Hari Om

How to Have a Healthy, Intelligent and Smart Baby Who’s Full Of Good Qualities?

What All To Do During the Pregnancy Period Itself  , To Make Sure You Have a ” Healthy  And A Vilakshan Child ”  .

Please Make Others Also Aware , Who Are Yet To  Experience Natures Blessings ,  May Be Some One Gets Benefited Through You ,  Thanks.

Bhaiya ji says , If One Follows Religiously , Some Simple Vedic Things During These Nine Months , One Can Have A Child Who Will Have , Lot Of Good Qualities And Most Of All , Will Be Healthy. Every Month ,  During the Pregnancy , Period Each Month  is Governed by a Particular  Graha / Planet.

1st Month:

Venus (Shukra)gives the Best Results in the 1st Month. If Mother’s Venus is Weak, then in the First Month, Mother will Experience Some Problems. It’s Very Important to make this Venus Strong, as  First Month is the Most Important Month During Pregnancy.

Remedies to Keep this Venus Strong:

  • Husband Wife Together Should Clean their House Worship Place (like, Home Temple / Puja Ghar or Mandir  )
  • Manage your House Well. Keep all the Things in Order and Organized.
  • Regular Cows Sewa ( Esp. on Fridays )
  • Daan Of Mishri and White Clothes To Needy.
  • Throughout this Month , Chant  Any  Shukra Mantras .

2nd Month :

2nd Month , Belongs to Mars (Mangal). Mars Governs Bones and Blood. Healthy and Beautiful Looking and Strong, Fearless and Brave Child is Possible Only if the Mars is Good.

Remedies for Mars (to be done in the 2nd month of pregnancy):

  • In the Second Month, Donate Gurh (Jagery) , Esp. On Tuesdays .
  • Avoid Spicey Food During This Month.
  • Do Sunderkaand Paath Religiously.
  • Right Hand Copper Kada (Bracelet)
  • Don’t Wear Red Clothes
  • 10 gm Shataavar and 10 gm Mishri, Boil in Milk and Drink.
  • Throughout Second Month Chant Mangal Mantras .

3rd Month:

It Belongs to Jupiter (Brahaspati or Guru). If Mother’s Jupiter is Strong, Child’s Skin is Beautiful. The Children Obey Their Mothers. The Children Come Out Very Intelligent.

Remedies To Make Jupiter Strong:

  • Read and Discuss Literature , Religious Books ,  and Science in the Third Month.
  • If Jupiter is Very Weak, then Don’t Eat Haldi / Turmeric and Stay in the Company of Guru.
  • Apply Tilak of White Sandalwood and Kesar or Haldi .
  • Very Important Be In Constant Touch Of Your Guru ( Cross You Over /Paar Laga Dengay )
  • Unfortunately If ,You are Not Blessed By A Guru , Worship Your Isht And Shiva .
  •  Go To Temple When Ever Possible
  • This Month , Keep Chanting Mantra “OM GRAM GRIM GROM SAHA GURUVEY NAMAHA ” , Day And Night When Ever Possible .
  • Respect Old Aged People.

4th Month:

4th Month of Pregnancy Belongs To Sun (Surya). For the Soul Upliftment and Righteousness, Sun is Important. If Mother’s Sun is Strong, the Child will Have a Strong Face, And this Child Will Be Good in Maths and Philosophy. He or She Will Achieve Great Heights in Society Through His Thinking and Strong Speech. The Child will be Very Impressive and Will Have a Spark in Eyes.


  • In the 4th Month, Sit in Front of the Rising Sun and Do Gayatri Mantra Paath
  • Offer Jal In Copper Vessel ,With Very Little Red Roli In It
  • Drink Lots of Water in Copper Glass
  • Practice Some Art.
  • Don’t Eat Food That Makes Acidity.
  • Respect Your Father And Father Inlaw
  • Chant Surya Mantra This Month , ” OM GRINI SURYAYE NAMAHA “
  • Daan Wheat ( any qty. ) , On Any Sunday Once Atleast , During This Month .

