Planet of independence and vitality, Sun is the ‘Aatmakaraka’, the soul signifier and the ‘Pitrkaraka’, symbolizing Father figure. The luminary, as per its status rules the heart and represents an authoritative figure in our life. It imbues us with the quality to rule and be the boss at whatever we do.

Surya is lord of the Moon sign Leo, and Cancer is ruled by Moon. This makes a person born during Sun in Cancer much sensitive. If you have not made much progress in your pursuit till now, you are in for getting a reward for efforts put up by you . This is also time for consolidation and prepares for higher growth in future. However, here period does not support of starting a new venture.  This is a good time to buy property, new vehicle. You can get carried away by emotions. Sun is to traverse along with debilitated and combust Mars and for some time Mercury. On account of this, you may get temperamental at times. It is because you may feel kind of insecure and can have kind of casual approach. The need here is to remain level headed and remain grounded. You need to remain concerned about your health generally . Sun takes care of  eyes , calcium , vitamin D , muscles , heart related ailments , in our body. A strong Sun in one’s birth chart indicates glory and recognition. Your fame would travel ahead of your name. The person would exhibit leadership qualities and a strong attitude. 

Bad Surya makes one egoistic and arrogant in life. Ambitious and ruthless, the person would possess all the qualities fit to be a ( bad ) ruler or an authoritarian. Strong Sun in birth chart blesses the native with a Famous hardworking ruler , sturdy health and well being of self and Father as well. A weak Sun would make you fall sick frequently. Your aim would become hazy and you’ll have issues in managing and executing stuff. Due to low vitality and life force, you’ll be restless and will lead a chaotic life. BP , Cardiac diseases will affect your immunity and eye related issues will bother you. Banters with father or father-like figures’ will be a daily affair.The sole aim of Surya is to strive for attaining a higher form of enlightenment in life, and throughout our life it guides us towards that path.

On July 16th, 2017 , the sign Cancer / Kark , would welcome the planet Sun at 16:38 (Sunday). This is called Kark Sakranti . every month change of Sun in next moon sign is called Sakranti . Makar sakranti ( Sun in Capricorn , Agni Tatwa Pradhan ) , And Kark Sakranti are main two Sakrantis , also because change of season starts from these times . Makar Sakranti in January marks onset of Warm times , Surya Utrayan  , and Kark Sakranti (Surya in Kark Rashi , Jal Tatwa Pradhan ), indicates Cool times ahead , Surya Dakshinatyan .On both Sakrantis One must do Daan , Dhyan , Puja Upasana , during coming times , tamsik pravirti increases , depression , alas , increases. Do not decrease intake of water during coming sevenmonths.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

The planet would remain in Kark / Cancer till 17th August, 2017 1 Am (Thursday) . Surya will meet Mars and Mercury planets , present already in Cancer. 

This transit would affect our lives ( specially people with Bad Sun in birth charts must take care ) , Political Uthal Puthal would increase , Accidents all types may occur , Terrorist activities ,Floods ,Landslides , Earthquakes possible , in Our Bharat and  Globally , common mans problems may increase , may be due to Certain Government policies as the planet would imbue something on us and take back something from us, but what ?Find out by reading this post.


Surya would move into the 4th house from your moon sign. The fourth house is about happiness, residence, mother, and vehicle. It is also about saving money. Sun is in charge of the fifth house of your sign. This indicates that you may benefit from the ancestral property. On the work front, you are not likely to make much progress. Things may not move as anticipated by you. Do not take undue risk to push ahead of your prospects here. You need to have kind of philosophical approach here. It is likely to benefit from connections abroad. However, do not raise your hopes too high for now. Have a committed approach to work for achieving desired results. Ruler of your sign Mars is combust here. This does not augur well for smooth running of things. So do not rush things and take action after due deliberation only.This may affect your domestic life, and cause tension and chaos in it. Parents’ health will dwindle in this duration, so make sure that they take proper rest and follow a balanced diet. You would try your hand at controlling eac and everyone at home, so that you could rule them all. This would become a major reason for the conflicts at home. Your spouse will gain authority at work, due to all the hard work that they’ve put in. Work wise, you would perform exceptionally well and woo everyone around you. Lack of mental peace will keep you on your toes. Benefits from government sectors is possible.

General Remedy: Recite or listen to Shri Harivansh Puran. Take care of health.


