Sun is the master of all the planets. It will transit into Sagittarius from Scorpio on Thursday, 15th December, 2016. It will move from Sagittarius to Capricorn on Saturday, 14th January, 2017. It brings prosperity in a person’s life. Let us see how prosperous Sun will be for you during this period.
Sun plays a significant role in a person’s life. It denotes healthy living,Fame , Father, Soul and lavish lifestyle. Bhaiyaji tells us more about its general effects on every Moon  sign, whether it will bring happiness or you will undergo challenges, know it all here :-

General Impact of Sun transit in Sagittarius on all the Moon signs

Aries / Mesh

You will receive prestige and recognition, so much so that you will notice a breakthrough in your life. Sun will enter in your Ninth House. Those who have been waiting to receive success for a long time, the halt time is over. You are soon going to receive the credits for your hard work. However, there are chances that you will be more inclined towards gaining more knowledge, so you may choose to go for higher studies. Also, some quality time with your partner will provide you inner happiness and it will diffuse the issues between the couple. Spending recklessly is totally irrational, however spending for a good cause is always good. You will encourage donating for underprivileged people. During this course, your father will enjoy growth and more success.

Taurus / Vrishabh

You will look for self-realisation and during this course, you will experience delight in spirituality and meditation. Sun will arrive in your Eighth House. You have to be more diligent towards your family, especially your father and mother requires your attention. There can be conflicts at home, which needs to be avoided, otherwise you will get distracted on the road to success. It can also cause mental stress, which can affect your life in a major way. You should avoid getting into controversies, as it may spoil your image. Much benefits are not expected on health front, be more careful with your diet. Your vehicle can be a source of trouble, you have to be attentive while driving.

Gemini / Mithun

Uncertain disputes with your boss or some conflicts with your spouse are likely. Sun will enter in your Seventh House. You should avoid getting into any kind of dispute, it will have negative impact on your relationship with the other person. You need to control your excitement, don’t get anxious too soon. It may disinterest other people and it can also result in lifelong bitterness. Though you will be happy to know that during this time your spouse will bring more name to the family, however she may turn egoistic. So make sure that she doesn’t flaunt her achievement more than usual. Also, you have to be more particular about your health, it will remain disturbed.Do not take any major decisions / start new ventures.

Cancer / Kark

Sun will enter in your Sixth House. Your income is your hard earned money, in case you want to share it with anyone, you better be donating to encourage the needy. Do not lend your money to anyone, because chances are that it won’t be returned. You will undergo many challenges with the family and may also plan to go on an expedition.You will be more courageous than the rest, in fact you will win in any case. You may face health issues, prefer home cooked food and avoid the intake of junk food. You may also refurbish the house. Also, you will receive more respect at work and you will be appreciated by your senior.

Leo / Singh

Sun will enter in your Fifth House. You will face issues with your partner, that you must avoid, otherwise it will have a severe impact on your relationship. You will have a hard time in fixing things with your partner. You will enjoy the gains, however at the same time your mind will not be at peace. Control your emotions and avoid quick decision making during this time. You have to take care of your children, as their health may suffer. You will find an inclination towards research and will also be interested in learning new things. Your interest towards politics will increase.

Virgo / Kanya

Sun will enter into your Fourth House. You may not share similar thoughts with your partner, which will cause disharmony in your domestic life. Nonetheless, you will enjoy growth in professional life. Success is on your cards during this time. You may plan high expenditure, as you are expected to make more money than usual. You will also go out for an outing and it won’t be a short trip. Growth is on your cards, and you will definitely progress in your professional life and your personal life as well. You will overcome all the defeats and will stand all in all the challenges during this time.

General Transit Effets On Our Country

Coming times over all financial condition will improve , Mehengai barieygi / some bad news from  film industry or political figure possible , Bad climate water related / calamity , accidents land air , possible , load age people to take extra care , generally stomach , eyes , relationship with some foreign country may deteriorate , Saturdays and Sundays Tuesdays raw / cooked food daan to actual unknown needy , before leaving home take Isht name , have little jaggry  and then leave , keep doing Surya upasana , and other remedies .


Libra / Tula

Sun will arrive in your Third House. You will not hesitate from any challenge. You will be determined and nothing can stop you from winning, in case you put in all your efforts. Nobody can advise you better than your family members, similarly nobody can be as favorable as your family members. Even your friends will be propitious during this time. There is always a better result of hard work, so do not forbid yourself from putting in efforts because you will receive its benefits during this time. You may also plan a crusade, which will provide you various perks. Destiny will favor you the most during this time. However, you should not work so excessively that your health gets affected.

Scorpio / Vrishchik

Sun will enter in your second house. You will face trouble reading, as your eyes may get affected, during this course of time. Make sure that you stay away from dust and do not spend hours on gadgets. You will acquire monetary benefits, new sources of income may get generated or you may win a lottery. There can be mental stress, due to differences at home. If you are planning to inherit a new property, postpone this idea for future. Your love affairs won’t prosper during this time. If you are budding towards a new relationship, give it sometime to grow. Nevertheless, you will be achieving great results on work front. There will be success in your life.Do not take any major decisions / start new ventures.

Sagittarius / Dhanu

Sun will enter in your your sign. You will be more inclined towards living your life lavishly, your approach will be entirely different from others. It may also make you egoistic, which will create issues in your life. Especially you will notice differences with your partner. Your health will become a matter of concern during this time. You may enjoy comforts from Government treasury. Also, some benefits are expected from the higher authorities at work, in the form of a promotion or monetary benefits. You will enjoy the possession of more value in your life.

Capricorn / Makar

Sun will enter in your Twelfth House. You will go out for an unplanned expedition. The health will be a matter of concern, so make sure that you keep your appetite healthy. During this time, you may not enjoy gains, in fact there will be losses. Plan your expenditure rationally, or you will face abrupt losses. You won’t enjoy cozyness with your partner, as your romantic life will suffer during this time. You will notice an urge towards eroticism. And you may indulge in such activities. Just keep a control on yourself and do not rush into anything. Do not take any major decisions / start new ventures during this period as that may not be fruitful in future.

Aquarius / Kumbh

Sun will enter in your Eleventh House. You will be so advantageous during this time that not only you will be enjoying the success, but your spouse will be celebrating the joy of growth as well. Something has been wishing for a long time, is set to get fulfilled, hold onto your excitement as this can be a life changing moment for you. You will receive perks from the jurisdiction. Your personality will outshine like an achiever, as you will find your way through all the challenges and there will be prosperity for you during this time. There is a possibility that you may get indulged into a new affair, however chances are that it won’t last for a longer period. Do not expect a lot from this relationship.

Pisces / Meen

Sun will arrive in your Tenth House. Your high intellect and ability to make positive decisions will bring favorable results for you. The chances are that you will grow at work, i.e. you may get promoted and in case you have been searching or planning to change your job, you will get through this trouble during this time. There can be some tiffs and arguments at home, which will bring disharmony. You have to be more cautious about your well being, as there will be decline in your health during this time. You will be making unfavorable decisions and may exercise power in a negative way, it will affect your relationships excessively.