Hari Om Sai Ram ,


Please be careful from 7th May to 22nd June keeping in mind some planetary changes and the yog that is forming.
My duty to our family is to inform about this yog and the little details to keep in mind, and in no way make anyone afraid. This is mainly for people who are interested or who follow and believe astrology as a pure science and not a fluke.
I had already informed previously that till May end there will be lot of storms and heavy rains in India like Fani. By God’s grace the government has taken measures to check weather reports, and thankfully not many lives were lost. However major devastation took place.
Coming to this month, from 7th May to 22nd June, shaniji & ketuji and mangalji & rahuji combinations will create lot of chaos (uthal puthal). The moon will keep coming in contact with these planets from time to time, almost in 15 days, and it is not a good time.
In June, Surya will go into Mithun rashi and will make mangal rahu surya combination, and in one or two days even the moon will connect. All this is not good for anybody but this will specially impact few rashis /lagan namely:
Vrishabh Taurus
Mithun    Gemini
Kanya.    Virgo
Vrishchik Scorpio
Dhanu.   Dhanu
Meen.    Pisces
The impact may  be more  for the above named rashis.
People going through these planets’ mahadasha (main time period or sub period) may have to go through more turbulence.
In general, we recommend all Rashi , lagan (Moon Sign ) to keep this post in mind.
Considering the mangal rahu combination forming in 2nd house, please take care of the way you speak, do not speak ill for others and have control over your speech (Vani control). Your speech could lead to wrong decisions, loss of money and other misunderstandings and arguments (vaad vivad). The Shani ketu combination in 8th house may give blood loss in the form of accidents, knife cuts etc, especially if there is a dasha or markesh dasha going on. Please take care of your health and avoid arguments.
The mangal & rahu combination is in lagan ascendant first house, and shani ketu combination is in 7th house.
Please take care of friendships, wrong activities, ill habits etc. There is a neck/head injury possible. Thus, take care of your relationships and health. The loss of wealth, name and fame in society is also possible. Please maintain a cordial relationship with spouse and work partnerships.
The mangal rahu combination will reside in the 10th house and shani ketu combination in 4th house. There will be a lot of sudden changes in life, arguments/debates (vaad vivvaad) and mood swings. Problems at work/job sthan parivartan (transfer of jobs) is possible for some and some big changes in family life, durghatna (accidents) are also possible. Please take care of parents, especially your mother’s health and your communication with her (vaad vivaad) etc.
The 2nd House will be occupied by shani and ketu and the 8th house by mangal and rahu.
In general things may get slow or come to a stand still. Take care of your relationship with your brother and your speech. Sudden accidents and/or an injury in the lower body are possible, especially if dasha also going on.
Lagan will have shani and ketu and the 7th house will have mangal and rahu.
Take utmost care of health. Arguments (vaad vivad) and injuries/accidents are possible so please be careful. Be very careful of your loved ones, spouse and partnerships because of 5th house affliction of mangal. A lot of arguments (vaad vivaad) is possible because of third person, be it your own child.
Shani and ketu in 10th house (dasham bhav) and mangal and rahu in 4th house.
A disturbing atmosphere at the workplace or at an interview or even at home with family is possible. A change of place will create problems. Don’t invest or allocate any new resources into anything new for sometime in terms of business as this will cause a lot of arguments, loss of name, fame and money and issues might get extremely severe (even to the extent of court cases). Please be careful at work regarding arguments (vaad vivaad).
From 7th may to 22nd June it is over all not a good time for all, please take care, especially for the following dates:
In May – 7th, 8th, 9th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th
In June – 4th, 5th, 6th, 17th, 18th and 19th
Be very careful on above dates and avoid all work, actions, long drives, court related matters, arguments, etc.
Especially 17th to 19th June, please be very very careful on these dates (Surya budh mangal rahu will be together and shani ketu chandrama will be together.)
General remedies:
Ganeshji puja mantra jaap, especially for career problem
Gauri Shankar ji puja and mantra jaap
Wear particular jaris in cloth or thead or chain (this will help immensely)
Wear rudraksh mala
Do not start any new ventures or take any big monetary decisions, etc
Do not perform auspicious ceremonies
Avoid long drives , arguments (vaad vivvaad)
Do an offering (Daan) of your mukhya graha and isht dev; and in ongoing time the planets will be beneficial
If you are facing any more issues, please show your birth chart and consult an astrologer accordingly and move ahead safely. Feel free to reach out to Jaideepji for further consultation.
Of course, there is no one above God. Sai Blessings will always keep us safe, happy and healthy.
Hari Om Sai Ram
In the normal course, we recommend all Rashi
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