Mars will transit from 27th August 2017 to 13th October 2017 in Leo Sign. Mars will transit in Leo today at 08:51, and will remain posited in the same sign till 04:25 onOctober 13, 2017. This will bring about some good news in the lives of people of certain Moon signs.

The action oriented planet, Mars is chiefly responsible for imparting the never say die attitude in us. We strive hard to achieve things in life and wonder, what is the driving force behind this attitude of fighting every obstacle thrown our way? That’s what Mars imbues us with. The planet governs the violent and passionate tendencies in our behaviour. It makes us initiate and kick start the plans we’ve been keeping in the kitty for long.Mars denotes strong powerful desires and emotions including intimate physical cravings. Full of vigor and passion Mars in the sign of Leo symbolizes the sense of aggression and determination. The native sets a target and makes every effort to achieve his ambitions. His personality has mesmeric look. To attain his goals the native should work hard with dedication and the same time he should also honor the suggestion of others with a cool mind to get the maximum results from the placement of Mars in the Sign of Leo. 

Mars in Leo can give arrogance subject of the power and placement of Mars in the natal chart and aspect of other planets on Mars.Lord of the Zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio, Mars holds the laurel for bring the active and go-getter planet. It radiates naturally malefic energy, but despite of that, the planet infuses us with the strength to fight off our enemies and stand up for ourselves. A strong Mars makes you adventurous and courageous. You have a strong body and are full of life and vitality. But, a native with strong Mars (in own house – exalted) will result in having a violent tendency and a bold and brazen attitude.

However, a weak Mars is responsible for a timid and meek personality. The person will lack what it takes to throw an enemy to the curb and will always remain a shadow in whatever he/she does. Blood disorders are also pretty much likely with a weak Mars. Anaemia, Leukemia, and Blood Pressure related woes will strike their well being.Mars is considered furious and masculine planet by nature. In a horoscope, Planets Mars rules the courage, confidence and physical urge. Famous surgeons also have the good positions of Mars in their horoscopes.        

Vedic Astrology Solutions presents general , transit results of Mars during this period. Very importantly Strength and placement of Mars in the chart of an individual should also be considered while going through these predictions.In general , this transit will give favorable results for those who are born with Gemini, Libra and Pisces as their Moon signs.Transits are responsible for harbingering major changes in our lives and that’s what this Transit of Mars in Leo promises. Find out what your sign has in its kitty for you.


This transit of Mars may not give favorable results. You may not get success easily in your deeds. You may face obstructions at your workplace.  You should also be alert at your workplace as someone at workplace may be planning against you. Financially also you may not be feel satisfied. Be careful while developing new relations as there are chances of cheating. Avoid company of wicked persons. Also take care of your valuables. Relations with spouse may not be cordial up to your expectations.Planet of action, Mars would transit into the 5th house from your moon sign. In this duration, you’ll be inclined towards earning and learning new things. You’ll try to enhance your knowledge on varied topics and will put it to great use. Love life will have to face minor issues due to your sharp speech. You are advised to keep it light in your relationship and do not be bitter about anything. Make your relationship as transparent as possible. Children will have to keep their health in check, as chances are that they might have to face high fever or blood related ailments. Spouse will achieve gains in this period. He/she will be grateful to you for the strength that you’ve provided them with. You are advised to put tabs on what you eat; refrain from consuming junk food in this period.Health may be cause of concern. But in spite of all problems, you are likely to succeed due to your courage even at the cost of enmity with others. Mother may suffer from health problems.Chant the mantra: Om kraam kreem kraum saha bhomaya namah !!


