Mercury transit will bring some big changes. Planet of communication and intelligence, Mercury would move into the earthy sign, Taurus on 3rd. June, 2017 , 20:01 p.m. till18th. June, 2017 , 22:58 p.m. when it will  transit into the next moon sign Mithun / Gemini.
Know how this might change your fate and make you take new decisions. Also, learn how you can safeguard yourself from them.The movement of Mercury will affect all twelve moon signs and it’ll be important for you to prepare a list of dos and don’ts in this period. Mercury is a fast moving planet associated with speech. According to Vedic Astrology, Budh is considered as the Karak Graha of Communication, Exchange of thoughts, Memory , Budhi, Vaani / Speech in day to day life.
www.vedicastrologysolutions.com will help you in this predicament. Bhaiyaji tells us in general , about the predictions of Mercury Transit in Taurus on your moon sign .


Mercury transits to 2nd House, which would improve your speech. You would be able to impress and convince others with your communication skills. Pay attention to your words as you might spill some bitter words out of your mouth. You might receive financial support from your siblings. Gains through disputes are possible.
GENERAL REMEDY: Donate Pure ghee to any brahmin.


With the transit of Mercury into your own Moon Sign, several effects on Taurus Horoscope will be pronounced. Your speech would be impressive, and personality would be attractive. You would be soft, polite and liberal during this phase. Your marital life would be filled with love and bliss. Your intellectual level would rise up, leading to gains. You would have a thirst for knowledge, and you would learn new things to satiate the same. It is a good time for those in love relationships as their love would flourish.

GENERAL REMEDY: Wear Emerald in your little finger.


Budh will move into the 12th house from your Moon Sign, which may lead to the development of health issues and mental stress. Try not to overindulge yourself in work and avoid being a workaholic, as it might lead to health issues. Your expenditure would increase and you may plan to go abroad. You may also plan to look for a new house.

GENERAL REMEDY: Establish Budh yantra and worship it daily.


Budh / Mercury will move into the 11th house from your Moon Sign, and you may gain through foreigners or foreign connections. Your siblings would prove to be your helping hands during this period. For love matters, it would be a mixed period. Try to avoid communication gap and you would enjoy a good time with your loved ones and your friends.

GENERAL REMEDY: Serve cows and offer them green vegetables.


Mercury transiting into 10th house from your Moon Sign, this transit would have significant impacts on your life. Your intellect would help you to perform well at work, and achieve the recognition you always craved for. Your seniors would extend favours. Harmony in domestic life would prevail. You would be very ambitious during this period. You might get career-related assistance and guidance from your elder siblings. Your family would stay by your side through thick and thin.

GENERAL Remedy: Chant Budh Beej Mantra.


Budh transits into 9th house from your Moon Sign, which would result in long journeys. You might also consider to change your workplace. Your social status and prestige would increase, and you would earn name and fame. You would immerse yourself in virtuous deeds. It would be a progressive period for you as you would be favored by luck, accompanied by a probability of monetary gains.

GENERAL REMEDY: Wear Emerald in Little finger on Wednesday.


Observing the transit of Mercury in Taurus, it can be deduced that Mercury would move into the 8th house from your Moon Sign, and you would be subjected to sudden losses. You might have an urge to learn new things. You would indulge yourself in spiritualism and occultism. Your spouse might gain wealth through disputes or legal cases.

REMEDY: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahastranam Stotra Daily.


Mercury will come into seventh house from your Moon Sign. You might be subjected to tussles because of your speech. There is a possibility of communication gap or misunderstandings with your spouse. Gains to your spouse are likely. Try not to overspend. Your business partner is likely to receive gains in the business partnership. You would have a polite approach, and new relationships might blossom during this period. Pay attention to your health as it may be affected if left unchecked.

GENERAL REMEDY: Donate green cloth and green vegetables on Wednesday.


As Mercury makes its way into the sixth house from your Moon Sign, the health of your spouse and your own self might undergo a steep decline. You may find yourself embroiled in disputes or debates. Over-expenditure may lead to negative flow of income. You would perform well at work and as a result, gain benefits and receive a promotion at your workfront.

GENERAL REMEDY: Daan and take blessings from transgenders .


Mercury will move into the 5th house from your Moon Sign, and consecutively you might have an increased intellectual level which when applied, would lead to high gains. You may go for higher education. You would have a thirst to learn new things and gain knowledge. Your children would be well, and your love life would improve. You would have a blissful relationship with your lover by means of good communication and exchange of thoughts.

GENERAL REMEDY: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranam Stotra.


Mercury will transit into your fourth house, and you would have unexpected and sudden gains. Health issues related to your mother might arise. Success would make its way into your life, when you put your best and struggle for it. You are advised to drive carefully. You might face some hurdles in your career, which would be crossed by your hard work. The health of your children might decline. You might have to face some obstructions in your education. You would maintain a good relationship with your partner.

GENERAL REMEDY: Gift something to sister or maternal aunt.


Mercury will transit into your third house from the Moon sign, increasing your determination. Your communication skills would improve for your betterment. You might earn well if you put your efforts for it. Your spouse might receive gains, and earn name and fame. Short distance journeys are on cards. You would be a helping hand to your siblings. The health of your parents might get affected.

GENERAL REMEDY: Feed jaggery and wheat to cows.