Saturn will rise/udaye in Vrishchik/Scorpio on December 18 under its own constellation, Anuradha. Natives who were getting fruitful results will now have to face its adverse effects and vice versa. It all depends on whether or not you are going through Dasha or Maha Dasha, Antar or Pratyantar Dasha of Saturn.

Saturn Rise In Scorpio (December 18, 2015)

Saturn is rising in Scorpio on December 18, 2015. Read this horoscope by jyotirvid Jaideep ji to know how this change in Saturn’s position will change /effect your life. BUT BEFORE READING RASHI PHAL OUR BHIYAJI SAYS TO PLEASE NOTE , “SHANIJI SHATRU NAHIN MITRA HEIN” , KARAMON KEY PHAL DENEY WALEY NYAYADHISH HEIN , HAMNEYE JEYSA KIYA/KAREINGEY  VEISA BHAREINGEY. 

Saturn Rise In ScorpioSaturn had transited from Libra to Scorpio on November 2, 2014. Here, we will see the effects of Saturn rise in Scorpio occurring on December 18, 2015 on each zodiac sign in detail. We will definitely discuss everything about Saturn transit 2015 horoscope; but firstly, we should take a look at the figurative description of planet Saturn.

Evidences of Saturn’s description has been found in a number of mythological or Puranic texts; Saturn is considered to be the son of Lord Sun ; although Saturn and Sun share inimical relationship. It is also said that if any influence of Saturn is found on Sun in a person’s birth-chart, the native is deprived of fatherly pleasures.

According to the described characteristics of Saturn, the planet is considered to bring sadness, gloom and inauspiciousness. Bhaiyaji says , in reality Saturn is not deadly or gloomy, the way it is considered to be. Moreover, we can also say that Saturn brings in a balance in our environment and does justice to all the creatures. The persons who promote inequality, injustice or abnormality, Saturn pose to be very threatening for them. Hence, it is requested that there is no need to defame Saturn, as such defamation might be punishing. However, there are cheaters and fakers, who do not care of the results of their deeds. Such people will definitely be punished for their ill-deeds, as time passes by.

To avoid you being cheated in the name of Saturn or Shani, Bhaiyaji brings you Saturn transit in Scorpio 2016 /2017horoscopes. This will help you to know the impacts of Saturn transit in 2016 according to horoscope 2016. Even if you are likely to get affected by the negative impacts of Saturn, we bring you the remedies to safeguard yourselves during Saturn transit in Scorpio in 2016. After knowing Saturn transit 2016/17 horoscope, you will be able to tear out the fear of planet Saturn. 2016 horoscopes will tell you about the benefits, you are going to gain from Saturn transit in Scorpio in 2016, so that you can take the right decisions in your life, during Saturn transit in 2016.

Before knowing the effects of Saturn transit in Scorpio in 2016, let’s know the signs that are going to be affected by Shani Sade Sati in 2016 and Dhaiya, and also the signs that are going to get rid of Shani Sade Sati and Dhaiya. Due to Saturn transit in Scorpio in 2015,Virgo is going to get rid of Shani Sade Sati, while Cancer and Pisces are likely to get freed from the effects of Dhaiya; Sagittarius is going to get affected by Shani Sade Sati in 2015. Saturn transit in Scorpio in 2015 will bring Aries and Leo under the effects of Dhaiya.

Now, let’s know the impacts of Saturn transit in Scorpio in 2015 till 2017 January with the help of Saturn transit 2016 horoscope.


As Saturn is in your eighth house, it might bring in some tensions in your profession, be it job or business, says Saturn transit 2016 horoscope. Although, there are likely to be delays in your life, you will surely get deserved outputs of your efforts. You will be focused and determined to your aim. As predicted by horoscope 2016, in response to your constant efforts, Lord Saturn is likely to favor you. You will gain favors from the government and other social organizations. According to astrology 2016, this is a good time to invest your savings in real estate. A tour is on the cards, be it domestic or abroad. 2016 horoscope foresees a desired transformation in your workplace, and even in your position. It would be good to be cautious of your health while traveling, says Saturn transit 2016 horoscope. Also, your savings need to be secured at a proper place, as per predictions 2016. Saturn’s position in eighth house may also be deceiving at times, leading to a financial loss. Hence, you need to be careful while dealing with transactions, suggests 2016 astrology.

Remedy :Bhiyaji suggests to keep a square piece of silver with you to please Lord Saturn.


