Hari Om Sai Ram,
Astrology is our ancient science and not a modern day superstition. Vedic Astrology has gained popularity in the western world as well, with American universities providing courses in Vedic Astrology. Some universities also provide scope for research in this field and students are doing Ph.D. in Vedic Astrology there.
My motivation and motive is to prove this science to people across the world so that they realize the importance of this science and enrich their lives with the knowledge and benefits of this ancient treasure. Please understand that these predictions are only based on my calculations and I may be wrong. However, wanted to share these with my astro family.
NOTE: Astrology can show you the future and the path you need to follow. It can help predict things which will help you through hard times. However, it cannot change the future. The knowledge of the future and upaay done accordingly can help minimise the obstacles, not eradicate them. The main principle in astrology is to do good karma.
Please note that these are predictions based on our calculations and slight margin of error is possible. These predictions are by no means intended to offend anybody.
1. Predicted before January 2018
Rashi-wise prediction for the upcoming months and years: Due to Shaniji of Dhanu rashi:
• Upcoming period is Auspicious for Mesh Singh Tula rashis
• It will give good results to Mithun, Kark, Meena and Kumbh rashis
• Challenges ahead for Vrishabh, Kanya and Makar Rashis
• Vrishchik and Dhanu to be extra careful in all ways especially partnership, marital status and health, especially if going thru bad mahadashas
• Congress will lose the Karnataka elections and BJP will form Government in Karnataka 2018 elections
• Thakey dynasty may develop soft corner for BJP from January 2018 due to weak Mercury
• Due to Retro Mercury , certain intellectuals may create conspiracy against Government in coming 2 to 3 months
• Some Baba in jail, most probably Asa Ram, will come out on bail by March 2018
• By name kundali of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Padmawati movie may be stuck till March 2018
• By around April 2018, 2G case will be re-opened and judgement may change
• Opposition may become weak in coming winter session and  Sonia Gandhi should take care of her health
• Modiji kyati and Indian Economy has started rising from 16th November. Rahu ji of Modiji is very strong again and he will get glory world wide like before. Modiji chart says , he will reign till 2024 at least as Shani and Guru of his Vrishchik rashi are supportive. Modiji’s very big achievement would be India becoming 6th veto power country in UN by 2020
• Article 370 may get abolished in October 2020
• Ram ji Mandir issue may resolve and get constructed within 2.5 years
• Shaniji completing its effect on Kashmir of 30 Years Cycle in April 2023 as Dhanu Rashi Sadey Sati will end, Kashmiri Pandits will start resettling. Later other people will start investing in Kashmir
• Around 8 years from now Rahul Gandhi will step down and leave politics
• From 20th January till 12th February global and Indian stock markets may see fall. But, markets will recover post that
• People investing in Bitcoin should watch out as Feb-March 2018 can be crucial
• Inflation rate in India will start coming down
• By end of 2018 real estate will rise from current levels
• Bhartiya GDP GROWTH will touch 10.5 by April – June 2019 and no recession is foreseen. However, there will be few ups and downs
• Pakistan may go through 4 to 5 terrorism attacks by February 2018
• North Korea due to own fault may go through a major incident by January February 2018
• By March 2018 , Kulbushan Madhav may be handed over by Pakistan
• Till April 2018 America should keep calm with regards to North Korea as stars will change in America’s favour after April 2018. Although, Donald Trump might take major action against Terrorism from February 2018
• No threat from North Korea and no war expected. Kim Jong’s life may come to an end.