Planet Sun would move into the 3rd house from your moon sign, signifying an increase in your determination and courage. You’ll act out of valor and strength. This seems the good time to expand your social circle. However, you need to be cautious about  relationships. Your younger sibling is to need your support, guidance to make progress in life. You may need to provide financial assistance for your sibling. If you incline to own a place for living, here seems the good time to finalize a deal suitable to you. Besides this, saving more money is likely to be your concern. A short term travel by business person and professional is to prove fruitful. However, you need plan things well in advance to get the desired level. Remain careful about your luggage during travel. You need to take due care of health.You’ll be able to outshine your opponents in this period. Health of parents require your attention. Even a minor ailment gone without heed might come back to haunt you. Some minor issues to siblings are likely. You are to be their pillar of strength during this time. You’ll befriend eminent people of the society in this duration. This relationship that you forge with them will prove to beneficial to you in the later years. There might be a gain in reputation and glory of your spouse. Some of you might consider changing your work in this time period.Travel will give benefits.

General Remedy: Donate copper utensils to elderly Brahmins on Sunday.


The planet of luminescence will transit in the 2nd house from your moon sign. Sun along with debilitated and combust Mars and Mercury moves through the second house for your sign. The second house is about finance and family among other things. The presence of Sun in the second house does not spell well for your financial health. Viewing this handle money matters much cautiously. Refrain from major financial involvement for now. Handle issue related to the family much tactfully and with due delicacy. Remain concerned about the welfare of sibling and family. There is a possibility of an increase in expenses related to the family. Health elder one in the family may need attention. In regard to health, trouble related to the eye is to need your prompt attention. This transit may increase the harshness in your speech. This could affect your partner’s sentiments. You’ll have to tone down your moodiness in this period. A discord amongst family members will keep you on your toes.Despite of all the troubles, you’ll be able to accumulate wealth in this period, which would be of greater importance in the long run. You would receive gains through government officials or government related authorities. Spouses’ health will require your keen attention. Pay heed to what they eat and in what quantity. Your potential will harbour benefits in this duration. Short distance journeys undertaken in this duration would prove to be fruitful. Take care of health , especially eyes , muscles , cervical arthritis , joint pain .www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

General Remedy: Serve and respect your father and offer red flowers to God Surya.


During this transit, the planet Sun will be moving into your own sign. This would affect your behavioral pattern. Sun is to cross over the radical position of Moon here. You are likely to be beaming with confidence. However, do take care about sensibilities of near ones in the relationship and try to help his cause. Remain committed in the relationship for good. You may tend to be assertive in driving your point of view. However, do not go overboard and remain open minded about constructive suggestions from near ones. Refrain from taking undue risk to increase the inflow of money for you. You need to maintain status quo on the financial front. On the work front, you are to remain active. Your committed efforts are to now bear encouraging results. You need to refrain from temperamental tendency effectively here. This can harm your prospects.You might act impulsive and rash. Some ego clashes and harshness in your tone is probable. This will likely affect your relationship that you share with your spouse. Hence, you are advised to abstain from all arguments at all costs. Try to value their opinion and trust them with yours. Headache, fever, chest infection, and inflammation will affect your well being. You are advised to consume lots of liquids and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Change in work / place possible , in positive ways for most of you .

General Remedy: Recite everyday , “Om  Ghrini Suryaya Namaha”


Sun would be transiting into the 12th house from your moon sign. The 12th house is about expenses and loss. This indicates an increase in personal habitual expenses. You are to become kind of emotional about spending money. You are to spend money in the social circle to show your affluence. However, do not go overboard in spending money. You need to execute due discrimination in spending money for good. Remain concerned about saving money for future needs. Remain attentive to needs and aspirations of the sibling. Do not take undue risk to increase the inflow of money here. Handle money matters very much cautiously. Handle issue related to the family much tactfully and with due delicacy.Your health will suffer in this period. A steep low in your well being would affect your confidence as well. A trip overseas is on the cards for you in this Sun Transit. You might consider going away from your residence for a short while as well. At work, you’ll be able to work it off with determination and hard work, and will succeed in achieving your goals. An increase in expenditure would hamper your savings and investment plans, so make sure that you don’t go overboard while spending money. Eye related ailments are probable.

General Remedy: Wear BelMool  around your arm on Sunday. Take care of health.


