We all face different types of problems in life , ups and downs in life . One should face all boldly , and can easily cross over all if one is in “Sharan” of All Mighty Shiva Parwati. For some of the problems of life , Bhaiyaji advises few very effective remedies to be followed and done by you yourself .

If you face problem getting child then you can keep / sthapit a pure crystal or better Parad Shivling and picture of lord Shiva and Maa Paarwati ji. Husband-wife should pour very little cow’s milk on Shivaling. Do 5 rosary/mala daily early morning of “Namah Shivay”. Offer lord Shiva  Dhatura.

Many times your work cannot be completed, or gets stuck last moment. In such case , Bhaiyaji suggests you to  do sandal tilak on “Paarad Shivaling” and offer little water , chanting  1008 times “Namaha Shivaye”.
If money is stuck in any way ( Honestly earned ) , then you can prepare Shivaling yourself . Take farm land soil, flour, cow’s shed mud, flower, jaggery, bhasam, food and Gangajal to prepare Shivaling. Do Panchopchar and worship daily.
The height of Shivling should be 12 fingers. You can use Gangajal or water from Narmada River. Worship lord Shiva with lotus, bail Patra and white flowers.

In the case of Alpayu dosh and Markesh Dasha , offer Durva to lord Shiva. To get rid from curse you should worship lord Shiva with Shami’s flower.

You can also worship image of lord Shiva and  Shivaling to get married. Best make 12 Shivalings and offer water on them regularly. You can use Gangajal or Narmada water in it.

Worshiping lord Shiva in the second and third phase of night is best . To get rid from any curse you have to worship lord Shiva in Nishitkal. You can do meditation for peace. You can also do Upanshu mantra.
Worship of lord Shiva in Aadra nakshatra, Chaturdashi or Pradosh is best .
We all  have to pass from good and bad conditions/times due to our Karma’s. Sometime many of us have to face bad time for a longer period , and many times we do not know the reason and its remedies. It is known as SHAAP / CURSE. There are several types of curses which occur due to different reasons. You can get rid from any curse by worshiping Lord Shiva.
When Rahu’s condition is not favorable in birth chart , then it indicates that you are suffering from some curse. Curse occurs when there is conjunction of Saturn-Sun and Saturn-Rahu. If you have mole in the middle of the palm then it indicates that you are suffering from a curse.
Many people face problems because they do not handle their responsibilities. You face curse when you cut green trees /plants and you use for your selfish nature.People also get curse when they do abortion especially of a baby girl. If you cheat your wife, husband or friend then also you get very bad curse. You get curse when you do not follow your Parents /idols / Gurus  order and disrespect him or her. If one does not have any Guru , he or she can make Shivji as Guru .
You have to handle your responsibilities in proper way. Not taking care of family can lead to curses unknowingly .
As remedy one must donate medicines in the hospital and serve the patients. Wake up before sunrise and sit in front of lord Shiva and chant “Om Namo Bhagawatey Rudaraye”. Do not eat grains on Monday. Try to fast and eat fruits and drink water/liquids  on Monday.

Plant such trees which have long age like Peepalji , Barr/  Banyan tree, to get rid from curse. Plant more and more trees. Offer water to plants every day. Do not waste water. Chant “Om Gangadharaye Namaha” mantra 108 times every morning.

When you do abortion then you get curse. As a remedy , if you have committed this big sin , you must go to any of twelve Jyotirlings and stay there for one month if possible . Offer water and Bel patra every day on Shivling , and chant “Shiv Apradh Kshama Strot”. Take responsibility for poor girls to arrange for their marriage.

You have to ask for Kshama / sorry to your idol when you don’t follow their orders. You can guide other people about the way of intelligence and absolution. Worship God in the morning, afternoon and evening. You can chant “Rudrasthak”.

BHAIYAJI  KAA KHAAS UPAYE: Whenever you start any work , you should remember Your Isht , God Mentor , Guru. It protects you from Karam Bhandhan.