The symbol of valour, power, strength, good health and royalty, Sun is the vital source of life for beings on Earth. Being the king of all 9 planets, Sun oversees the inner depth of a person and motivates his/her soul. It inspires spirituality in people and enhances their personality.

Under the positive influence of this planet, a person’s arrogant and greedy nature gets suppressed. Being a pivotal planet, the impact of Sun is very significant and also the thrust of a natal chart depends upon the position of the Sun. Surya remains in each rashi for one month approximately .

On April 14, 2018, Sun will transit in Mesh / Aries at 08:28 AM in the morning and will remain in this Moon sign till 05:19 AMof May 15, 2018. With this transit, Sun will motivate the natives of Aries to do their best as well as progress in their occupational front , as this is priya / uchh rashi of Surya and is very powerful here .

In Aries / Mesh , already Shukra Venus is present. Jupiter who is in Libra / Tula rashi , will put direct drishti on Surya and Shukra.

In general , effect of this rashi parivartan will make climate warmer , politics / politicians , may see major changes , with some changing parties etc. , General Public, though may see some relief , Government may take stern steps / laws , which may affect common man , in positive way .Many more things may come up , this is only a general prediction , only to apprise you , and not make any one afraid of things .

Always remember , “Ultimate Is Ishwar “.

All this combination will have major or minor effects on all Moon sign people .

Read this article to know in detail about the effects that Sun will have on Aries/ Mesh and other Moon signs.

All General Predictions Are Based On Your Moon Sign.


Sun will become exalted / Uchh , with this transit in your zodiac and would lead to the benefits from the government. You might experience an increase in your aggression in this period as well. You might experience an enhanced professional status with a gain in your authorities. Rise in your social status is also seen, you might face some issues in your married life. It is a favorable time for you to receive gains through your own intellect and wisdom. Moreover, this transit would bring about perks to your father as well.

General Remedy: Donate medicines to unknown needy on Saturday.


Observing the impact of this transit in Taurus, it can be inferred that Sun would move into your 12th house. During this period, you might go for a foreign trip and for those who are already settled abroad, might excel in their field, and would earn a good name. However, you might also face some health issues like fever and headache. Apart from this, there are probable chances that you might acquire property at home and you might dominate your opponents. Moreover, during this transit you might confront an increase in your expenditures.

General Remedy: Plant a shwetark plant (crown flower) in a park or outside a temple.


Sun would move into your 11th house. During this period, you might experience high income and enhanced social status. You would gain by your own sincere efforts. However, your siblings would lend a helping hand and will support you during this period. In this period of transit, your long awaited wish might get fulfilled. You might face some issues in your love life, but on the contrary your elder siblings would enjoy a quality time.

General Remedy: Offer Jal to Rising Sun daily.


Sun would move into your 10th house. This transit would prove to be propitious for you, as you might gain high authorities at your workplace. You might feel aggressive at workplace, and there might be an increase in your ego. Probability of getting a government job is pretty high during this transit. This transit would bring about an increase in your valour and courage. You might also procure benefits from government, and your status might get elevated. However, health of your mother might decline a bit, and because of which you might not have mental peace. As far as your professional life is concerned, you might excel at your workplace and you would supercede your opponents.Take care of relationships.

General Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily.


Marking the gravity of this transit in Leo, it can be apprised that Sun would move into your 9th house. During this transit period, you might experience an increase in your name and fame, and the luck quotient in your favor would prove to be a silver lining for you. Long and fruitful journeys are probable during this transit period. You might get indulged in charitable and social activities. Though, some differences might persist in opinions between you and your father, but this transit period would bring forth benefits to your father. Moreover, there might be some issues with your siblings also.Take care of ego and anger.

General Remedy: Chant Surya Mantra daily.


Surya would move into your 8th house. During this period, health issues might increase and you might face fever, headache or some sort of perennial disease. You might encounter some trivial expenses and you might foresee infelicitous journeys. There are probable chances that one of your big secret might get unveiled. Moreover, you might enjoy healthy relationships with your in-laws and they may prove beneficial for you as well. In this transit period, your spouse might receive monetary gains. It is advised that you should not get involved in any kind of illegal activity, as it might trouble you.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva regularly.

Sun transits into your 7th house. During this transit period, you might experience an elevated social status. Your spouse might also get good gains, and you should not get involved in any kind of arguments with your spouse. So, abstain yourself from any feud with your spouse, as during this phase your spouse would be pretty dominating. Probably, a new relationship might blossom during this transit period. An elevation in your profession is likely to happen.

General Remedy: Feed wheat to Ox.


Surya would move into your 6th house. During this time period, you might experience an increase in your courage and you would like to take challenges. This transit would let you to supersede your opponents or enemies. As far as your professional life is concerned, you would excel at your workplace, and your seniors would be very supportive towards you. Your expenses might increase a bit, and you would get favorable results if you are going through any legal case.Take care of

General Remedy: Offer water to Lord Surya regularly.


Surya would move into your 5th house. During this transit period, you would experience an increase in your earnings, and children would excel in their respective fields. Your ego might affect your love relationship. This time period would turn out to be favorable for students as they would get good results. You might also think to change your job and your spouse might have some financial gains. Take utmost care of your hyperness , mood swings , Josh / anger , as this might spoil things .

General Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva regularly.


Observing the impulse of this transit in Capricorn, it can be concluded that Sun would move into your 4th house. During this transit period, you might try to dominate your family members, which might create some hassle in your domestic life. Your mother’s health might get affected, and you would perform well at your workplace. Moreover, any sudden incidence might give you happiness.Take care of driving , head aches etc..

General Remedy: Offer mustard oil to Lord Shani regularly


Sun would move into your 3rd house. During this period, you would be very energetic and fortune would favor your spouse. Your communication skills would prove to be worthwhile and effectual for you. There is a probability of small journeys in this transit period. Moreover, health of your father might decline and you would be very determined for your goals & ambitions.

General Remedy: Offer water to Peepal tree.


Sun would move into your 2nd house. During this period, harshness would increase in your speech which might create troubles in your relationship. There may be some health issues which might make you feel distressed. You might receive gains through disputes or through the government. Probable chances are there, that you might borrow money, and in this regard, your maternal uncle might assist you financially. Moreover, there might be some issues with your in-laws.

General Remedy: Offer water to Peepal tree.

General Remedy for all Moon Signs Excepting Gemini and Virgo ,

All other rashi people may keep a red color cloth in pocket , Offer roli mixed jal every morning to rising Surya , and must read at least one time, Hanuman chalisa daily in front of Surya .