According to the Vedic Astrology, Mars is the planet of energy and it administers a person’s will power. The planet Mars imparts us the courage and determination to move forward. Moreover, Mars gives us courage and valour to tackle things in life. The Planet Mars typifies masculinity, freedom, struggle, valour and desirable actions. So, it can be concluded that Mars is the planet of verve and zeal in a person’s horoscope. 
Mars is commonly believed to be in the form of Kunja or Angarak. As per the tradition, Mars is also referred to as Dhartiputra (the son of planet Earth) as he is said to have come out from Earth. Astronomy states that Mars has got its red colour because of the large quantity of Carbon Oxides which is present on its surface. Astrology also refers to Mars as the red planet and it is said to possess the fire element. Mars was considered as the god of farming by the Yunanis and was worshiped as the god of warfare and battle by the Romans. The planet is so significant in astrology that the third month in the Gregorian calendar is named after the planet.

In the horoscope, Mars rules over the first and eighth signs (i.e.  Aries and Scorpio respectively). In the ancient tradition, Mars was referred to as the God of War. It is considered the Commander-In-Chief in the planetary cabinet. Fiery Mars entering the watery Cancer is a significant development.The planet is the Key significator of energy and vigor. Mars is the planet which fuels you through struggles and imparts you with the warrior spirit.   Sun and Moon are friendly planets for Mars while Mercury and Ketu conjunctions are not aspired. The much feared ‘Mangal Dosha’ in Vedic astrology is caused by Mars and it impacts your conjugal compatibility.

Being red in color  the planet Mars is considered to be a fierce planet and is contemplated as Bhumiputra i.e. the son of mother Earth according to the Vedic Astrology. The planet Mars rules two signs of Aries and Scorpio. The planet Mars exalts in the sign of Capricorn and debilitates in the sign of Cancer. The planet Mars signifies the Karak planet of valour, courage, enthusiasm and energy. Moreover, the planet Mars is appraised as the Commander of all the nine planets of the solar system. Worshiping the planet Mangal makes a person to get rid off the debts and poverty. In addition to it, the planet Mars vouchsafes a person with land, property and conveyance. If we ponder over the Cancer and Leo ascendant, then the planet Mars acts as a Yogakaraka and endows the person with wealth and prosperity.
Looking at the movements of the planet Mars, one can unveil the action of the Sun and the Moon in the horoscope of a person. Planet Mars will enter the Cancer zodiac at 15:20 PM on 11th of July, and the transit will be there  till 8:51 AM on 27th August, 2017. This transit may create some turbulence over all globally , politically , Accidents of any kind , etc. Mars transit can bring about considerable ,varied impacts on each Moon sign .Let us take a peek into the consequences of the transit on all the Moon signs.


Mars will transit into the 4th house from your moon sign. This transit would fetch you mixed results and you need to take proper care of your parents. You need to give proper attention to your mother’s health, as she might get sick. You would feel pretty confident at your workplace and you might receive beneficial results at your workplace. It may create differences between you and your life partner. This transit may also influence your professional arena. You will get more work. However, due to Jupiter, you will not get results as per your expectations. Life is full of ups and downs. Some tiffs in your marital and domestic life . You would be able to increase your income quite easily.There is a ‘Neech bang Raj Yog’ formed in your horoscope due to the positive influence of Moon in Capricorn which would assuage the negative impacts.

GENERAL REMEDY: Wear Anantml (Jadi/Root) on your arm on Tuesday. Plant Neem tree .


Contemplating the Taurus sign, Mars will transit into the 3rd house from your moon sign. During this transit period, your determination and perseverance would be pretty high. But still you need to keep yourself in control and refrain yourself from getting indulges into someone else’s matters, as it might cause trouble for you. This transit period would bring about sufferings for your siblings. In this transit period, your spouse might procure some achievements. You would be able to supercede your opponents, but you need to abstain yourself from controversies. Apart from this, a change in your job .Overall, the period will be beneficial to natives of Taurus sign.  There is going to be an increase in the confidence and courage in the natives. Sports persons will achieve new heights in their skills. Your rivals will be vanquished. Since the lord of the third house- Moon is positioned in Capricorn which is a favorable sign for the planet you will have the mental strength and intelligence quotient to handle these adverse situations.You may get some benefits from your in-law’s side. Relationships may be sweet or sour. But we have the option to change them.

GENERAL REMEDY:Donate red lentil on Tuesdays , Plant Peepalji tree.


Mars will transit into the 2nd house from your moon sign. During this transit period, harshness in your speech might create potential troubles for you. Because of this only, you might hurt the sentiment of your loved one and might bring about tiffs in your domestic life. Though, you would be able to accumulate wealth, but you would lack the mental peace in yourself. In this transit period, health of your spouse might get down.Overall, the transit of Mars is not auspicious for Gemini natives.  You may face financial problems. Issues within the family will stay on. You will have difference of opinion with somebody or the other in your family. You may also have to take up some loans to meet your requirements during this time period. But our Advice you to not take any new loans if you have any chances of managing without them. You should lend money also, as they can turn bad debts in your books.You should drive vehicle very carefully during this period as you may meet with an accident. Life is full of uncertainties. Sometimes they take away our peace. Just be cautious.  Moreover, you might receive benefits from land & property, but that too from some dispute or struggle.