• Rohingias will be deported as an effect of Shani and Mangal in/by June 2018
• Pakistan and Hafees Saeed type Terrorists will be in trouble from 2018 because of Shaniji n Mangal
• As per Nostradamus, Hindustan should have started emerging / moving towards becoming a world power from 26th October 2017 and Dhanu Rashi Shaniji will continue helping this
• Pakistan may come close to India for next 8 years approximately and their PM may visit India in 2019. But in 2029, India and Pakistan may have war
• 2030 to 2050 religious conflicts will be at peak around the world and Hinduism will grow
• By 2036, the borders of Europe, Russia, Balochistan, Tibet, China and Pakistan will go through changes
• As per my astrology calculations , Suns rotation is slowing down by 29 seconds and Sun has begun to cool down , causing weather changes and seasons changing or getting delayed on Earth , making natural calamities like Hurricanes, Floods, Wild fires, etc very unpredictable
• Weather may change dramatically and drastically in 2018, even deserts of Middle East may see rains
• Around 10th July to 15th August 2018, Major natural calamities possible , 3 Grahans in the period and JAL/water rashi to be very careful
• Early 2018 hijack or attack possible on European airport
• By February 2018 approximately, an aircraft may disappear like Malaysian MH314 over Pacific Ocean
• Bby had n some time more to be careful of terrorism. This is due to Shani Mangal
• September aprx very important thingpossible
2. Predicted on 9th January 2018:
• Due to planetary combinations, especially Mangal after 17th January 2018, within the next 53 days proxy war may be initiated by southern part of India towards the north
• From 22nd January till February 2018, the H1B visa related decisions of USA may change or get delayed. This would be in favour of many Indians
3. Predicted on 14th January 2018
• Certain intellectuals may create conspiracy against Government but that will not impact the government and Modi government will be stronger April 2018 onwards
• No impact on GST in upcoming months of 2018
• By 2041-2042, communist regime may come to an end in China
• After 23rd January 2018, frequent fire accidents may stop globally
• Chinese space station debris may fall over Europe
• Weather changes like heavy rains in Middle East and snowfall in Sahara desert have already been experienced. Such changes may continue till 2020 and even the Earth’s crust may cool down. (Every 5553 years big changes happen in the solar system as per Vedic Astrology)
• Due to upcoming planetary positions till July, NASA may suffer heavy loss in space, with a potential threat to our planet as well
4. Predicted on 22nd Janunary 2018
•  As predicted in September of last year, AAP MLAs may move to BJP till June 2018. This has happened in January 2018 and one more such incident may happen in April-May. This is due to the effect of Shaniji on the party
• Indian cricket will not see lot of success under captain Virat Kohli this year. This year may not be very fruitful for him
• BJP will get support from the public of Karnataka and Rajasthan in the upcoming elections
• The Indian share market is under the effect of Shaniji and Guruji and may go below 33,000 in February and world markets may also slip.
• On 18th January Mangal will enter Vrishchik rashi and the impact of this will be felt at the national and global level in terms of ups and downs and terrorist activities. This will also impact individuals (especially Mangal dasha or Surya, Shani dasha) causing anger and restlessness and can hamper relationships as well. Individuals having mesh, kanya, vrishchik, dhanu or makar rashi should be extremely careful.
5. Predicted on 6th February 2018
• Rashtriya Raksha Yagya will have positive effects from 7 planets. This will lead to peace, prosperity and decrease in internal and external disturbances for India
• Pakistan may create war like situation with India between March and May 2018. This will be followed by peace offer from Pakistan’s side. China will back off from their stand against India.
• As an after effect of the Chandra Grahan on 31st January 2018, wide spread epidemic may spread in American continent along with few other countries within next year
• The Maldives crisis will go on till 3rd or 4th of March, but things should normalize post that
6. Predicted on 14th February 2018
• The Surya Grahan on 15th midnight may have a deep impact on the coastal region of Hindustan. Cyclone formation  is possible in the costal areas of Bharat within 15 days approximately
• BJP is likely to win the Meghalaya elections
• South Africa is likely to win the T20 series between Hindustan and South Africa
7. Predicted on 20th February 2018
• When Jupiter moves in with Mars from October 2018 to December 2018, every or most of the scammers like Vijay Mallaya, Nirav Modi, etc who have fled Hindustan will be brought back and severely punished
• Manohar Parikar will come out of his illness. He is currently under influence of Chandra Grahan which went past on 31st January 2018
• In next term of Putin, Russia is likely to form a union similar to the Soviet Union
