as well as their social circle. They may have to be very careful in their eating habits and their verbal exchange with family, friends and colleagues. Chances of misunderstanding and miscommunication are quite high during this period. And if the situations are not handled maturely, chances of tiffs turning into explosive argumentative situations are high. For some Cancerians, this will be a period of mental stress and strain but due to their creative leanings and social affiliations, they will be able to tide over any crisis during this time. Some Cancerians will undergo religious travel or a pilgrimage, while a few might take some time off from mundane activities and pursue studies related to spirituality and religion. Health issues pertaining to self will need to be addressed as soon as possible as negligence on the Cancerians’ part can lead to serious health trouble. More expenditure than income is indicated during this transit and this financial insecurity will add to their already existing mental tensions. Long story short, a time for exercising tolerance and patience and mature handling of crisis situations is what this transit period calls for.


Leos need to tread very carefully in their intimate relations during this Venus transit. Chances of minor irritants transforming themselves into major conflicts are possible. Leos also need to manage their interpersonal relationships at the work place in a tactful and efficient manner, which they will manage to do with Jupiter presence in 2nd house. This is the period for high creative expression and communication. Leos are expected to be very happy with their fluent thought processes and enhanced verbal skills. During this period, Leos need to be very alert about health issues concerning their parents, especially father. Leos in business may have a difference of opinion with their partners which might lead to disputes. Students in electronics and engineering will shine. Professionals in IT, media and journalism will have a great time. Some Leos may purchase residential land or property. Though they should be careful with their monetary transactions and documentation. Leos also need to curb their impulsive nature and restlessness. If not, this will create more problems in their dealings with people in their immediate circle. Summing up, we can say that there is an urgency for Leos to be careful in their speech, behaviour and action during this Venus transit.


Virgos will be in a positive frame of mind during this transit period, though friction and clashes with their co-borns and elderly family members are very much possible. During this transit, they will feel vigour, enthusiasm and zest for life. They must ensure that they don’t go overboard and get into problematic situations. This would prove to be a period indicating high expenditure. Some Virgos might cultivate overseas contacts pertaining to their business. A few might be busy with the additions and alterations related to their familial property. Some might be planning purchase of new property. It will be in their best interest to postpone such plans for a few months. During this transit, Virgos will experience enhanced interest in matters concerning religion and spirituality. Some might plan a pilgrimage with their family members. Competition will be on the rise in their work space but Virgos will be able to handle such pressures with logic and creative thinking. Virgos also need to be aware of hidden enemies at their workplace, who could be creating periodic problems. To conclude, we can say that with cautious planning and effective management of relationships, Virgos will sail through this period happily.


Librans may have problems related to wards in their family. It is best to sort out problems before they turn into irreconcilable differences. Income and expenditure is predicted to run parallel during this period. Those in romantic relationships might need to have a little more tolerance and affection towards their partners. And those in marital relationship, need to be careful in their approach towards their spouse as dissatisfaction will be at its peak in their relationship. While on one hand, Librans will be trying to balance and manage their interpersonal relationships, on the other they will be feeling the surge of financial surplus in their personal life. Some will have multiple source of income, though it is better to avoid speculation and investment in the share market. Librans also will feel the impinging need to devote more time to their family members. During this transit, Librans will be more active mentally and sparse with their verbal exchanges. A few are expected to be involved with innovations and creative projects. Librans planning new business ventures or enterprises will need to be careful with their investments plans. They can surely start on a small scale and expand when the time is congenial after a few months. In conclusion, we can say that this Venus transit is expected to bring in mixed results for Librans.


