This post talks about some of the negative habits that people develop and the astrological reasons behind them.


Restless Movement of Legs

The habit of moving legs restlessly is a very bad sign. Those who move their legs habitually, their Rahu is very weak. Rahu creates lot of problems after the age of 48. This habit is also the indication of weak Mercury and Venus. It is a sign of uneasiness and unstable mind, a sign of negative thoughts in the mind and sexuality and indicates impatience. This habit is much more common among men.

Due to this habit, memory becomes weak and concentration level decreases, people make wrong decisions, have stomach problems and anger and irritation increase. If a person takes alcohol along with this habit, then it is very harmful and the person might develop a serious disease.



A person whose Saturn and Jupiter are weak has a habit of drinking alcohol. If Rahu is bad in the native’s chart, then also the person may have a habit of consuming alcohol.

It may also be due to weak Moon. If Moon is weak and the person drinks, then his/her hands and legs also become weak. There might be quake in the hands, legs and tongue and the person’s speech would not be clear.

If a person having weak Jupiter drinks then it affects the person’s liver and hunger also decreases. Such a person may also harass other people. Also, the native cannot benefit from his/her earnings and may also lose property.

If a person who consumes alcohol habitually is going through Saturn’s sade sati, it affects even more and people may even lose their business.

You should do Satsang and change the environment to quit this habit. You should also eat nidrakar or drakshasav or piplashav. You should drink lemon and ginger juice when you have desire to drink alcohol.

People who have anxiety and gas problem, they have a habit of smoking. They should control their anxiety and gas. If you have this habit, you should massage your thumb. You will also benefit from doing meditation.

If you want to quit the habit of smoking then you should see your face in oil on Saturday and then donate the oil in which you see your face. You should brush with Phitkari. You can also eat green elaichi and keep root of turmeric in your mouth. You can also eat Harade thrice in a day. You can keep cigarette in your mouth but do not light it. The habit of smoking will go away very slowly.
If Saturn and Jupiter are weak, people keep their home and office dirty and improper. Those whose Jupiter is weak they cannot keep their office and home clean and tidy. Even if the native’s Venus is weak, he/she does not have the willingness to keep his/her home clean. This may also be the case if Rahu is weak.


Other Habits 

Those whose Rahu and Saturn are weak, they keep unused items in their home. When there is a combination of Moon and Saturn and Moon is weak, then the person has a habit of using his/her finger to clean nose and ears.


When Saturn is weak, the person avoids taking a bath and wears dirty clothes. The person may also have hair fall problems and get bad results in everything he/she does. In addition, there is no peace in the family and there is conflict between partners. The native does not get love from others and luck is also not in favour. The person may also have pain in legs, head and eyes and stomach problems. The person has a habit of being lazy, doesn’t complete work on time and is repeatedly late. Person has too much irritation.
UPAAY – You should do tilak of Sandal. You can do this on bailey, throat and forehead. You have to see sunrise. Do not wear black and grey color clothes. You have to light a diya in the evening. Do not keep unused electricity items at home. You should use perfume of sandal or goggle. You should take bath daily and after taking a bath do not keep the bathroom wet. You should exercise. You should donate silver coin to mother. You should not speak loudly. You must clean your house. You should give black sweets, oil and lentil to servants.


A person whose birth chart is affected by Rahu always has to work hard and cannot remain physically fit. Such a person can save the money, but most of his/her decisions seem wrong in retrospect. The native may have stomach, throat and head related disorders. Also, the person cannot get happiness from his/her children and cannot get luxury in life.

UPAAY – You should do meditation and wear silver ring in thumb.
Unhealthy Sleep Pattern
People whose Saturn is weak they cannot sleep at night. They sleep during the day. Due to the adverse effect of Saturn the person cannot see the sunrise. Such persons have more interest in machines rather than humans. They have to work hard till the age of 36 but they get success after the age of 36. They may have bile related problems, pigmentation and spots on their face, pain in legs.

A person may also have insomnia due to weak Moon or Venus. Such persons wish to sleep during the day. They cannot work from afternoon to evening. They have pain in their body, face seriousness problem and might have hormone problems. They may also suffer from insecurity which indicates heart and mind problems.

UPAAY – You must not take work at the time of sleeping. You should eat raisins. You should take Sauth, Pipal, Vach and Sedha Iodine, crush it and keep all of it together in one cloth and smell it.