Vedic astrology, also known as Vedanga or Bhartiya Jyotish/Indian Astrology, is an ancient science which deals with the study of celestial bodies and their influence over human life. The word ‘Vedanga’ itself shows that astrology has its roots and is an integral part of the Vedas.

The literary translation of Vedanga is ‘the limb of Vedas’. Humanity has, from time immemorial, upheld the belief that astrology has an important influence over the growth of living beings and the course of their life.

History testifies the presence of astrologers in Babylonia as early as 3000 BC. But astrology had developed as a science in India much before this. It is believed that ancient scriptures like Surya Siddhantha and Vedanga Jyothisham are more than 5000 years old. Indian Astrology is perhaps one of the oldest, deepest and greatest sciences of the world.

In this post we highlight few general ways about how Astrology helps overcoming, forecasting and guiding through many problems of our daily life.

When Astrology is Useful

Astrology is an ancient science that studies the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies and its influence on events and on the lives, behavior and spiritual growth of people.

In the Vedic times, astrologers occupied a very important role in guiding and predicting the future for people. With time, they slowly lost some of their importance. But now people have again realized the significance of teachings of the Vedic period, one of them being to take the guidance of astrology in their day to day activities. Astrology comes handy in many ways, some of which are explained below.


  1. Analyzing the personality of a person:

While just the date of birth tells us about the Zodiac/moon sign of a person and gives a broad outline of his/her personality, but when the place and time of birth are added to it, it can help a learned astrologer describe the character, temperament, talents and abilities of the person in much more detail. This can help in understanding a person’s behavior and channelizing his/her interests and energies in the right direction.


  1. Career Analysis:

Many times we end up doing something which we were not cut out for. Normally, the native is not very successful in this kind of career, or if successful, is not happy. The type of career best suited for the personality can be analyzed correctly by reading the native’s horoscope. The tenth house of karma tells us about the activity best suited for the native. This knowledge helps the native decide on a career path that will result in maximum personal growth for him/her.


  1. Horoscope Matching:

Even today, many parents will not go ahead with a matrimony alliance without matching horoscopes. Vedic astrology matches horoscope of the boy and girl by assigning points for factors that influence marriage called Gun Milan. Analysis is done on the basis of sun sign, moon sign, ‘Lagna’, ‘Janam Nakshatra’, and placement of certain Planets , which is very important .The more the number of points, the better the understanding between the couple and more chances of a successful marriage. But this is not always true. One should not go for alliance only on the basis of Gun Milan as many other very important factors have to be seen and matched, something only a Good Astrologer can do.

We see that many times people having matched birth charts before marriage and with 32 or 34 gun matching out of 36 , still face lot of marital, health, compatibility and various other issues, WHY ? 

This is because a lot of other combinations and planets have to be matched. The details of this are not possible to explain here technically, but in all there are fourteen ways to match a horoscope.


  1. Marriage Counseling:

More and more people, even in the West, are embracing Bharatiya Vedic Astrology to make their marriage work by using horoscopes to understand and appreciate the underlying and unchangeable psychological traits and tendencies that drive them and their partners. This way, they are more open and accepting to the behavior of the partner and instead of finding faults all the time, work their relation in such a way that they concentrate on and make use of the positive energies of the partner to take their relationship to a new level.


  1. Stress Counseling:

Astro-Counseling does not believe in a ‘fixed fate’ and label a person under stress with some ‘medical term’. Instead it believes that all humans have positive and negative qualities and their behaviour is influenced by their biological make up and genetics, early childhood experiences, family opportunities, educational background, etc.

It helps a native realize he/she is capable of making significant changes in his/her life by understanding his/her potential and concentrating on his/her strengths to turn circumstances in his/her favour.


  1. Sorting Out Health Issues:

It is well known how the movement of planets affects the native’s sleep pattern, mood, behavior and immune system. The phases of moon affect the menstrual cycle and can help us understand the flow of emotions and fluids in our body.

Each of the twelve houses in the Vedic horoscope controls some aspect of our health and organs. For example, the sixth house will tell you about the overall health of the native. When a planet is in malefic position in any house, it can have a bad effect on the health of the native. Learned astrologers can help you with certain remedies to reduce the effect of these planets.


  1. Natural Calamities:

Astrology is useful in the study of natural phenomena called “Samhita” and natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, rains, climate, and comets. A learned Astrologer can predict the strength and consequences of such events using the principles of the Samhita.


Now-a-days, Bhartiya Vedic Jyotish is also used in analyzing the personality, thinking, nature and mentality of a person through his handwriting. 

Lot of other aspects of Indian Astrology like Samudrik Shastra which tells us about face reading, body language, and much more will be posted on our website in future.


Thus, this treasure of our mahaan Bharat namely Jyotish  Shastra / Astrology,  if read or guided correctly, is useful in almost every sphere of our life. If one follows it faithfully and correctly, astrology can forecast and help minimize many difficult situations and problems and make life more fulfilling.