Hari Om Sai Ram,


Every body is not born with a golden or silver spoon and each one of us has to struggle in life to achieve what we derive meaning from, be it fame, social status, success or anything else that we attach value to.

Astrologically, if surya, chandrama and guru are good in a person’s birth chart, the native gets fame relatively easily. However, all of us have our own struggle and while some achieve fame at a young age others might have to struggle through the initial periods of life to achieve the same.

Also, many individuals may do very well in the early years of life as a student, but cannot maintain that level of success and social standing as life progresses and the level of competition increases.

How much success, social importance and affection a person receives and at which stage in life depends on the person’s karma and the same is reflected in the lines on a person’s hand.


If bhagya rekha, seyv rekha and surya parwat  is very good, the person gets more prominence, more pratishta, lot of fame, adulation and love and affection.

If this line is broken or not straight, the person finds it difficult to achieve fame, pratishtha and a high social status.

However, most of us lead dynamic lives resembling a roller coaster and witness many ups and downs.

While someone may be the school topper, an excellent athlete or most popular with the opposite sex, others go through childhood and young adulthood not excelling as much. Some even go unnoticed by their peers, teachers and the people around them. This leads to different levels of expectations that children set for themselves and their parents and peers set for them.

BUT NONE OF THIS IS A CONSTANT. Planetary movements, dasha of different planets, planetary combinations and karma keep changing the course of each individual’s life. Unfortunately, children and even parents turn a blind eye to this and that leads to unhealthy pressure of expectations. In the next section we look at two scenarios where this creates immense issues for a person.


Some children ace every exam, captain the sports team, date the most popular girl or boy and are placed on a pedestal by their peers, teachers and parents. These are the children who are believed by everybody around them to lead very successful and happy lives and even they themselves get used to things going their way i.e. an obstacle free life or a life where obstacles are easy to maneuver.

However, while few continue to enjoy a high success rate and social status through most of their lives, that may not be the case for many. It is quite possible that such a person has peaked too soon i.e. achieved great success easily at a young age and is not likely to enjoy the same level of fame and adulation in the following phases of life. But his/her life circumstances and people around him/her have not prepared him/her for that and what follows the stage of peaking in school is a long lasting phase of disappointment, be it not getting into the best college, or not getting success at work or failing at relationships.

For instance, I know a student who was doing very well in music at school and used to win many inter school competitions. This convinced her and her family that she would surely make it big in the music industry. However, she hadn’t faced much competition while schooling and when she tried to enter the music industry to become a famous singer, she started facing a lot of competition and rejection, something that was totally new to her. Unfortunately, she succumbed to the level of competition and pressure as she was not prepared for the real test of life – showing perseverance in the face of adversities.

Such children should never be arrogant if they are doing well in school and should be encouraged by parents to remain humble. In fact, some failures at a young age teach humility and prepare children for what lies ahead as the  real test of life comes later when you have tough all round competition. Parents themselves should not set unrealistic expectations for their children based on how they perform in school and should maintain an atmosphere of openness where the child can share his/her fear of failure.


Standing at the other extreme are students who go through much of their student life feeling ignored, or getting noticed for the wrong reasons. These are the ones who don’t perform well academically, struggle through puberty, don’t develop a niche in any of the extra curricular activities and make very few friends. Their peers at school may humiliate them, teachers may mock them and parents criticize them publicly. It is really sad that such children grow up with very little self esteem and some of them even, a sense of hopelessness. It is vital for parents to encourage such children, as what lies in store for them may be quite contrary to how their adolescent years have been. They need to be handled with utmost care by parents as our schooling system does very little justice to them. Also, the parents of those children who are excelling at school should educate their children to not form a bias against those who are not doing as well.


The bottom line is that how one does during student life does not predetermine how the rest of one’s life would be. While it does create a predisposition towards success, fame and status, or the lack thereof; times change. One needs to be humble and positive even during low phases of life as all phases pass and each new phase of life is different.


Remedies for improving your bhagya and ability to get success and fame:

  1. Doing surya upasana early morning, facing the rising sun, everyday is a must for name and fame, especially on Sundays.
  2. One also has to make chandrama and guru very strong by doing regular remedies.

Please note, one day soon you will achieve great heights and more importantly a peaceful life. But when you do get there, maintain humility and do not get arrogant or live with an inflated ego. At the end of the day, all these are worldly pleasures that we get ourselves entangled with and lay a lot of stress on. What really matters is how earnestly you have lived your life by doing good deeds, caring for your loved ones, sharing what you have with those who are in need and being grateful for the gift of life.


Hari Om Sai Ram