This transit of Mars may not generally give optimistic results. You may have disagreement and quarrels with your relatives. Difference of opinion may surface with friend circle. Relations with children may also not be cordial but you may get support from spouse. This transit may cause restlessness. You may not find peace of mind anywhere. There is also possibility that some of your friend may cheat on you. You should check your aggressive behavior towards your family members to avoid deterioration of relations. Keeping calm is the best tool to avoid unwanted circumstances. Investing in stock market or in properties may not give favorable results. Overall this is not a positive period.  Also keep watch on the health of your mother.The go-getter planet, Mars would transit into the 4th house from your moon sign. This indicates some tiffs and arguments at the familial front. You’ll feel discontented at home due to lack of harmony. However, you won’t let this control your mind and will focus at acing at your professional arena. You are advised to take care of your parents’ health; make sure that you are in perfect sync with their well being. Mother’s health needs special attention. Spouse will likely receive a good position at work. However, your bold attitude will give your partner a hard time to cope up. This might become a major reason for the bitterness in your relationship. The silver lining for you in this period would be your income growth.Donate pomegranate on Tuesdays.


This transit of Mars may give good and positive results. You will feel more convinced and energetic. You will be courageous to manage challenges and difficult situations in life easily. Financially, this period may be considered to give good results and you will progress in your business by your own planning and hard work. This is the proper time to make investment subject to placement of Mars and other planets in your natal chart.Mars will transit into the 3rd house from your moon sign, denoting an all time high in your stamina and energy. You’ll be full of vigour and strength. Any short trip undertaken in this period would prove to be fruitful for you in the long run. Legal cases and disputes would give you a chance to shine on and win. Natives involved in sports, management, and marketing will benefit in this duration. This period would give them a fair boost to strive for getting a feather in their cap . You will earn through your own toils and efforts; although, you are advised to abstain from over exerting yourself and falling prey to any ailments. Parents will have to step up their efforts in order to stay at the pink of their health. You might think about changing your job in this period.Donate Jaggery on Tuesdays.Some auspicious ceremony may also take place at home. Help of some powerful person will be supportive. Relations with spouse will be smooth and support will be available but at the same time expenses may go high. Those who are in profession will find this time more favorable for progress and may likely get rise in their status. Opponents who might be trying to create problems will be overpowered.       


Transit of Mars may give adverse results and as such may not be considered favorable. Failure in your efforts may make you to feel disappointed. This situation may irritate you and you may develop the tendency of jealousy towards others. You attitude and speech may be hot and aggressive. Try to avoid this tendency. During this transit, planet Mars would move into the 2nd house from your moon sign. During this time period, you’ll be able to accumulate enough wealth to satisfy your needs. The money inflow would keep you contented. Your speech must be your major concern in this duration. You might become harsh in your conversations and your cocky attitude might sour your relationships. Students will be focussed on their education. This would help them achieve their goals and set some new ones. Health of spouse is likely to decline in this period. Government officials will be kind enough to offer you a helping hand. Businessperson would enjoy lucrative returns in this duration.Wear ananta jari around your neck or arm, will help immensely.This period will create obstacles in your financial matters also. Some financial losses are also seen. You may also face problems in getting a loan. You should control you speech otherwise the results will not be in your favor. Those who are in job will face difficulty in the pace of growth. Opponents and competitors will try to create pressure to spoil your image. Family life also appears to be disturbed. Try to maintain the relations with cool mind. Be careful of any injury on your face.


This transit of Mars will move through your Ascendant which may not give favorable results. Your hot temperament may be the cause of trouble in your relations with closed one or with your social circle as well.Your rash and fiery approach may cause obstruction in your efforts to achieve success.  Do not try to start any new venture during this transit. You should be careful as opponents may try to create trouble for you. Sources of income will be available but at a slow pace and with obstructions. You may have strong urge for materialistic and worldly desires. The planet Mars would move into the ascendant . The time advises you to exercise restraints on your aggression and temper. Planet Mars might try to influence your speech and temperament. In this duration, you’ll face issues in your personal, as well as professional life. Marital life won’t stay afar, as you’ll fish for issues to meddle in your peaceful life. You might try and dominate your partner in this duration. At work, you might get dragged in a controversy, prone to bring you defamation. Various gains are probable for you in this period. Father’s rise is also predicted. You’ll work hard to fulfill your life goals. Albeit, you will lack mental peace in your life.Chant Hanuman Mantra on Tuesday.Married couples may develop some misunderstanding causing discord in married life due to your aggressive attitude.  You should take care of your health as there are chances to suffer from indigestion, colic pain, bile or acidity problem.


