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Vaastu remedies can and should be seen according to one’s birth chart and not through book learned knowledge only, as many unfortunately people practice today.



The aspects of Vaastu are different for different parts of the house and the same is true when it comes to Vaastu for the bedroom..


The bedroom is the place where we sleep and rest, and try to get peace of mind by rejuvenating our body and mind. The happiness and peacefulness of the house are governed by the bedroom. Jyotish wise, comfort and peace of mind is governed by Venus (Shukra) and Moon (Chandrama) and hence Shukra and Chandrama have a direct connection with the bedroom. Saturn (Shani) is also connected with the bedroom as this planet governs sleep (with the hypnotic enzyme).


If Vaastu of the bedroom if disturbed, the natives staying in the house will have arguments and a disturbed state of mind. Husband and wife relationship will get badly affected to the extent of separation, creating a disturbing martial and family life.


Hence always keep Vaastu of bedroom correct, so that peace prevails at home



Below are some Vaastu tips and remedies for the bedroom. Please consult a qualified astrologer before following any of the remedies mentioned in this post as the below mentioned are general tips /remedies for making daily life easy.


  1. Direction: Understanding the directions of the bedroom is very important. The best is south west area of the house and next best are west side and north-west. It is bad having bedroom in north east, and south east and if possible, please avoid these two directions.


  1. Sleeping Position: The head/pillow while sleeping should be on the south side or east side. Never keep your head towards north, which will create health and peace issues. Head facing west side is good for the guest room.


  1. Never keep too many pillows on the bed while sleeping. Some people have a habit of keeping pillows under legs or arms. In such houses, people will have misunderstanding issues amongst themselves.


  1. Always get a bed made of wood. Iron and other metals must be avoided.


  1. Beds should always be in Proper Square or Rectangular shape. Avoid having a circular bed as this could lead to lack of peace in life and obstacles may increase in life in due course of time.


  1. Beds with no in built storages are best .If the beds have storage facility, then only keep bed sheets, clothing, etc. Never ever keep metallic things, electronics, knives, slippers, brooms, etc in the bed storage or under it .


  1. If the bed is alleviated, please clean at least with a broom everyday and no spider webs, dirt, etc. should be there under it.


  1. Please paint your bedroom walls in light shades like pink, light green, cream, white and avoid any dark colors in the bedrooms.


  1. Never ever put a mirror in the bedroom. If you have one, please avoid your feet facing the mirror.


  1. Please avoid TV and other electronics gadgets like mobiles etc. in the bedroom. If a TV is there, please try and keep it at least 10 feet away.


  1. Please do not keep any Mandir or dustbins In the bedrooms.


  1. Try and light some scented candles or mild agarbatti, or spray a mild  room freshener in the bedroom. Best to do daily or at least once a week.


  1. For mopping the floor, please try and put sea salt mixed in water everyday, or at least twice a week. It will ward away the negative energies.


  1. Keep the door of attached or any bathrooms at home closed after use.


  1. It is very important that no torn bed sheets or pillow covers are used.


  1. Never ever eat food on the bed. Many people nowadays eat on the bed (some even lying down) while  watching TV or mobile on the bed . Unknowingly one is calling bad negativity of Shani ji/ Saturn on himself/herself.


Practicing these simple things in everyday life will make one’s own life peaceful .


Hari Om Sai Ram


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