Sandal (chandan) is the special fragrance wood. In scientific term it is the Santalum. Its fragrance is amazing and the fragrance increases in its roots when its plant rises. Usually it is used to make idols, jewellery and perfumes.

Sandal has two types. One is red and the other is white.

Sandal is considered very auspicious in Hindu religion. Sandalwood, sandal powder and sandal perfume are all used in worship. You can also offer it to Shivling. White sandal is used for lord Hari and all his incarnations. But when you worship goddess Durga, then you must to use red sandal.

In Buddhism, meditation is done by using sandal. In astrology, sandal is used as a remedy for certain planets’ bad effects and also to enhance certain planets’ positivity.

In Ayurveda, many medicines can be made from Sandal. Sandal powder can be mixed with other special items to make aging medicine.

Sandal oil is used for heart, skin and mental disorders and various other disorders as well. Sandal is used in medicine and Panchkarma.

What you should do:

Take sandal and abrade it with stone. First do tilak to your deity with your ring finger. After that do tilak on your forehead, throat (epiglottis) and stomach. Use Red sandal for the Goddesses and use White sandal for the Gods.

Take sandal perfume and apply on both your wrists after taking bath in the morning. Apply it on the middle of your chest (where the heart is).

Light sandal incense stick/s while worshipping.

Take a small piece of sandal and tie it up in blue cloth. Wear it on Saturday evening in red or blue thread. You will get relief from many negatives.

Special Remedy: If you have heart problem due to weak Sun then you should chant “Om Aditya Namah” in the morning. Keep your head on South side while sleeping.