Hari Om Sai Ram ,


Lalu yadav in a statement from jail had once said that some astrologer of his had predicted that Shri Narendra Modi ji will not come back in 2019 as PM.
However, I had not only predicted in 2017 (September and November) about alliance of RJD and JDU  falling apart including (then JD(U) , Nitish ji  with NDA now), but had also predicted about Modiji coming back strongly till 2024.
Below are my  predictions for the 2024
General Elections:
In 2024, Modiji will come back even stronger. Only when SHANIJI is willing, Modiji will decide himself to retire.
No one will be able to remove him from his Chair of PM of Hindustan
Mamata Banerjee will have big setback in 2024 as BJP will be piercing fully in West Bengal in 2024
Kerela BJP alliance will get 5 to 7  seats at least in 2024
Sambit Patra Bhai , will win next election in 2024 with big margin.
Hari Om Sai Ram