The arbitrary planet, Mars governs the ambition and determination stocked in us. Considered the vivacious planet of the zodiac, Mars keeps passion, behaviour, and drive- all up its sleeve. The red planet will be transiting into the airy sign, Aquarius from Capricorn on Sunday, 11th December, 2016. Mars will stay there till Friday, the 20th January, 2017. Bhaiyaji says this transit will bring in huge / some changes in your life, which are sure to be either  malefic or benefic . Depending on your zodiac , find out generally , what this transit has presaged for you.

These General Predictions are based on your Lagan / Ascendant.


The red planet will move to your eleventh house, which signifies ambitions, achievements, and long journeys. This period indicates great changes happening in your life. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the gains that you’ll receive in this duration. Your personality will develop and you’ll be more open to discussions and suggestions. Lucrative benefits will grace your life. A hike in income can also be expected. It’s advised that you stay diligent towards your family, and think about them before drawing any conclusion. A misunderstanding could breathe between you and your partner due to a communication gap. It’s important that you give your kith and in their due share of time in your life. Overall, the transit will help you evolve as a powerful being with amassed knowledge and wit. Any challenge coming your way would find itself in rubble, as you’ll wade your way effortlessly.


The aggressive planet Mars will be transiting in your tenth house, the house of career, profession, and fame & recognition. The time counsels you to be aware of your surroundings. You need to keep an eye peeled at all times to be sure about the people you trust. Someone known to you might scheme against you. Steer clear from people who give away an aura of pessimism. You’ll be lured to go for trips and excursions with family, to reminiscence the good old days. Spouse will be in a pleasant mood, and will try to help you out with your problems. Be careful about who you befriend, as people will try to take advantage of your naivety in this duration. Take care of your family and make sure you make them feel loved and appreciated. Part ways with your complaining nature to scrape the bottom of the barrel.


Mars will be transiting in your ninth house, which is the house of mentor, fame, and religious outlooks and intensity. Your wanderlust will overpower your schedule in this period. An expedition or voyage is on the cards for you. Planning a trip would come naturally to you. Children will crave for your attention, as due to your busy schedule you won’t be able to spare much time for parents or children. Beloved will be supportive; avoid bombarding them with responsibilities. It’s advised that you maintain cordial relations with everyone you know. People come and go, but it’s your happiness that must sustain no matter what .Bhaiyaji says,hope must prevail in your heart for better days and lovely sunrises. As urged by the predictions of Mars Transit, it’s better that you stay more cautious about your safety.


The dogmatic planet, Mars will move into your eighth house, which stands for life longevity, big changes and transformation. It’s advised that you stay away from stress and overthinking. Due to too much burden on your mind, you haven’t been able to function properly, which could be the reason why you lack concentration. Bhaiyaji advises to practice Yoga and Meditation on a regular basis to achieve a zen like state and lessen the weary load. Steer clear off excess baggage to keep your mind on track and working efficiently. You can expect a surprise coming your way in this duration. A blissful time will be spent with your lover in this time frame, which will make you feel rejuvenated.


Mars will enter your seventh house which stands for partnership, business life, and foreign associations. You might be frustrated in this duration which would give birth to agony and tensions in your relationships. Hasty decisions must be avoided in this period, as presaged by the Mars Transit of Aquarius. Rash driving must be avoided at all costs, as accidents are prone in this duration. Calm and halcyon attitude will take you places and get you acquainted with pieces of yourself that you never knew existed. Listen to people and study their aura, to frame a perfect response for them. Albeit your frame of mind might get pugnacious, but try to let only the good vibes emancipate from you.


The assertive planet, Mars will be entering your sixth house which is the house of health, fitness, occupation and hard work. You will have a great time at your vocation, as you’ll come out as a winner every time. The tasks that you put your efforts in will fare well and get you glory. Your colleagues and seniors will appreciate your efforts and sing your praises at your workplace. Due to all the achievements you’ll be on cloud nine. As predicted by the transit, you might be a patient of egoism in this duration. You will be the topic of discussion everywhere as success will kiss your feet in this period.Bhaiyaji advices to make sure that you keep your feet stuck to the ground and don’t let all the success get to your head.


