Hari Om Sai Ram ,


This post has information about the Surya transit into Vrishabh/Taurus. Please note that this is only for information to keep at the back of your mind and take care and is in no way to make anyone afraid.


On 15th May, for about one month, as Jupiter is in Vrishchik rashi, it will have direct drishti on Vrishabh rashi. This Surya and Guru combination is supposed to be good and for many people marriage proposals, carrier prospects, etc will get better.


In general this transit of Surya may give some adverse effects like natural calamities, fire, jatragani related or any type of  accidents, plane crashes, terrorist activities may see an increase. There may also be weather changes that people will not be able to understand and a draught is also possible. Many people may have to go through changes in job or businesses. Political uthal puthal may increase .


You must take care of driving and fire accidents. Many people will have problems in relationship while some will get closer, all depending on one’s own birth chart. Society may get into aggregation in few places.


We pray all remains good in our country and our families.


This transit will give different results and effects to different moon signs and below are the general effects on all moon signs:




In this period you may experience career changes. Take care of family and your own vani.


Offer gud to needy.




You may see your maan samaan and confidence increase in this period.

Take care of spouse and father’s health.  Take care of your eyes and stomach. There is possibility of travel.


Daily offer jal to surya.




In this period, take care of health and while travelling. Your  relationship will get better. Take care of expenditure and your head, eyesa and neck area.


Offer wheat on Sunday.




This is a good period over all in all respects.


Offer jal to Surya and on Sunday, offer food to unknown needy.




This is a good time for you career wise, work wise or if you are planning to establish new business, etc. Take care of your ego and anger, else you may experience adverse effects.


Offer cane juice and food to unknown needy, especially on Sunday.




Big changes are possible for you in this period, especially after 22nd May to mid June. Take care of heart related issues and your father’s health.


Offer sugar to needy or do mishri daan.




In this period you must take care of accidents and misunderstandings or disputes in the family. Over all, take care in this period of self, family and health. You should also be careful of negative people and any enemies you may have.


Milk products daan on Mondays and Sundays would help you.




Take care of work and marital life in this period. Over all this is a good period for you.


Offer food to unknown needy, especially on Tuesdays .




Take care of children, career and accidents.


Wear copper coin or kada to avoid any untoward incidents.




Take care of health, injuries, relationship with spouse and your boss/senior at work.


Milk products daan would be of help to you.




This is a good period financially. You should take utmost care of relationships, be it personal or otherwise.


Daan of water to needy will help you.




You may experience big changes in career and overall in life. Don’t take hasty decisions in sphere of life.


Offer one spoon milk on shivling and rest to needy people.



General Remedies


  1. Offer jal to Surya every morning and read hanuman chalisa in front of rising surya.
  2. Mithun, tula, dhanu and makar rashi natives should be extra careful in this duration.
  3. Avoid wearing black and red shades and wear more of white.
  4. Offer sweet at Hanuman Ji temple and to unknown needy on Saturdays and Tuesdays.
  5. Read or hear Ram raksha stotra everyday.


Please note that the above are general predictions and remedies. For specific predictions and remedies, consult a learned astrologer for your birth chart.


God Bless Hindustan And You All.


Hari Om Sai Ram


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