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Vedic Astrology accords planet Venus with beauty, charm, love, sensuality, and art- related fields. The planet holds much importance in astrology, due its power over our lives. Ruler of Taurus and Libra Moon signs, Venus is proclaimed as the planet of Luxuries and comforts. Residing in the exalted position in Pisces zodiac and in the debilitated position in Virgo sign, Venus is a generally benefic planet. Being in friendly terms with Mercury and Saturn and in nemesis terms with Sun and moon, the planet affects our tendency to enjoy a lush life.
Venus transits are considered very important in Vedic astrology as the Planet is found to be very influential on our destinies. The impact of this transit on your life would majorly depend upon the house in which Venus is transiting according to your moon sign.
A weak Venus in one’s Kundli presages a life lacking love, marriage, wealth and wellness and art and creativity. Eye related illness, digestive disorders, acne, and physical agony are some of the few things that it gives. Although, a strong Venus gives you just the opposite results with brilliance and sumptuousness.

Planet Venus would be transiting from the Pisces zodiac into the fire element sign, Aries on the31st May, 2017 at 09:11. The planet would stay posited there till 19:47 of 29th June, 2017

Aries / Mesh

Venus would transit in the first house from your moon sign. Venus is transiting into your own zodiac sign, which will bring in good luck for you. Venus will conjunct with Mercury which is already positioned on your zodiac sign, this would bolster the overall positivity which you are enjoying in life. This transit will be particularly good for your conjugal affairs and you would spend some quality time with family.This would affect your socializing skills. You’ll be open to conversing with new people. They’ll be attracted to your positive aura and your buoyant force. Love relationships will be alive with passion and mutual understanding. You’ll enjoy the time spent with partner. Married couples will garner the support of their partners. Career would skyrocket and your growth track would steep high in this period.

General Remedy: Donate cosmetic items at a Mahalaxmi Temple on a Friday.

Taurus Vrishabh

Venus is the lord of your Sign and its transit into Aries will happen in your 12th house. You would have an urge to do or start something new, if you can convince yourself to do it and then to put in your best efforts this new endeavor will prove to be fruitful in long term. But you should be beware of conspiracies and enemies during this tenure.This change would affect your health, and you’ll have to put extra efforts to stay in the pink of your health. You’ll indulge in pomp and show and will shell out mostly on your comforts and luxuries. Legal matters might make you spend money. During this transit, you might go on a long trip or a trip overseas. You are advised to eat healthy and cut short on your expenses. Keep tabs on your partner’s health, as well.

General Remedy: Serve a cow and feed her wheat flour.

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Gemini / Mithun

Venus is transiting into your 11th house and is also in conjunction with the lord of your house,Mercury, in Mesh. The conjunction of Venus and Mercury would bring in good luck for you in the work front and there are chances and probabilities for a promotion or hike. You would enjoy blissful married life during this tenure and couples who are trying for a baby will get the much-anticipated news. If you are a parent you would hear good news from your offspring and feel good about them.Your income would increase and you’ll be determined to reach all your goals. New options and ways would appear before you, and you’ll be quick enough to respond to that. Women or an international acquaintance could be of use to you in this period. The transit looks good for actors and artists. Students will be great in this period. You’ll be able to spend quality time with your partner. You’ll be more interested in philanthropic deeds and socializing. Life partner might gain some benefits in this period.

General Remedy: Apply white sandalwood tilak on your forehead.

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Cancer /  Kark

Venus is transiting into your 10th House. If you enjoy traveling, there would be opportunities for a trip to a much distant location. Your general standard of living would improve and there are chances of financial gains from ancestral properties or inheritance.This duration would induce the spirit of hard work and determination in you. You might influence someone due to your lifestyle and the way you perceive life in general. A woman would be supportive enough to be the ladder for you, so that you can touch the heights. A balance would be maintained between your love life and domestic life. Some might think of changing their residence. Or you might consider getting a vehicle for your convenience.

General Remedy: Perform Rudrabhishek on a Friday with curd.

Leo / Singh

Planet Venus would transit in the 9th house from your moon sign. Venus is transiting in to your house of fortune and good luck. So this transit is going to bring good luck to you. If you have been struggling to finish a task for a long time, all obstructions will be cleared during this time period. You will feel healthy and strong during this tenure, and recovery from any disease or wounds would be easy. You would be charged with fresh energy during this tenure and if you put your best efforts you could achieve great results.This would affect your mind and you might consider changing your job. You might make plans to go on long trips. During the transit, you might benefit from your siblings Financially and emotionally, both. Partner’s support would fill you with emotional stability and tendency to look at the things in bright light. Your glory would be apparent to the society, and you’ll get praised for your philanthropic nature. You’ll be inclined towards spiritual activities. You’ll earn well through your efforts and calibre.