Saturn is in your seventh house, which can lead to a rise in your income. However, Saturn transit 2016 horoscope suggests to be careful of high expenditures, as sudden expenses may make you suffer to a great extent. But, if you are earning a lumsum amount, you need not to worry too much, says horoscope 2016. Your governmental and social status will not be very pleasant and it may cause worries. There is likely to be an inhibition in crucial works, as per astrology 2016. Due to Saturn’s influence, you might lose the proximity with a close person. You are suggested to be patient while dealing with business related matters. According to 2016 horoscope, you should also be cautious and patient before pursuing an investment. Try not to get indulged in irrelevant matters and legal issues. Saturn might influence your lives and lead you to hassle for life, predicts 2016 astrology. If you have had plans to dispose off your house and move into a newer one, this Saturn transit might be helpful for you.

Remedy : Serving  cow will be beneficial says Bhaiyaji .


According to Saturn transit 2016 horoscope, Saturn will transit in the sixth house of Gemini natives. Therefore, this transit period might be beneficial for business and basic livelihood. As a result of Saturn transit in Scorpio, people associated with technical and semi-technical fields are likely to succeed, as per Saturn transit horoscope 2016. However, family matters might not remain very pleasant. It would be good to behave politely with family and friends, as suggested by Saturn transit predictions 2016. During Saturn transit in 2016, you need to be very patient while dealing with financial matters. As per Bhaiyaji , there is likely to be a change in place. Due to the influence of Saturn transit, you are advised to take care of your health, according to your Saturn transit 2016 horoscope. You are also suggested not to get indulged in trifling issues that result in arguments. If there is a tension brewing in a governmental matter, you should stay aloof from it, says astrology horoscope 2016. Whereas, for buying or constructing a new house, Saturn transit might prove quite helpful, as seen by 2016 horoscope.

Remedy : Flow a coconut and almonds in water body. This will please the grace of Lord Saturn.


Saturn will transit in your fifth house and such a transit position is not considered to be benefic, says Bhaiyaji. Saturn spreads conflict and scandal throughout; therefore,it  suggested you not to mix up with others without knowing the impacts of Saturn transit in 2016. During this time, you need to stay cautious and behave carefully while dealing with persons of the opposite gender; else, this might get you into troubles, as per Bhaiyaji. Do not get into a new business or investment during this period.You might also face deception in matters related to conjunction of funds. There might be concerns related to you children.You will attain advantages, but expenses will increase as well. This period is likely to bring in clutter for youngsters, as expected by predictions by Bhaiyaji.

Remedy : Break an almond into two halves; donate one part to a nearby temple and keep the other part with you at home.


Saturn, being in the fourth house during Saturn transit , will bring in ups and downs in your life and business. As per Bhaiyajithis  Saturn transit , try not to be filled with unlimited aspirations, as this might involve you in irrelevant tasks , this might also waste a lot of time and money of yours. If you are thinking to deal in real estate matters, be cautious and try to know the transparency of legal matters involved with it. You may have to conduct professional tours. According to Bhaiyaji, you can travel somewhere, which would be new to you. This will bring in transformations. Predictions  advises you to take care of your aged members of the family. Saturn transit or Shani Gochar will also be influential to pilgrimage.

Remedy : Offer little milk into a well and don’t drink milk during night time.


Saturn is in your third house, as per Saturn transit 2015. This position of Saturn will be advantageous for you; although, you might face unknown fears or losses at times, as predicted by Bhaiyaji. You could be able to be at peace regarding matters related to your children. As per 2016 horoscope, there might be chances of an auspicious function to take place at your place. In this highly favorable time, you are likely to get benefits in business. If you have been trying to go on foreign trips, this period is likely to gift you a similar kind of opportunity. According to Saturn transit  horoscope, you had been facing the impacts of Shani Sade Sati in the last few years. But, things will change now and positivity will enter back into your life. You will gain deserved monetary profits, as predicted by Bhaiyaji and will get interested toward investment causes. However, Bhaiyaji suggests you to be cautious of share market and other types of betting practices.

Remedy : Donate ophthalmology medications (eye medicines) to others needy especially.


