Know when is the best time for your  baby to organize “Mundan Sanaskar” Ceremony in 2016. Get blessings by performing this most important ritual of Hinduism. Bhaiyaji gives us in easy the chart form ,  the best time to perform this very important and auspicious sanskar (out of solaha sanskar), in 2016.

In Hinduism, Mundan Sanskar also called “Uppanainanam” , is said to be one of the most important out of  sixteen sanskars. It has got the eighth position amongst those sixteen Sanskars.

Chaul Mundan Ceremony, the alternative name for Mundan Ceremony is celebrated to shave a child’s head for the first time. In Tamil this sanskar is called “Motta addi karrdh” , in Sindhi its called “Janya ” .It grants child with eternal luck and prosperity.

Date Tithi Day Special Comments
21 Jan. Paush Shukla 12 Thursday Mrigshira Conjoining In Trayodashi
29 Jan. Magh Krishna 5 Friday In Panchami
3 Feb. Magh Krishna 10 Wednesday Before Bhadra
4 Feb. Magh Krishna 11 Thursday In Jyestha
10 Feb. Magh Shukla 2 Wednesday In Satabhisha
12 Feb. Magh Shukla 4 Friday After Bhadra in Panchami
17 Feb. Magh Shukla 10 Wednesday After Vaidhriti Yoga In Mrigshira
25 Feb. Falguni Krishna 3 Thursday Before Bhadra In Hasta
7 March Falguni Krishna 13 Monday Before Bhadra In Trayodashi
11 March Falguni Shukla 3 Friday In Revati
16 Nov. Marg Krishna 2 Wednesday After Bhadra In Mrigshira
18 Nov. Marg Krishna 5 Friday In Panchami
24 Nov. Marg Krishna 11 Thursday In Hasta

Know the best time to perform Mundan from above chart. Bhaiyaji advises/answers few general queries, as to where it should be celebrated and what procedure should be followed .

Where should Mundan Ceremony 2016 be celebrated?

  • At home
  • At temples
  • Besides banks of any holy river like Ganga , Yamuna , Narmada …

What procedure should be followed during Mundan Ceremony 2016?

  • Perform all the rituals in a correct manner.
  • Invite the priest to perform Puja and Havan.
  • Mother should make her child position in the way that it should be facing towards west direction.
  • The priest or Father should shave the child’s head initially.
  • The child’s head should be washed off with Gangajal.
  • Later the shaven hairs are offered at any sacred place.

Family and friends have a great time cheering the little one while baby gets first hair cut done .

We hope this post will help many , since thru out year many mails come asking for these dates .

 Bhaiyaji Wishes All Parents , New Borns , A Very Happy , Healthy Future ,”let heaven shower the blessings on your child with good health , education ,and longevity”.