How to Make Rahu Positive In Our Birth Chart  Right From Childhood , To Avoid / Minimize Major Problems Later In Life

Many people are afraid of Rahu, so it’s important to put some light on this shadowy planet.

Rahu’s Effects on the House:

A home that is under the negative effect of Rahu will not have love, unity or any peace. There will be sibling rivalry and many fights and conspiracies between people. Such negative effects are not just limited to a particular house but can also show their effects in a bigger area of residence, like certain neighborhoods or a block of flats.

Rahu’s negative effect makes children’s growth weak and they start showing the want to go away to study in a hostel from a young age. In case of grown up children, the symptom shown by them is talking about moving to another place once they get a job. 

Such children, under the negative effect of Rahu, have excess trust in their friends rather than their own family. Also, such friends may create misunderstandings and fights in the family. One realizes all these symptoms later by when, unfortunately, it may be too late. 

Here are some indications of a negative Rahu on one’s home:

  • Water will start getting stuck in certain areas of the house, selan/dampness on walls, cracks on walls of the house or office 
  • There will be a lot of dust and dirtiness in the house
  • Plants will not prosper in such homes
  • One feels a dire need of light in the house after sunset. It would feel that the house is dull despite whatever lighting there may be or the house would not have proper lighting or have low lights.
  • Servants or maids won’t usually last long in such homes.  If one has employees in their business, then they would not stay with them for long if Rahu is negative despite the good salary or perks you may give them.
  • There will be a lot of small issues in the house, for example: a shoe going missing, the milk going bad, often spills on the gas stove while boiling something, a broken sandal, etc. These issues will disturb your mind’s peace despite the fact that they are very minor problems. These will stop you from thinking anything creative or constructive.
  • Rahu causes great struggles for people at home who are in the age of 32 to 48 years. Usually, the problems start after 36.
  • In general, all the members of the home will have stomach related problems. There may be a lucky one or two who may not have them.
  • A lot of money will get wasted. For example, buying things that may turn out to be really bad quality and hence have to be discarded.
  • There won’t be happiness in such homes and a certain type of gloominess would prevail.
  • The family members will have some unknown fear in them at all times.
  • There may be wall cracks in the kitchen or in the roof.
  • Family members will have addiction towards electronic gadgets – mobiles, computer, tv, etc. Due to this addiction, family may have disharmony , misunderstandings etc.  


Remedies for negative effects of Rahu on one’s home:

  • Put together some mishri, black lentils, gomed stone and some silver in a small white cloth and either hang it at your home’s entrance or bury it at the entrance after getting checked by a learned Astrologer. If more problems persist, then certain other important remedies may have to be performed. 
  • Give respect to your pitra (your ancestors) everyday and also do some donations on their behalf sometimes. Do the remedies for pitra dosh on every amavasya.
  • Never write your name on the house. Instead, always name the home in your ancestors’ name, for example, in your grandmother, father or grandfather’s name. 
  • Use the East side of your home more – sit there, eat there,  put small flower pots/plants there and arrange for some food for birds there.

(Read our old posts for Amavasya puja and Pitra dosh remedies.) 


Rahu’s Effects on Individuals:

A positive Rahu can help in civil services, politics, and engineering, to name a few professions.

A negative Rahu creates illusions in the mind which may make a person give excuses for everything that they may be asked to do.

However, Rahu also intensifies energy. So if one works hard, then it will give even more energy to keep one going. This energy is unbridled and can even take one to the dark side – towards negativity (criminal mindset, gambling, etc.).

If one is going thru the dasha or mahadasha of Rahu  or Rahu is in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house in the birth chart and one is able to get some Guru in their life, then it can take one to great heights. 

So, Rahu + Jupiter = great achievements. Even if one does not have a guru, it is important to be inspired by one. So perhaps putting a poster of the one that someone idolizes can greatly help them succeed in life.

If a child or any elder is greatly under the influence of Rahu, and not listening to anyone, then it is important for them to play some sports, walk early morning outdoors and keep away from electronics.

If someone’s Rahu is negative and they are going through the dasha of Rahu, then there’s very high likelihood of the person becoming very negative and they may have quite a few of the following traits:

  • Sleeping late at night and getting up late in the day
  • Dependency on alcohol/drugs/other substances
  • Inability to concentrate on anything for more than 15 minutes
  • Desire tobreak things
  • Excessive involvement with mobiles and technology. Such people hold or keep mobiles close and keep checking phones unnecessarily every now and then. Such people start and end their day with mobile phones apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, dating sites, illegal sites, etc 
  • Wasting the whole day in trying to fix something 
  • Violence– especially when someone has married and their Rahu dasha has also started, the couple needs to be very careful so their relationship does not break
  • Too muchexcitement, hyperactivity in daily life and as a result making mistakes
  • Not believing in any traditions or rituals
  • Anger and irritability
  • Lying and making excuses all the time

All of these show that Rahu has started creating conditions that will lead to many problems in one’s future.


Few General Remedies To Make Rahu Positive:

  • Donate 4 coconuts in the temple on every Amavasya. Read in detail about pitra puja in our blog on our website.
  • If you aren’t able to study, are fearful, are angry most of the time, feel like hurting or even killing someone, then tie a piece of white sandalwood in a blue thread and wear it. If you are lucky you will/can get it from your Guru.
  • Add some Gau Mutra, Ashoka leaves and some drops of sandalwood perfume/oil to your bathing water.
  • If you are able to procure pure sandalwood sherbet, then drink it first thing in the morning to get rid of Rahu’s negative effects.
  • Do not eat left-over food or food that has become stale. Eat fresh.
  • Do not eat late at night. Ideally, you should have dinner within an hour of sunset. Avoid non-vegetarian food if your Rahu is bad.
  • Free fishes in water. Buy a fish and then let it go free in a pond/river. Feed them whenever possible. (Try to confirm that that the water body is not unsafe for the specific fish)
  • Donate coconuts, Ganga jal and Gau mutra to people.
  • Drink coconut water and eat coconut in any form.
  • Always give a full glass/bottle of water to people whom you want to offer drinking water.
  • Do not give or take any alcoholic or any other intoxicating substance, especially from friends. 


Doing jaap of Rahu mantra is another way to make Rahu positive. Say this out loud at the beginning, then after some time whisper it and finally recite it in your head: OM RAM RAHAVEY NAMAHA  or OM BHRAM BHRIM BHROM SAHA RAHAVEY NAMAHA.

More on this dicey, illusive planet in our future posts.