Saturn transit will take place in your second house; hence, you need to be very cautious of your speech. As per Bhaiyaji, you need to be patient, else, enmity will grow around you. Property transactions may not work smoothly. According to Saturn transit , you need to be extremely cautious while dealing with financial matters. If we go by predictions, physical ailments may cause you trouble; especially, eye related ailments. According to transit, you need to be extremely careful with matters related to money and property. There might also be chances of theft fire or damage. You need to be patient while driving vehicle. Due to the impact of Saturn transit , you are suggested to be self-dependent, as per Bhaiyaji. According to his predictions , it might occur that you would not find the right friends and support around you always. However, youngsters might get benefits from job and competition. For aged beings, family matters will remain pleasant and will attain success in domestic causes.

Remedy : It is auspicious to visit a temple  barefoot.


Saturn transit will take place in your first house. As a result, you are likely to face physical problems.Bhaiyaji suggests you to take care of your fitness. It is possible that you might ignore health while getting absorbed in professional tasks. However, you should give rest to your body in order to get relief from fatigue. He suggests you to stay aloof from enemies, as they might hamper your social status. Try to be alert and also make your relatives aware of the reality; you must take care that monetary losses should not occur due to unorganized situations. If we go by Saturn transit , there might be ups and downs for businessmen; this might fluctuate between profit returns and heavy losses. However, there might be certain hurdles. Talking about your family life, Bhaiyaji predicts  to stay pleasant. Also, you will not face any trouble in partnership.

Remedy : Stay away from non-vegetarian food and alcohol consumption. Also, serving monkeys is considered good for you.Read H


Saturn will be in your twelfth house, during Saturn transit . As per Bhiyaji, there might be huge transformations in your life. According to Saturn transit , it might happen that a family member, may be your child, will go against your decision. You might realize that your savings are being used in irrelevant things; hence, Bhiyaji suggests you not to take part in argumentative issues. You should not be careless while dealing with your health. Also, this is the time when you should remain patient and devoted to your task. It would be good to accept things as they come. You should not get into any kind of selfishness, suggests 2015 predictions. It will not be a very wise idea to get indulged in immoral values of greed, as it will call in trouble for you, according to Bhaiyaji.

Remedy : Wrap up twelve almonds in a black colored cloth, keep it in an iron utensil and place it in a dark room.


Saturn will be in your eleventh house, during Saturn transit . This will give you motivation to initiate a new task and you are likely to follow it. According to 2015 astrology, you should keep in mind the tasks performed in the past, which are not morally right, as per Lord Saturn or Shani Dev. This is the time when you might get punishing outputs for such deeds. But, if you haven’t done any wrong deed, you need not to worry, as per Bhaiyaji. However, you will remain concerned about issues related to your children. According to Saturn transit , this is predicted to be a good time to earn good money; although expenditures will also rise. Hence,Bhaiyaji suggests you to invest your income in a proper prospect. Do not get irritated easily. Since, Saturn is aspecting in first house, you may face certain health issues. Talking about finances, you are predicted to gain unexpected benefits, assures Bhaiyaji.

Remedy : Pour drops of oil or alcohol on floor for a period of 43 days in front of rising Sun.


Saturn is going to transit in your tenth house; hence, it will bring you benefits in business. As per Bhaiyaji, social prestige will get enhanced during the Gochar period. This transit is likely to be a good time for governmental works. If you are in the mood to join politics since long, this period to be the perfect time. Beside this, it is also a good time to get involved in social work. You need to be cautious regarding health of aged members of your family. During this time, expenditures will rise in order to maintain the enhanced status. The ones who are into jobs, are likely to get a promotion; as per Bhaiyaji. They are also predicted to be transferred to a place of their choice. Saturn transit or Shani Gochar is a favorable time for youngsters and students. This will bring an improvement in your job or business. Trips are on the cards. In general, period will hopefully bring a great time for most of you.

Remedy : It is auspicious to serve blind persons.


Saturn will transit in your ninth house. According to Saturn transit, this positioning of Saturn will be helpful in intellectual or mental tasks. This position of Saturn will be good for financial matters. Apart from this, you are likely to get fruitful results, may be a job promotion. This period is considered to be a favorable time for job and business related matters, as per Bhaiyaji. There is likely to be an auspicious function at your place. This is also a very good time for investment purposes. If you are thinking to buy a property or invest in any kind of real estate matters, Saturn transit suggests it to be a good time. A friend or partner will be helpful for you. You are likely to gain a huge contract or profit, as per the predictions . However, there also might be arguments with friends. It will not be a good idea to obstruct any kind of governmental work. Expenses or physical troubles may be there. This is th