• Nawaz Sharif’s charges will continue and seems like he may be acquitted by mid 2019
8. Predicted on 24th February
• Kamal Hassan has chosen the wrong date and time for launching his political career and party. He should have done it after the first week of March
9. Predicted on 18th March 2018
• Samvatsar Vahan is Horse. Due to Surya – loot, fire, accident, daketi , updrav kaarwaad sampradayak incidents will increase
• New/strange diseases may come into existence
• Political turmoil will be at its peak and India may witness the demise of a political figure
• Shani is Mantri, so there maybe increase in petrol and diesel prices
10. Predicted on 14th / 15th April 2018
• Being Hindustani , I too am worried about POK issue. Based on calculations, the predictable resolution may come during 2029 and 2031 when the UN will resolve the issue by making all of it an undisputed part of Bharat
• Hindustan will continue to progress. On-going time may prove to be only a minor hiccup in the growth of our country. Current planetary position doesn’t define Hindustan’s destiny
• TV Actor Kapil Sharma should be careful of his health and career  because of the Mangal transit and forthcoming Jupiter transit
• Madhuri Dixit may make a comeback by July 2018 in movies
• USA and China may come to the table for cooling down trade talks etc by mid April 2018
• Till October 2018, Syria will face very tough times. By November 2018, peace may establish for a long period
11. Predicted on 19th May 2018
• In Karnataka, BJP should form the government even after obstacles and opposition. If they do come in power, they should remain in power for 5 years
12. Predicted on 24th May 2018
• In the September to November period of this year, Karnataka may see change in government and BJP may come into power
• In the 2019 elections, BJP will win by tremendous majority
• Petrol prices will start coming down after 7th June. The ongoing hike is due to disturbance by Mars, Mercury and Saturn.
13. Predicted on 25th May
• Mr. L K Adwani may become the next President in the upcoming tenure of Narendra Modi ji
14. Predicted on 27th June 2018
• Till November 2018, the center will see a lot of bad activities and action of the opposition. After November, the Modi government will have relief and opposition togetherness will start getting dismantled
• Modi ji will come back in power in 2019
• Share market will see no major fall for 2 to 3 months starting from July
15. Predicted on 11th July 2018
• Solar and Lunar Eclipses of July 1984 and the upcoming eclipse on July 27th 2018 have many similarities. Therefore security of top leaders should be a priority. The effect of the eclipse will last for six months from the day of the eclipse. Security Agencies should take extra case in this regard.
• As per my study on Cancer, Carcinoma – Ketu and Jupiter /  Guru are generally the cause and luckily this year this combination is weak. Therefore, good medical care may help Sonali Bendre recover.
16. Predicted on 12th July 2018
• Share market may cross or reach around 40,000 points by December 2018. This is only a calculation and no deals should be made based on this prediction.
17. Predicted on 13th July 2018
• UP alliance is strong till October-November 2018.
• Next year Saturn and Guru will work in tandem which will be beneficial for Yogi and he can expect better days ahead.  There is Rin in his chart and he should get sour trees planted by his sister at his janam sthan
• After November 2018, Hindustan may experience peace internally till 2020 with no major problems.
• Starting from the past few months till November, there have been and will be many happenings in Hindustan politics, general public and terrorism along the border.
• Share Market may cross 37,000 points by July end
• Around October 2018, Hindustan Rupee should be around Rs. 64 per dollar.
• An earthquake may occur around the South Pole within/around two months from today and this could cause breaking of glaciers, etc.
• Great tall waves will be seen in the ocean in 2018. Water will create havoc in the remaining part of this year.
• July to November 2018, Rahu will offer wine to people, take them off track, mesmerise them, break relationships and so on. After November 2018, such people may ask for forgiveness.
18. Predicted on 10th August 2018
• Surya Mangal Ketu Moon combination is not good. Everyone should be careful for the next 15 to 30 days as there are possibilities of water related accidents, fire incidents, earthquakes and political turmoil.
19. Predicted on 14th August 2018
• As per the stars, new conditions may be added in article 35A of the Constitution of India which may result in it’s weakening. I have already predicted about Article 370 earlier
• Stars may start giving troubles to Virat Kohli making him weaker day by day starting from now.
• There may be a (possibly major) downfall in the share market till 28th August 2018. After that, the market will be on the rise.
• On-going Tussle between USA and Iran may come to an end by December 2018 and both countries may sign agreements ,
• As per name Rashi and his forehead and palms, Imran Khan may have a rough and difficult time ahead. It is doubtful for him to cross 18 months as the PM.