The red planet will move into your Fifth House, which stands for intellect, education, and love affairs. The transit bears the fruit of laziness for you. During this period, chances are very high that you’ll feel lethargic and postpone your tasks. Materialistic comforts will please you and you’ll be lured to earn more and more. A hike in income is likely. Students planning to pursue higher education must postpone their plans, as the time is unfavourable. In this period, you’ll find it hard to resist things that scream luxury and comfort. Redecorating your house might also strike you. Due to your nature, you’ll find it hard to be content with little, but try to find the beauty in little things. You need to see the bigger picture in life to enjoy and be blissful throughout. Understand that the joy that you’ve been searching for in the world is right there at your home, amidst your family.


Mars will transit in your third house, which symbolises skills, efforts, and siblings. The transit presages an increment in your temper. The aggressive planet will influence your behaviour, which would make you moody and sometimes frustrated. It’s advised that you keep your calm at home and office both. Due to your aggravated temper, you might face some issues with family. Your partner will want you to be understanding in this duration, but due to an off mood you won’t be able to cope up. Income will increase and lucrative benefits will follow course. You’ll be lured to invest in some new property or land, Bhaiyaji advises to wait till mid january next year. Equity and share holdings will also yield you great return, so don’t shy away from trying your hand at it.


The planet Mars will be transiting in your third house, which symbolises skills, efforts, and younger siblings. In this duration, you’ll be able to adapt to all the situations that you come in association with. You’ll brush up your skills and make the best use of them in tasks that showcase your prowess. Challenges that come your way, will see you triumph and overcome the obstacles. Your younger siblings will be the harbinger of happiness in your life. Sometimes being the supportive pillar and sometimes a trusted friend, they’ll pass the test of time effortlessly. Mars speaks to the passion and confident that lies in an individual. Ambition and determination are also endowed by mars. Any issues that you’ve been struggling with in the past, will get resolved and you’ll be presented with a solution as soon as the problem comes in your court. Those of you, who’ve been planning a trip since long will get a chance to dip their feet in foreign waters.


The fiery planet, Mars will transit into your second house, which symbolises speech, communication, immediate family and financial sturdiness. Verbal conflicts and tiffs are possible for you in this duration. You might indulge in bickering with someone close, which will affect the relationship you share with them. This period could give you a lot of mood swings so be prepared to face the music of your anger. Avoid driving people up the wall. You need to get hold of your anger and aggression in this period. The transit advises you to be careful while driving. Be more cautious while driving. A little humbleness and care towards the society that you live in will be greatly appreciated from you.


The assertive planet, Mars will move into your moon sign. The transit presages that you might get hot under the collar during this time. Your temper might get aggravated, due to which you won’t hold your tongue while speaking. The effect on the transit will be austere on you. You’ll have to face the unbending attitude of the planet in your behaviour. The consequences of your actions might weigh you down, so it’s advised that you take control of the situation and avoid any hasty decision. Bhaiyaji advises risks mustn’t be taken at any cost, as karma will strike you mercilessly in this period. The energy Mars bestows can be both constructive and destructive, but it depends upon how you use it. You’ll be brimming with confidence in this duration, but due to the planet’s influence you might digress from your path. Overall, the transit will vex your temper, but with the correct measures you can trace your way back to the path you were destined to stick your tongue upon.


The red planet Mars, will move through your Twelfth house, which symbolizes bed comforts, sleeping disorders, and foreign associations and trips. You’ll experience a sudden hike in your income which would enable you to spend lavishly. Your wit would make you more confident, which would land you great opportunities. A foreign trip could happen for you in this period. Socially, the transit will make you more friendly with people. You’ll adjust and gel along with people from different diasporas. Make the best use of all the friendships, by growing simultaneously with the people you meet. Instead of lowering someone’s morale, focus on empowering them. Your enemy would get past the malignancy, and accept you with wide arms. Take things as they are; over thinking might stress you, and make you lag at working.

As precaution , please do some remedies , refering  our blogs on Mangal / Mars.