rashi-phal-februaryWe present you the February 2016 horoscope predictions . This will help you to make plans in advance. Read the following general predictions below by our Bhaiyaji .


Arians, this month a progressive graph is foreseen for you. The sort of Yoga that is creating leads to an unexpected profits with some ups and downs. Your health looks very stable this month. However, physical ailments might be experienced but not to worry much. February is very auspicious for people who are going for further education. Some might go for foreign trips also. Businessmen, you will be glad to know that a tremendous success is there for you. But, it is suggested to avoid investing in share market as you might face losses. Love birds you might have to get your belts tighten up, as this is not a favorable month for you whereas an affectionate will be observed between parents and children.
Remedy: Chanting Hanuman Chalisa for 40 days and offering jaggery, grams and Chola (sacred cloth) to Lord Hanuman on the 40th day will bring auspiciousness.
Ratings: 4/5


Taureans, your good attitude and hard work will fetch lots of success and progress. Due to an involvement in crucial matters, the bond between you and your family will increase. Your child might face some health issues but be calm. This bond will also help you to lessen your stress levels. This month, confidence will increase which will help you to accomplish your goals. Some foreign trips and expenses because of the enhancement of house are also likely to arise. Taureans, you are advised not to trust your seniors completely, as they might disappoint you. Also, avoid doing management work, mistakes can happen by your end. Lastly, you have to be careful with your eyes.
Remedy: Feed birds with grains every morning. Worship Ketu Yantra regularly.
Ratings: 4/5


Geminis, this month sources of income will increase. Your business will flourish with a good financial conditions. Natives, who are in government job; an assured success in waiting. With all this be careful while buying land & property. Geminis, your ability to focus on work might decrease, so avoid being lethargic and change your strategies in order to win over the enemies. This month, some expenses might increase due to your health issues like air borne diseases, skin ailment. Avoid eating junk food to have a healthy & wealthy life. An unexpected news will be heard soon in this month. A good memorable time will be spent with new friends whereas love birds might face some ups & downs.
Remedy: Avoid alcoholic habits and toxic addiction of every type.
Ratings: 3.5/5


Cancerians, your cordial relation with your loved ones will help you to achieve benefits and to overcome all your issues. This month is very crucial therefore avoid switching job and traveling long distance. Cancerians, ample time will be received to treat your creative skills. Beware, you may become diplomatic & you will use all your wit to get things done. A lady luck might prove to be beneficial for you at work place. In love life, some problems might be faced. It will be desirable to act with patience and calm, as you might hurt someone. You might get concern for your child due to his/her health issues. Your financial life will be like see-saw this month. Lastly, chances of falling into disputes with family are possible but do not get disheartened.
Remedy: Offer Gangajal On Rudraksha , chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ 108 times and wear it facing north direction.
Ratings: 3.5/5


February has arrived with lots of good happenings for you Lions. An enjoyable phase will be observed at work place like promotion or getting transferred to your desired place. Profit will knock your doors. You might buy a property but with this you might increase your debts digits also. Investing in stock market will be profitable for you. Singles might hear wedding bells soon. Going on a pilgrimage might will prove to be stress relieving. You will be spending more time with your partner and you will get lots of chances to improve your relation. Success will enter your life, also you will be able to control your expenses. Do not get worry with little problem this month as elders guidance & subordinates support will be received.
Remedy: Visit Lord Hanuman temple on every Tuesday and Saturday.
Ratings: 4/5


Virgonians, this month has arrived with some sweet as well some sour tastes of life. You will find a new way of moving. You might purchase a new vehicle. You are advised to appreciate your colleagues at work to minimise the effects of troubles. Students, if you are planning to go for further studies, then this time is perfect. Avoid having conversation with your opponents and do not get into any disputes with neighbors. Also, relationship with spouse will not remain much favorable this month. Your health will remain average this month, some negative powers might affect your life. It is advised to keep yourself indulge in meditation and spirituality and avoid taking loans.
Remedy: Chant “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times.
Ratings: 3/5


Librans, this month you might feel restless at workplace but a support from female colleague or getting involved in creative activities might help you to overcome from that. This time is very crucial, you can bring some change in your personality. February will be the favorable month for the people involved in art. It is advised to be gentle toward your siblings and share affectionate attitude. You might have to work hard this time to make your bond strong. A stress free nature in oneself will be observed this week after going on a wonderful trip with friend. Avoid to be surrounded by a negative aura. A progress is expected in financial life like an increment or some property.
Remedy: Keep Griha Pida Nivarak Shani Yantra in north-east direction of your home.
Ratings: 3/5


Power will be gained to overcome unfavourable results. With this, Scorpions might face a downside phase in life. But you will certainly try to boost up with all the shortcomings. It is advised not to commence any new venture in this month and avoid travelling as they might be troublesome. Your harsh attitude might hurt someone’s feeling especially of siblings. Ups and downs might be experienced due to your child. You might plan to keep your child in hostel. It is advised to keep your anger in control when it comes to your partner. Beware from your opponents as this time is strongly indicating that they can hurt you. Due to stressful situation, incapability will be observed this week. To remain healthy, do rigorous exercise.
Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and his entire family.
Ratings: 2.5/5


Sagittarians, this month, your kind attitude will win over all the attributes. The servicemen and businessmen will do great if they do not lose hope. Profits will enter your life tremendously. The best month to groom yourself. It is foreseen that some of you might become selfish making everyone against you. Your conjugal life is not very favorable this month. To have a harmonic relation, sorting things out with each other will resolve things. You might face a heavy expenditure in fulfilling your family’s wishes. Financially, an unexpected wealth might be gained. Lastly, take care of your parents health issues. Do not let mental stress affect you.
Remedy: It is suggested to wear Rudraksha for conjugal bliss and betterment of your health.
Ratings: 2/5


Capricorns might feel lethargic many a times, due to busy schedule. If you spend quality time with friends. They will help you to conquer all the barriers. Even your bonding with people at work place will become better now. You should be spending your valuable time in improving your relation with siblings. Also, a beautiful journey is there this month. In love, chances of getting cheated are there. So, be careful while giving your heart away. It is advised to maintain distance from water bodies and heights. Financially, you might be able to figure out the solutions to cover up your flaws. To get tremendous profits, avoid being lazy and work with full enthusiasm. Females, be careful about health and have healthy food as your haemoglobin might fall.
Remedy: Light mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree every Saturday.
Ratings: 2/5


Aquarians, this month will push you toward your goal. Now you will be able to think about the expenses and will improve your budget. A vacation is likely to be planned by you this month with family which will increase your expenditure value. As, some up and downs might be faced by you in love life, it is important to be the best. You have to be wise when it comes to money. Many challenges will be coming in your way. For job seekers, a wonderful job opportunity might knock your doors. Be careful, you are likely to suffer from a shoulder pain and make sure to have a proper sleep specially at night.
Remedy: Establish Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra in your home and worship it.
Ratings: 3.5/5


Pisceans, this month will make you a busy bee in professional life. You might get transferred this week, servicemen will be rewarded with promotions and business will be flourished. A gainful of income will be received due to a gain of wealth. Your love life might face some distractions due to the ongoing tiffs. Make a visit to a sacred place, it will help you achieve bliss and peace in life. The harmony in life might be lacked, as some relatives might poke in personal matters. Whereas beautiful moments will be experienced with children. Career life will get hike because of the support of powerful people. In health life, a short term disease might bother you. It is advised that doing regular exercise can minimise the illness.
Remedy: Visit Lord Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday.
Ratings: 3.5/5