Mars transit during this period may not give desired results as Mars is moving though an adverse house. Expenses will remain high during this period. You may also be tempted to incur heavy expenses on luxurious commodities resulting in tight financial position. There is also possibility that you may be planning to arrange for some loan. You need to work harder at your workplace and you will do but results may not be up to your expectation. Seniors may remain indifferent. There is also possibility that you might face disgrace. Health may also be cause of concern as you may suffer from insomnia, stomach problem and unwanted tension. Some of you will get opportunity to go abroad depending upon the place of Mars in your natal chart.The planet Mars would be transiting in the 12th house from your moon sign, signifying a steep rise in your expenses. You’ll have a hard time keeping tabs on your pocket. Going and residing away from home is predicted for some. You are advised to stay away from doing any illicit activities, as chances of facing legal charges due to that are there. Provided there are combinations of denial of this in your horoscope. This period would make you shell out on medical treatment and litigation. Your siblings, although, will have a brilliant time due to their associations with foreign countries. Spouse’s health would require your attention. Keep a check on what you eat and in what proportions. A difference of opinion could be apparent in your marital life.Donate red lentils on Tuesdays.Short term travel should be avoided as it may prove to be tiresome. Relations with the family members may not be warm. Avoid any unnecessary arguments with spouse, relatives and brothers during this transit of Mars.


This transit of Mars will bring favorable results for matters related to finance and earning sources. In spite of some good sources high expenses may not be ruled out. You will try to find out new sources of income through your own efforts. You will get support of your family members. Friends will be equally helpful. You may feel energetic and satisfied most of the time. Health will be generally good. Some event at the workplace may keep you tensed.Planet Mars would transit into the 11th house from your moon sign. This period will bring in high gains in your life. You’ll enjoy accumulating wealth and shaping up your future in this duration. A long awaited wish will see the dawn of completion. Although, your love life might have to face some hiccups. Your spouse will play a major role in your prosperity. In this duration, you would spend maximum time socialising with your spouse, friends, and family. Children’s health will require attention. Rivals will have a hard time coping up with your aura, as you’ll blind them with your success.Feed gram and jaggery to monkeys on Tuesdays.


You need to be careful at your workplace during this transit. This period will not give you desired results. This transit may create worries and obstructions particularly at your workplace. Relations with family members may not be cordial. Professional life may cause tension and you may feel lot of unnecessary problems. Colleagues may create misunderstanding at your place of work. This period may even create situations at workplace which may force you to leave or change the job. Opponents will be active. In spite of some misunderstanding spouse will be helpful. You may also face problems in paying off debts. Planet Mars would move to the 10th house from your moon sign, denoting good chances of growth at professional front. You’ll focus on making something out of your career in this duration. You’ll gain in authority and position at work. Some controversies are probable in this period. You might act aggressive in terms of achieving big things in your career. Government and higher officials will be kind enough to extend a helping hand to guide you out of the chaos and into prosperity. Some tiffs at home will keep you stressed out. Mother’s health might decline in this duration, if not taken proper care of. Love life will have to board a roller coaster in this period. Ups and downs are predicted, but nothing that couldn’t be tended with some love. Children will have a hard time coping up with their well being. The period of Mars transit would give you hiccups in sparing time for familial bonds, due to ethical duties at work.Observe a fast on Tuesdays.You should avoid any kind of speculation or investing in stock which may be the cause of losses. Avoid the company of wicked persons and try to stay on righteous path to avoid any complications in future. Restlessness and sleep disorders may not be ruled out during this transit.