Planet Sun would transit in the 11th house from your moon sign. This is not a happy proposition in a way.You may miss some good opportunity to benefit monetarily. At times you may run short of money to meet emergency expenses. You need to keep enough provision for contingency while planning finance. You need to raise your level of compatibility to maintain peace and harmony in the relationship. Do not hold grudge against a person who differs with you. Keep an effective check on unwarranted expenses.  You are to remain comfortable in confirmed relationship. Parent of school going child is to remain concerned about the academic progress of kid. Newlyweds or otherwise couple eager to have a child can hope for a successful conception here. People with a good Surya in birth chart , indicates gains through foreigners, foreign companies, or relationships with companies based abroad. Your determination will be on an all time high. Seniors will be kind enough to extend their favours to you. However, you are advised to stay wary of having any arguments with them. Some harshness in love matters can be foreseen. You would although have a good time, outshining your opponents.Travel will give benefits.

General Remedy: Donate red cloth on Sunday , to needy.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com


The planet Sun would transit in the 10th house from your moon sign.This indicates busier time for you on the work front. You need to have a kind of methodical approach to work along with strong commitment to do your best. Some domestic matter is to need your attention. Married one is to feel unhappy by kind of casual approach in the relationship. Your partner for life may not be much attentive to your needs. Employed one is to be in discomfort from the overbearing immediate boss. However, no threat to your position is envisaged here. You need to keep the low profile and do your best to put up the improved performance. No major financial gain is likely to accrue here for you. This period will be progressive for you, as you’ll strive forward with full strength. You are advised to use this duration to its potential and milk it to your advantage. You’ll gain glory at work place and gain reputation. Seniors will favour you. Benefits through government organisations or schemes are probable. Domestic life will likely suffer in this period as you’ll remain discontented. Mother-in-law might have to suffer through weak health. You will indulge in useless tiffs and arguments in this period, which if not taken proper care of might escalate into something big. Support from elder siblings will help you get benefit in workspace. Take care of health , especially eyes , muscles , cervical artheritis , joint pain .

General Remedy: Feed Ox with wheat gram on Sunday.


Sun will transit in the 9th house from your moon sign, signifying a progressive period for you.The ninth house corresponds to Luck in general, long distance travel and blessings of Guru, father, and elders. Sun here is to work well to push ahead of your prospects on an occupational front. A business person is able to strike the good profitable deal here. Employed one can be entrusted with some major important task to work upon. You are to have the good encouraging monetary gain here. You need to remain attentive to needs and aspirations of the sibling. Overall this seems prospective time for you. In this duration you might consider taking on long journeys or a distant travel plan, which will prove fruitful in due time. Good gains are possible in this time, taken that you work hard for it. Take care of Father’s health  You’ll have a philanthropic approach towards life. Your charitable behaviour will garner you love and glory. Rise in your name and fame is predicted. Some minor issues to your younger siblings are predicted, but with proper care they can be curbed. Some natives might get a new job offer, which will be better than the existing one. You’ll be inclined towards exploring and visiting new places that are close to nature and wildlife. Gains through Government schemes are probable. Change in work / place possible , in positive ways for most of you . Hard work will give good results .

General Remedy:Offer little kumkum  n water to  Surya, early morning in a copper vessel.


Sun will be transiting in the 8th house from your moon sign, which indicates health sufferings. Sun is in charge of the ninth house of your sign. Malefic Rahu is positioned in the ninth house currently. Sun moves through the eighth house in the company of Mercury and combusts Mars. This position does not seem to be a happy proposition. Some unexpected health issue may catch up with you here. Some surgery may be needed to relieve you from the painful health condition. Some unexpected expenses related to family are foreseen here. Do not take undue risk to increase the inflow of money here. This can land you in further trouble on the financial front. Career oriented may be entrusted with some complex task to work upon.  Things may not work well for you in a relationship with near ones. Do not stretch things too far here. Make due compromises to resolve the issue amicably.Sudden losses are probable. The period doesn’t look much good for you. Your relationship with your father will get affected in this duration. You are to keep it light and simple with him. Keep tabs on his health as well. Your spouse will likely use a harsh tone while striking a conversation with you. Make sure that you do not react to it otherwise. Any important ongoing project might get stuck at the end stage, and cause you stress. Some issues or tiffs with in-laws are possible. Children will have to suffer in this duration. Unexpected gains might come in handy this time.

