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Today in this post we inform you about how planetary positions govern all major activities in a person’s life and how they impact each person differently.
Every person’s planetary position in his /her birth chart is different and even two twins have different lives.
 For example, for some people, knowingly or unknowingly, the planet Mangal/ Mars may be giving good results and life may be going smoothly with upswing in all aspects and at the same time the same planet may be giving adverse effects and putting some other people through all sorts of troubles in life .
Hence for each individual, different planets make or break the important things in life. Each planet / graha has its own importance in the birth chart and also in the life of the native.
Every planet has the potential to make or break how a person’s life is going and the important tasks that he/she may be involved with. According to our ancient Purana and Vedas, this in turn is somewhere related to our past/previous birth and present “karma’s” of the individual.
When planetary positions and combinations are all auspicious/good, a person is able to complete tasks efficiently and comfortably. But when the planetary positions or combinations are inauspicious, one starts getting jolts or problems in life.
In general, one doesn’t understand why things which are going smoothly in life suddenly turn upside down. This is due to the impact of planetary combinations.
Whenever negative planets’ dasha/time is on, things get stuck or change adversely and even an empire built over time with lot of hard work can crumble rapidly.
For example, planets Venus /Shukra and Guru /Jupiter have an important role to play in the important life occasion like marriage of a person.Now if one of them or both planets are malefic/unfavorable, then definitely something or the other, sooner or later, will give problems – either before marriage or after marriage (in some cases even after many years).
Hence before making / starting any big important decision / work of life like job, student’s interview, pregnancy, starting a factory etc., one must seek guidance from an honest astrologer to know if upcoming time / planetary positions and periods are helping your planning or leading to a disaster.
It needs to be seen where are favourable and unfavorable planets positioned i.e. if favourable planets are at a good/strong place in birth chart and unfavorable planets are weak, your planning will reap benefits. But if it is the opposite i.e . unfavorable planets are more strong than favourable planets , your plans and decisions will lead to problems and your tasks will not get completed.
Hence if one has “Faith” then, and only then, one should consult a good learned astrologer who can honestly guide you through to avoid bad times ahead or help you sail through bad times easily if you are going through a troubled phase of life.
Hari Om Sai Ram
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