General Remedy: Feed cheer to little girls on Fridays.

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Virgo / Kanya

This transit venus would be transiting to the 8th house from your moon sign. Venus in the eighth house can bring in obstacles and difficulties in your work front. You may have to face some sudden hindrances and delays in work. You should also take good care of your health as there are chances for you to get affected by diseases or infections. Mercury- the lord of your house is also positioned in the eighth house which would be a supporting factor for you. You are advised to worship Lord Ganesha.Wealth losses are probable for you in this period. You are advised to be cautious while dealing in money matters. Father’s health might dwindle in this period; keep tabs on what he eats and in what proportions.Respect women and keep your relations with them as light as you could. Be attentive towards your health. Eat healthy and avoid junk foods. A good news related to your career could be expected in this duration.

General Remedy:Serve a cow, religiously.

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Libra / Tula

Venus would transit in the 7th house from your moon sign, which would spice up things in your love life. The transit will have a positive influence in your relationships and conjugal affairs. Those who were seeking out for the right partner will find the right match and if you have been facing obstacles to get married, all hindrances will be cleared during this time period. Any disagreements with your partner will also be solved for good. Married masses would enjoy the support and love of their partner, that would prove to be beneficial for them. You’ll get plenty of time to spend with them and share some and cherish some mystical moments. Playful banter between you two would keep things going great. Make sure that the conversation stays light and not escalate into something serious. Keeping your health in mind, the transit will be peachy for you. You’ll feel rejuvenated and energetic throughout this duration.

General Remedy: Feed green fodder to cow.


Venus would transit in the 6th house from your moon sign.The transit is not a very favorable time period for you as Venus is transiting on to your 6th house and Mars is positioned in your 8th. You should take good care of your health and should be cautious while traveling and driving. You may also face difficulties in the work front, but the advice is to stay strong and consider this as just another passing phase of life. This would affect your married life and you’ll have to face tough times in your relationship. Some tiffs are possible with the partner, that will be potent enough to sour your mood. You are advised to keep checks on your well being. An unexpected travel could increase your expenses. Troubles can be expected from a female in this period, so treat everyone with same respect. Maintain a stable, positive relationship with them. Life partner might have to go through a rough patch in their health. Work would be great; you’ll get to hear praises for your toils. Abstain from all kinds of banters with lover, in order to keep your relationship going strong.

General Remedy: Donate rice in a Goddess’ temple on a Friday.

Sagittarius / Dhanu

Venus would transit in the 5th house from your moon sign.Venus is transiting into your fifth house. This can have a positive impact on your intellect, your children will make you happy during this tenure. You would be appreciated for your performance in the work front and will earn respect for your sharpness and creativity. If you are into business then new opportunities to strike good profits may come your way. Love life would be smooth and peaceful and if you have been in disagreement with your partner for some time things will be sorted out . This time would be great for love affairs. You’ll have a few of playful conversations with your partner. This would only help you to increase the bond that you two share. Your income would increase and you’ll garner lucrative benefits at your vocation. Your stars will shine brighter at work. Due to your stable economic condition you would be able to get all your loans cleared. A new relationship is on the cards for some in this period. This transit would be great for students and kids.

General Remedy: Proffer white flowers to Goddess on Friday.

Capricorn / Makar

Venus would transit in the 4th house from your moon sign.You would achieve new heights in the career front. If you were planning for big investments like purchasing a house or business investments then this would be the ideal time to do that. You will be helped by your superiors in the workplace which would a great motivational factor too. You’ll feel inner bliss sweeping you off your feet in this period. However, you might feel dissatisfied in terms of any incomplete task. At home, things will be cordial and you’ll enjoy the harmony and the solace of this situation. Children will enjoy in this duration; Your personal life will be calm and you’ll find your safe haven, finally. Your performance at work will be nothing short of brilliant, which would help you garner the support of everyone around you. You might consider buying a vehicle or a change of residence.

General Remedy: Venerate Lord Ganesha with Modak and durva .

Aquarius / Kumbh

Venus would transit in the 3rd house from your moon sign. You will be feeling very lucky during this time period and would enjoy a very peaceful and joyous family life. You will spend some good time with family and would appreciate each other’s support and acknowledge your love and respect for everyone. Mars in the 5th house would take a test of your intelligence and efficiency, but you could overcome this by taking logical decisions.This might prove beneficial for you, as you’ll plan a short trip, which would bear you fruits in the long run. Your relationship with your siblings would be peachy. You’ll work hard in this p