20. Predicted on 16th August 2018
• Next year i.e. 2019 onwards,  our PM Modiji only will hoist national Tiranga
• INR crashed from 58.48/dollar in May 2013 to 68.25 by August 2013 and CPI was 9.25 %. CPI is now 4.17 % and our Forex reserve is 403 Billion dollars. It was a scary period then but not now even though rupee has touched Rs. 70 per dollar
21. Predicted on 18th August 2018
• The water level in Kerala should reduce by the end of this month. However, from 22nd to 27th of this month, there could be an increase in the problems faced in Kerala. This has been the outcome of the three recent eclipses.
• Even other countries across the globe, for example, Columbia, are facing havoc due to water. Vedic astrology does not provide guidance only for India, but for the entire world.
22. Predicted on 3rd September 2018
• Between the end of September and the 3rd week of October, North East and Eastern part of Hindustan may see problems caused by some by miscreants.
• Crackdown on Naxals , Robert  Vadeara , etc is expected in the near future. Modi wave will start and strict and remarkable actions may be taken by him. After November 2018, Modi wave would be unstoppable.
• The public will see one big change regarding the opposition’s alliance but it will be meaningless in many cases.
• Hindustan can win Asia Cup under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy
• Risk of market falling between the 13th and 29thprevails this month also. The fall may be of approximately 2400 points.
• Rashid Khan may not be effective for approximately 46 days starting from 22ndAugust.
23. Predicted on 4th September 2018
• The Indian cricket team seems weak at present under Virat Kohli’s captaincy. However, India will emerge as the strongest team for the 2019 World Cup.
• From 3rd week of September, INR  (Rupee) will start getting stronger in comparison with the dollar, barring some exceptions.
24. Predicted on 5th September 2018
• A cure for cancer or a big achievement in this regard is possible at random by 2022 to 2023. Astrologically, this could happen due to Ketu Neptune during  Shaniji transition in Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi).
25. Predicted on 7th September 2018
• Due to current planetary changes, especially Ketu and Shaniji’s position, South Block should be very vigilant as espionage is possible till November 2018.
26. Predicted on 25th September 2018
• Rafael is an unguided missile and is bound to crash in the future. With Shaniji inspiring in Rahul Gandhi’s birth chart, Rahul Gandhi has committed a blunder. Rafael will lead to clear BJP victory in the 2019 elections.
• The good news is that petrol and diesel prices may come down close to the price where they started to increase. This may happen in the 22 day period starting from 7 days from today approximately.
• The share market, as had predicted earlier, will start an upward trend from the end of September till December 2018.
• A major earthquake may occur in South Asia in the next 44 days approximately due to aggressive Mangal (Mars).
27. Predicted on 29th September 2018
• As predicted earlier, an earthquake has occurred in South Asia (in Indonesia). But the possibility of more earthquakes sill remains.
28. Predicted on 4th October 2018
• As predicted earlier regarding oppositions fighting collectively against Modiji, Mayawati has given statement against the Congress. More similar incidents will be seen in coming times and as predicted, Modiji will come back to power in the 2019 elections.
• Shaniji’s effect is on the decline this month and approximately 10th October onwards crude oil prices, share market and rupee value will get better.
• Nawaz Shariff will continue going through trials this year and he will be acquitted by mid 2019 approximately.
29. Predicted on 6th October 2018
• Rupee is valued at Rs. 74 per dollar. When two major planets, Shaniji and Brahaspatiji, are ascending in there rashis and come in contact with each other’s orbits of Nakshatra, the Indian economy gets a set back. This time will go on for 55 days approximately and the 40 days of this period ending on 14th October 2018 have major significance.
30. Predicted on 9th October
• The attacks on North Indians in Gujrat are part of a planned conspiracy to instigate violence and cause unrest. This has been done with the intention of gaining petty political gains.
Agencies should not only control this violence but also control poisonous venom spitting by miscreants who are leading to this violence. All this is happening due to the star formation since July 2018 till November 2018. As a result, every now and then such poisonous stings are possible till November, post which things will settle down.
Hari Om Sai Ram