5th Month:

This Month Belongs to Moon (Chandra). If Mother’s Moon is Good and Strong, the Child’s Behavior And Emotions  is Well – Balanced. This Child is Happy and Scientific-Oriented. Both Husband and Wife Must Do These remedies to Make Sure their Child Has Good Moon. If the Father is Greedy, Selfish Dunked ,Chain Smoker ,  or Ignorant, Then No Matter How Strong the Mother’s Moon is , the Child will Have a Bad Moon For Sure , And Trouble In Different Ways When Child Grows Up Especially Health Wise .

  • Drink Water in Silver Glass. Avoid Refrigerated Water.
  • In Mhis Month, Remove the Copper Bracelet (Karha) and Wear a Silver Bracelet in Your Right Hand.
  • Also, Wear a Silver Ring in Your Kanishtha finger (Ring finger) .
  • Discuss Spiritual Literature And Discuss Scientific Things During This Month
  • Do Anulom Vilom Every Day Without Fail.
  • Eat Juicy Fruits.
  • Mix 1 Tablespoon of Ghee in a Glass of Warm Milk and Also, Add A Little Amount of Sugar in it. Drink This Milk Every Morning and Evening.
  • Do japa of “Om Namah Shivaya” or Mahamrtiyunjay Mantra , Day Night .

6th Month:

This is the Month of Saturn (Shani). Important to Make Saturn Strong to Have Good Nervous System. If Saturn is Weak, the Child May Have Breathing Related Problems As Well.

Remedies to make your Saturn strong :

  • Avoid Eating Food that Creates Acidity or  Gas in Your Body. (Don’t Eat Baadi Food)
  • Also Wear An Iron Bracelet or Ring.
  • Make Sure that You Don’t Have Any Iron-Deficiency. Eat Food That’s Rich in Iron.
  • In the Water That You Use For Bathing, Add some ‘Bel Patra’ In It and Then Have  Bath.
  • Plant 5 Peepalji  Trees (Both Husband And Wife Should Do It)
  • Discuss National, Social and Scientific Issues.
  • Daily Recite Gayatri and  Maha Mrityunjay Mantra or Om Namah Shivaya Mantra. AND ” SHANIJI MANTRA ” OM SHAM SHANISHCHARAYE NAMAHA “

7th Month :

7th Month of Pregnancy Belongs to Mercury (Budha) Responsible for Making Your Child Mentally Active, Very Intelligent and Smart. Good Mercury Makes Sure Your Child Won’t Have Any Mental Problem

Remedies to make your Mercury Strong:

  • Study Maths
  • Remove Iron bBracelet Or Iron Ring.
  • Serve Satnaaja / Nine Cereals to Pigeons , Especially On Wednesday .
  • Help Kinnar with Green Bangles or Sari  Etc.

8th Month:

8th Month Belongs to Your Ishta Devta. Whoever Your Ishta Devta Is, Worship Him or Her Religiously During This Month. Even Husband Should , And Not Shout Or Talk In  LOUD VOICE / USE BAD LANGUAGE .Read Good Books And Hear Soothing Light Music / Religious Discourses etc. .Talk Politely , Respect Each Other , As Your Parents Used To Do , ( Excepting Few Of  You Unfortunately )

9th Month:

9th Month Is the Time When The Child Has To Be Born. This Month Again Belongs to Moon / Chandrama  – the” Karak ” Of Mother.

Remedies to do in the 9th month of pregnancy,  (Both Husband and Wife Must Do Them )

  • Don’t Wear Any Other Metal Except Silver Ring or Bracelet.
  • Daily Morning , Chant Shiv Mantras (Om Namah Shivaya or Mahamirtyunjay Mantra). In the Evening Recite The Same Mantras Mentally.
  • Do Anulom Vilom Daily .
  • Wear Light Colored Clothes Only e.g, White, Cream or Light yellow.
  • Make Drawings. Study Maths.
  • Discuss Healthy And Positive Spiritual Literature And Science.
We Hope The Above Vedic Jyotish Tips And Remedies Will Help You All , AT SOME POINT OF TIME , SURELY , IF YOU APPLY —– ” ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR ACTUAL FAITH “.
Do Consult Your Gynecologist , Apart From The Above Remedies And Advices .
Hari Om