General Remedy: Water a Shwetark tree, daily. Take care of health.


Sun rules the eighth house for your sign. The eighth house pertains to longevity and sudden loss or gain. Sun traverses through the seventh house for your sign. Sun has direct aspect over your sign. The seventh house is linked with confirmed relationship, like a business partner and partner for life. Besides day to day activities related indications are also measured here. This position of Sun in the seventh house along with combust Mars and Mercury does not spell well for preserving harmony in confirmed relationship. You are to assert your views more aggressively. However, do not go overboard and remain accommodative about useful suggestions from near ones. You need to cultivate philosophical approach for peace of mind and maintain the healthy relationship. This would induce your life with tiffs and arguments. Domestic life will lack harmony, due to which you’ll feel restless. You and your spouse will have arguments over petty issues in this period, due to change in behavior of both. Harshness and ego speaking would clash and create a chaos. If possible, keep yourself calm and composed. Health is likely to decline in this duration. Spouses’ health will require attention. You are to maintain good well being of the both of you to enjoy a blissfully married life. Students will relish the comforts in this period, and attain success in studies. At work place, you might get promoted to a position that you’ve desired so long.Travel will give benefits.

General Remedy:Donate Copper utensils on Sundays to elderly.


The planet Sun would move towards the 6th house from your moon sign, with its transit in Cancer. Sun holds a portfolio of the seventh house for your sign. Sun makes move through the sixth house pertaining to adversity in general and also about the health issue. You are to remain determined to soar over adversity and keep marching on the road to progress. A kind of methodical approach to work is needed. This way you remain on track and stay focused. A kind of casual approach to responsibility is to harm your prospects. In regard to health, an excess of acidic reflux in the digestive system can trouble you. Take due measures to keep the digestive system in order. Do not sound overly assertive to drive your point of view. You need to avoid doing something new to push ahead of your prospects. Stay focused on the task at hand. Disturbance during the day to day activities is to affect your overall performance. Married ones to remain in discomfort owing to the indifferent attitude of partner for life.This period would see your rise in career, as you outshine your rivals. Students will taste success in competitive exams. Any litigation or legal disputes will likely result in your favour. But, you are advised to play your cards right. Spouse’s health will get affected, so make sure that you keep tabs on what they eat and when. Expenditure in this period would hit the ceiling; keep your pocket in check. Trouble in business partnership are most likely. You are advised to keep your calm intact and do not indulge in reckless blabbering. Your work will get recognition and its due share of glory. Hard work that you’ve done in the past will earn you name and dignity. Take care of health , especially eyes , muscles , cervical artheritis , joint pain .

General Remedy: Donate wheat grains on Sundays.


The planet Sun would be moving into the 5th house from your moon sign.Sun rules the sixth house for your sign. On being in the fifth house Sun here is to see you in kind of agitated state of mind. You may succumb to the temperamental tendency. Remaining level headed is the key to success here. A business person may need to make more follow ups to strike a deal with high worth customer. Employed is to resent for not being better placed, even though being qualified and experienced. You may be tempted to deviate from ethical practices to shore up your finance. Family related expenses are likely to increase. Execute due caution in the new relationship more so with opposite sex. During this transit of Sun nothing much to cheer up about here for you. This points towards a change in job or a transfer. There are probable chances of issues or tiffs with seniors. Love matters need to be handled with care and caution. Your ego might make the matters worse, so make sure that you do not indulge in confrontations. Children might get agitated soon. Income is likely to increase in this period. Achievements might grace your spouse’s kitty in this period. Some hurdles in education are probable. The transit of Sun in Cancer might lure you towards politics and political matters. Change in work / place possible , in positive ways for most of you . Hard work will give good results

General Remedy: Chant Surya Beej Mantra early morning daily,Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Saha Suryaya Namah 

General Remedies For All :

Daily Morning Surya Upasana ( for procedure please refer our old posts on Surya Upasana )

Daan of any thing useful to unknown needy everyday is must .

Must plant at a suitable place , Peepalji And Bargad trees 

Wear copper kara , or challa in right hand ring finger .

Daily or as much as possible do Anna ( Annaj ) and Jal Daan to unknown needy people .

Try to take holy dip in any Pavitra nadi like Ganga ji . Or at least sprinkle while taking bath at home . 

May Your Future Shine Bright With The Luminary!