Scorpios will find multiple opportunities to earn and invest during this transit. Sudden profits and unexpected sources of income are indicated for those in business. Some Scorpios might engage in work related overseas travel during this period, while a few may be planning residential purchases abroad. A word of caution being that Scorpios need to be cautious with their property documentation and payment procedure. Those in family business, will reap rich harvest. Children of Scorpios will shine in their scholastic achievements in this duration. Scorpios who are professionals in the field of writing, communication, public relations and media management will achieve great strides in their career. A few of them will find their career profile on an upward swing. While others might be extremely happy with incremental and profile promotions. But it must also be mentioned that Scorpios will be pulled apart due to the demands and pressing concerns within their family and professional life. It would be wise to attend to their family needs and wants on a priority basis and then shift the focus to their priorities at work. It would be in the best interests of Scorpios to contain their anger outbursts and aggressive behaviour at home, especially towards elderly female members. Summing up, if Scorpios take care of their temperament at home and at work, things might pan out very well for them.


Many Sagittarians are expected to be in their creative and career best during this Venus transit. Frequent travel, enhanced pay scales, satisfactory profile, cordial relationships at work and appreciation from the senior management are the major highlights of Sagittarius professional life during this important transit. Some Sagittarians might also earn via foreign sources during this period. Income will top the charts as compared to the expenditures. Health of father or elderly male members of the family will need to be attended to immediately before things take a turn for the worse. Some Sagittarians will have strong ideological differences with their father while a few will be extremely concerned about their relationship with the elders in their family. Those Sagittarians expecting arrival of their babies need to be very particular about medical instructions during this period. Those planning their parenthood can afford to delay it by a few months. A few Sagittarians will be planning solo travel while some will be looking forward to a big family vacation. Time is very auspicious for singles belonging to this sign. They might find their marital partners matching their emotional and intellectual wavelength. Putting in a nutshell, this might be a time period signifying high expectations, abundant opportunities and multiple gains for Sagittarians.


Month of high tension and stress is what is indicated by the current Venus transit for Capricorn. They need to be extra careful with their verbal conduct and commitments. Otherwise, any minor disagreement is expected to snowball into a major crisis for them resulting in restlessness, anxiety and strained relations. Family members and intimate relationships need to be handled with added care and attention, since they offer a great support system. Rahu’s presence in 8th house can cause unexpected changes and flux in family relationships, but Jupiter’s presence in the 9th house and Saturn’s presence in the 11th house is capable of diffusing any problem that might seem invincible. Students engaged in high-tech projects will be exuberant in their approach and excellent in their performance. Money-wise Capricorns are in for a great time as gains from multiple sources can be expected. Students putting extra efforts will be rewarded amply. Work related travel is on the cards for the Capricorn. People in creative communication and visualisation will find takers for their concepts and ideas. On the whole, if Capricorns handle their family affairs and mental stress in time and in a mature manner, then going will be great for them during this period.


Aquarians need to address their internal conflict in an urgent manner as chances of this conflict spilling over externally into their intimate relationships are highly possible. Those Aquarius borns who are in a romantic relationship are in for a stressful time as they will not see eye to eye with their lover. Those in marital relationships will see major transformation in their attitude and behaviour after a bitter and a stressful time. For some Aquarians, this time period simultaneously signifies spousal conflicts as well as rapprochements. Some Aquarians might tend to experience extremes in their thinking and behaviour processes during this period. Financially, a profitable time period is indicated. Those in business, need to clear any misunderstanding that might be there with their partner. For those in service sector, hard work and extra efforts will yield tremendously positive results. Though enemies will lie low in this period, Aquarians would be wise to not take them for granted as during this time unexpected and adverse situations are indicated. Some students might get the course of their choice, while other may opt for studies abroad. In conclusion, it can be said that relationship management ought to figure in the priority list of the Aquarians for them to experience peace during this Venus transit period.


Pisces born are predicted to have a memorable time in their intimate relationships. Those in a romantic relationship will cherish some happy moments with their beloved. And those in marital bond will experience bliss and peace during this period. Father’s heath might need attention on an urgent basis. Many Pisceans might travel extensively during this period, either work related or due to personal reasons. Some might take a break from their hectic and busy office schedule and go for a short retreat for some peace and quiet. Some Pisceans will give exemplary performance in their professional arena, while others may clear their competitive exams with flying colors. It would be better if the Pisces focus on their physical health in this