GENERAL REMEDY: Hanumanji puja , Donate pomegranates , Plant Tulsi plants as many as possible , in sawan month.


Mars will transit into its own sign. Kark is not a favorable sign for the planet, so it can bring on some negative impacts on your health and domestic affairs. You may be stressed out and irritated by certain trivial matters. The same stress may affect your productivity and focus on work. you are advised to stay safe from bad company as you may be influenced by certain negative vibes and this can malign your social reputation and status.During this transit period, your health might get affected a bit and you might get excited very frequently. And probably this would be the reason that could result in disputes and quarrels. You need to be calm and keep a control on your aggression. In this transit period, stubbornness and arrogance would be there and tiffs in your marital life is presaged. Dissensions with spouse is probable in this transit period. You would achieve success at your workplace.The movement of Mars above the Moon may create aggression. You should not act rashly or else it may lead to conflicts in relationships.  But this movement will create Lakshmi Yog between Mars and Moon. You may make sudden and unexpected financial gains. If you are into industrial business, the time is going to be specially good for you. You may achieve the best results in the area of finance. As far as the students are concerned, they would excel in their field and they would get good results. Though you would get success but it would come hidden with controversies.

GENERAL REMEDY: Use Silver made utensils daily. Plant Peepalji in Shrawan month.


Taking the Leo sign into consideration, Mars will transit into the 12th house from your moon sign , which implies that you may have a bad temperament during this time period. Uncertainties and work stress may bother you during this time period. You are advised not to go for any new risky business to earn some quick money. You should stay away from stock trading or any such risky investments and should not withdraw your safely invested funds. If you are planning any long journeys, you should postpone them if possible or else take good care of your possessions and luggage during travel.During this transit period, you might go abroad for your professional or study purpose. Those who are already in abroad might face some issues. Your expenses would remain high in this transit period. However, you would dominate your enemies in this transit period. You would get success in litigation, and health of your spouse might get affected. You would excel at your workplace and you would put up your best efforts. On the whole, the transit of Mars in Leo can be said as not very auspicious.  Mars will pass through the 12th House (Expenses House). It may cause a sudden increase in expenses for the natives of Leo. You will need to be very careful while driving vehicle as there is the possibility of an accident. Those who are into service may face heated arguments with their colleagues, etc. Business people may face adversities which may lead to losses. To do well in business, take the help of stars.You need to take care of your health as well.

GENERAL REMEDY: Chant Mangal Beej Mantra. In sawan month plant Ashok and Peepalji trees .


Mars will transit into the 11th house from your moon sign.  11th house which is also known as ‘Labh Ghar’ in Vedic astrology. But since Mars is transiting into Cancer which is not a favorable sign for the planet you may face some negative impacts. The major impact will be on your finances as you will see your expenses and financial requirements burgeoning way beyond your earnings. You are advised not to plan or make any job shift during this time period. You should keep your secrets to yourself for now as disclosing them may backfire and bring on some negative impacts on your relationships.High gains for you. Inflow of wealth would be there and you might earn through unfair means too. During this transit children would do well, and some issues in your love life might sour the taste of your relationship. You might enjoy with your friends in gatherings and get togethers. If Mars good in your birth chart , this will lead you to financial gains. You will get the much-needed cooperation of your friends and well-wishers. Those who are pursuing Engineering or Medical studies will excel in their performance. The planetary picture supports your financial situation.You may increase your financial prospects still further by doing few Vedic remedies You would dominate your opponents and you might receive an achievement suddenly and unexpected gain is presaged.

GENERAL REMEDY: Donate copper and red flowers. Plant Tulsiji plants as many as possible .


Mangal will transit into your 10th house from your moon sign. Mars will be positioned in your ‘Karm Bhava’ or 10th house after the transit. You are advised to stay focused and put in your best efforts in work or business. You should not expect the support of luck during this time period. You may be bothered by the mounting pressure and stress at work. Since Mars is positioned in Cancer which is not a favorable sign for the planet you may have to face some adverse effects on the career or business front. But you should understand that this is a passing phase and should stay strong. You may be bothered about your relationship with your father or about his health during this tenure.During this transit period, you would progress at your workplace and your position might elevate at your workplace in spite of any dispute or controversy at work. Tiffs in your domestic life is probable. Moreover, you might become aggressive in nature and your health might decline a bit. In this transit period, there might be some troubles in your love matters. This movement may turn out to be auspicious for you , if Mars is positively placed in your birth chart. Some of you will make gains in business. Those in job are likely to get promoted. As Mars will aspecting the Mother place, so you may develop differences with your mother. Your financial situation will become stronger. Finance is a sensitive area and you can’t take chances.As far as students are concerned, they might lack in studies and they would become stubborn and clingy.

GENERAL REMEDY: Offer wheat to Shivling on Tuesdays. Plant Peepalji and Banana trees.