There’s always a reason for you seeing a dream more than once or twice. It could be a hidden desire in you or some message about your future. Bhaiyaji tells us below about a few such Dreams in this post.

635869505944750742-124040045_marketing-dreams If Moon and Ketu are strong, they make your intuition power strong , says Bhaiyaji. People whose Ketu is good and Ketu yog is made through the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th or 12th bhav/houses , such people can dream about themselves or others and can know about the future through their dreams.

If you dream of a black colored building or a building which has no electricity and there is total darkness, or you’re walking towards a dark building, or you see the building that you live in which has no electricity, then it means that people who are close to you may give you some problems. The issues that come up will last a long time and may even involve a litigation. If you see this about 3 to 4 times, then do Maa Baglamukhi jaap for 21 times and donate a black blanket on  Saturday .Repeat at least few saturdays. This remedy should help you stave off the problems.

If you see a white colored building, then it’s a good sign. It shows that you may be going through some positive changes – you may get promoted, get married, get pregnant, buy a house…

If you see a gecko (chipkali in Hindi) in your dream too often it shows a conspiracy and that you may have to compromise with someone tactfully.

If you see a baby in your dream or if the baby is only seeing you then it’s a good sign. And if the baby is smiling, then it shows that God is sending a special signal to you. If the baby says something to you, then too it’s a good sign. If a woman sees this dream, then it means that either a new member of the family will join as a baby, or someone will get married, but someone new will come into the family. If the baby you see is touching you, then too it’s a good sign. However, if you are caring for or are feeding a baby, then it’s a bad sign. Someone dear to you is about to become gravely ill and you will need to spend a lot of money to cure that illness.

If you see yourself drifting away from people close to you, then it may literally mean that you will be away from those loved ones that you see in your dream. For example, you’re saying goodbye to people you know as you’re leaving in a train, plane, boat, or any other means. This dream can also indicate upcoming anxiety and tensions in life.

If you see someone coming to your home in your dream, then it shows a good sign regardless of the fact that you may not like the person in real life. Anyone coming to your home is a good sign.

If a snake bites you in your dream, then it’s not a good thing. Donate your clothes (it can even be socks, or handkerchiefs) everytime you see this dream. Also do Shivling Abhishek at least once.

If you see your house or office Temple / Puja Ghar  burning , very bad sign as can indicate for various future problems.Please inform Guru if you have or Shivji , specific remedy must be done immediately .
If you keep dreaming of snakes, then it means that you are under deep stress due to something related to success in life – not getting a house, not getting promotion, stress about children’s future, not getting progress, etc. This dream does not show any upcoming accidents, it shows that one needs to become more calm, attend seminars, increase social activities, meditate and realize that one has enough.

Seeing oneself dying or being dead shows that a good change in life is about to come. If you see this 3-4 times, start doing spiritual work so that your upcoming change gives the best results. To explain the meaning of spiritual work – you can do anything to do with helping others, planting trees, caring for animals, while also praying to your isht. This change also shows you becoming more creative or spiritual – not necessarily material gains. This is definitely a very good dream to have even if it does not show material gains.

If a man keeps dreaming about some unknown woman in his dream then it shows that one’s health may deteriorate and one’s reputation may also be at stake. If a man goes somewhere with the woman in the dream, then it shows that the mind of the person will slowly become weak. Such a person becomes weak, lonely, and may also become sick after some time.

If you see your Isht, Parents,  Teachers/Guru, or your Ancestors happy in your dream, then it is a very good sign.It shows that you will have some big positive change in your life. If a pregnant woman sees such a dream often, then the woman will have a very good healthy baby who can potentially do something big in the life.

Seeing ancestors crying etc. in dreams is not a good sign, as it indicates that you should be careful about some upcoming problem and you should be aware of making any important decision. Perhaps you’re about to take wrong decision that this dream may be warning you about so you do not take that decision. This may also show that someone’s health may be deteriorating and that you should prepare yourself for their health problems. This also shows that you need to be careful about yourself economically – be careful while giving loans or  some business proposals.

If you see yourself meeting some influential business person or someone who is at a high position, then it’s a very good sign. It shows of you getting a very big and sudden progress. You may also get a good promotion.

Seeing a cow shows that one will surely succeed. If you see a cow and your Guru then it shows that you will be going through a very big positive change. You may join some new course or learn something new which will help you become an influential person. It shows great success in studies, philosophy, writing, or spirituality.

The Effect of DreamTiming

The timing of when you see the dream is also important. Dreams in the daytime are not important. If one sees a dream in the first phase of night, then that dream will show result in about a year. A dream seen in the second phase of night, will give results in 6 months. A dream seen in the 3rd phase, will show results in 3 months. A dream seen in the 4th phase – about an hour or so before sunrise, gives results in a month. A dream half an hour before sunrise, shows results in a few days.

A dream seen in shuklapaksh are more stable and give more positive results. From the 13th shuklapaksh to the Krishnapaksh partipada show success if the dream is positive or show certain failure if the dream is negative.

A dream seen 5 days before Amavasya is usually very true too.