Bharat, Birth chart has Taurus as its Lagna Lord, Cancer as its Moon Sign, and Pushya as its Nakshatra is currently going through the main period of the Moon, Sub Period of Rahu, And Sub-Sub Period of the Planet Saturn. 

The interesting point to be noted is that the Planet Saturn is the Ruler of the 9th and 10th House in the Horoscope of India. 

Because of this, the planet Saturn (Shani) would have a major influence on the Government, political condition, and political parties. During the transit of the planet Saturn in Libra, the political conditions of India have been undergoing remarkable changes.

To have a better understanding of the topic, it is necessary to take a look at the activities and the political status of India during the past few years. During November 2011, when the planet Saturn entered the Zodiac Sign Libra, the Congress was the ruling party. When the Ruler of the 10th House, Saturn entered the Sixth House, and the tables turned. 

The opposition party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) gained popularity and an upper hand. During the period when Saturn was in Libra, the country witnessed the growth of a new central Government, BJP. The new Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi took the oath during the movable ascendant. 

This was a rarity, as most people prefer to take the oath during the fixed ascendants, but he did not. He might have chosen to do so in as it was the period when the Lord of the 10th House was exalted in that ascendant during the time he took the oath.

During November 2014, the planet Saturn entered the sign Scorpio, and continued to bestow its favor on the ruling party. Even if some policies of BJP were not upto the mark, the common masses continue to lend their support and love. 

During the tough phases like demonetization  the public’s​ support was totally with the government, because of Saturn’s position in Scorpio. On 26 January, 2017, the planet Saturn entered the Sign Sagittarius. This transit led to a rise in problems for the government at the State Level Administration. Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir were the states affected the most because of this transit. 

On 21st June 2017, the planet Saturn retrograded into Scorpio and it will stay in the same sign till 26th October, 2017.

After having an overview of the past conditions, it can be easily deduced that the transit of Saturn in Libra and Scorpio is favorable for the BJP Government, while the transit in Sagittarius is not. 

Now when Saturn has become retrograde and moved to seventh house of Indian chart. In other words, tenth lord is transiting tenth from its own place and hence we can expect good results. It is believed that Saturn retrogrades only to finish some incomplete work. Therefore, it is indicated that it will strengthen the position of the BJP Government and provide it an upper hand to the opposition party.

Now let us have a look on the condition of BJP in different states of India. The presence of planet Saturn in Scorpio and in the constellation of Mercury will benefit the government of BJP in Delhi, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. The predictions are made keeping in mind the planetary positions in respect to the current situation of the country. 

Exceptionally well results would be evident in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The condition of BJP will not be satisfactory in Bihar. Although the presence of Saturn in Scorpio gives an upper hand to BJP, the events that will follow are quite unpredictable due to the retrograde motion of Saturn. By means of its diplomacy, BJP can dissolve the coalition that is ruling Bihar presently.

 Despite the meeting of Mr.Tejasvi Yadav with the Chief Minister, which seemed good on the surface, the planets indicate some chaos behind the scenes. There are chances that things may take a positive turn before 26th October 2017. Though, it is a fact that karma takes its toll. Hence, Mr. Lalu Yadav may get into this to obstruct the proceedings of BJP. 

Saturn is present in his kundali as well but being the lord of 10th house in India’s horoscope, the center government holds much better better chances of being on the leading position, making BJP a strong contender in Bihar. The same is expected to happen in Jammu and Kashmir where BJP has bagged rigidness after the political disturbances.

Talking about the Delhi, well, things seem to be stable here. The Delhi Chief Minister is keeping his lips tight after the a series of questions raised by Kapil Mishra on his termination from the AAP. However, we may witness some changes to occur before 26th October 2017. They need to buckle up, else BJP may turn up their as well.

BJP’s well wisher, Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius signs. Capricorn is eying South while Aquarius is eying west, resulting in BJP’s strong contender ship in south-west regions of the nation. 

If we look into this precisely, Gujarat is under BJP’s governess, and most of the things are in their favor as well. There are few disturbances from some non ruling political parties, but Saturn’s retrograde on 21st June 2017 has revealed something off the scene which may result in a positive outcome for BJP before 26th October 2017. This brings us to the fact that Congress, the opposition party may bite some dust due to this. 

However, the Congress leader, Mr. Shankar Singh Baghela was a bit disappointed with the party policies. Even, Mr. Ashok Gehlot has also made it clear publicly that everything is fine now, but Saturn has its own view on this. Saturn is an elderly planet, so is Mr. Baghela. Hence, the party should focus on keeping him content in order to resist any slamming announcement from his side.

It looks that BJP will benefit from ​the Southern regions of the country, as we can see that Saturn and Venus are aspecting each other. Also, the planet Jupiter is aspecting Venus. Thus, it can be deducted that Saturn, Venus as well as Mercury are aspecting the Lagna of the country. 

As per the prevailing conditions, the joining of a star or famous personality​ of South India is likely. The candidature of Mr. Venkaiah naidu as the Vice President of India is also the result of the planetary positions. An actress from Tollywood can extend her support to BJP. 

The addition of Mr. Rajinikanth to the BJP family has been a debate on the social media. Keeping in mind the prevailing ​conditions, there is a probability​ of this happening before 26th October 2017. This will further ​make the party strong and win people’s heart.

The conclusion is that things seem to be going well for BJP. However, there are always two sides of the coin. As soon as Saturn transit in Sagittarius will occur on 26th October 2017, the party might have to face a period of hardships as the opposition will gain advantage during this time. If the opposition gives its best, it might be able to stay in a beneficial position till August 2018. 

Especially, if the opposition parties take the matter seriously and grab some  ground for themselves before August 2018.