A total solar eclipse will take place on Monday, 21 August 2017. This solar eclipse will affect the Magha Nakshatra placed within the sign Leo. Magha is regarded as the Nakshatra of the shadowy planet, Ketu. The people with a malefic Ketu in their birth-chart are more vulnerable and more prone to the severity of problems arising due to the Eclipse. The Eclipse will have different effects on all signs of the Zodiac. This Solar Eclipse may result into an increase of violence and related activities on a global level.

When is the Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan) In 2017.

Date Type Eclipse Magnitude Central Duration Time Visibility in India Visibility Regions
21 August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse 1.031 02m40s 21:16 to 02:34 No South Africa, Northern Pacific region, Antarctica , Oregon To South Carolina 



General Effects of Solar Eclipse on each Moon Sign , Approximately For Four To Six Months

  • Aries-You might have difference of opinions with your children, and degradation in their health status might affect your life. There would be a lack of concentration and similar obstructions in studies. Your love relationship might be affected because of misunderstandings. The likelihood of profit and growth is low.
  • Taurus- You may experience a lack of happiness and satisfaction in your life. Problems in family may increase, and your mother’s health might decline.
  • Gemini- Your power and willpower would increase. Your hobbies might help you in achieving success, so you might consider to turn them into your profession. Your siblings would be there for you, in case you need their help. A short distance trip is on the cards.
  • Cancer- Economic conditions may remain to be normal, but health might degrade a bit. You might face disputes and conflicts with your family members. Be careful before saying anything, as wrong words may land you into trouble.
  • Leo- Mental stress might dominate your life. You are advised to drive carefully so as to avoid any kind of accidents and mishaps. Pay attention to your health as you might face some problems related to physical pain in the body.
  • Virgo- You may have to go away from your family. Your problems might increase accompanied by an increase in your mental stress. Your expenditures may surpass your income, so spend carefully. Health related problems might trouble you.
  • Libra – There is a possibility of monetary gain. Social prestige will increase. You will be happy to meet your friends and loved ones. There is a probability that you would achieve success.
  • Scorpio- Profit and growth in all areas are expected. New means of income are likely to be found. Business and career would be rising. A sense of happiness in mind would prevail.
  • Sagittarius- Tension will increase due to stress. Long distance trips may prove to be troublesome. You may have to struggle to gain name and fame. There may be difference of opinion with your father about something.
  • Capricorn- You may have to face health problems and your life may become a little difficult. Sudden loss of money and self-esteem might upset you.
  • Aquarius- Your life partner might have to face hardship. There is a possibility of a tiff between you and your spouse , close person , friend . There may be some misunderstandings with your business partner.
  • Pisces- You would gain an upper hand over your enemies and opponents. Good results would be achieved in all fields. Your success would lead to a sense of happiness and satisfaction in your mind.


Sutak: The inauspicious period

A certain period that occurs around the time of Eclipses, is considered inauspicious and is known as Sutak. The atmosphere of the Earth is filled with negative energy during the Sutak period and certain measures are given to save yourself from the ill-effects of Sutak kaal.

The time period between two consecutive sunrises consists of 8 Prahars, and one Prahar stretches for about 3 hours.The Sutak period for Surya Grahan is 4 prahars that lasts for about 12 hours before the Solar Eclipse. If a Grahan is visible from a place, then only Sutak is considered. The Sutak period ends as soon as the Eclipse is over.

Things to do during Sutak Especially In Wester Countries , Where Visible. Hindustan , it is not visible . 

Next morning on 22nd , it is advised to Do Daan To Unknown Needy People .

  • As Sutak is associated with negative energy, one should stick to doing things like meditation and worshipping God to nullify its harmful effects.
  • Sprinkling Holy Ganga Jal and taking a bath to end the negative effect is necessary as soon as the Eclipse is over.
  • Viewing the Eclipse with naked eyes is strictly forbidden as it can lead to blindness.
  • Activities like brushing teeth, combing hair, massaging with oil, etc are also proscribed , in our ancient books .
  • Watching the Grahan with bare eyes should be prevented at any cost as it may damage the eyes and may lead to blindness.
S.No. Type (English) Type (Hindi) Description
1 Total Solar Eclipse Purna Surya Grahan It occurs when the Sun is completely covered by the Moon and thus, the rays of the Sun do not reach the Earth
2 Partial Solar Eclipse Anshik Surya Grahan It occurs when the Sun is partially covered by the Moon, and some part of the Sun is still visible from the Earth.
3 Annular Solar Eclipse Valyakar Surya Grahan It is a special type of Solar Eclipse which occurs when the moon covers the centre of the Sun, leaving a ring or annulus of sunlight around it, which appears like a ring of fire, and hence the name Annular Solar Eclipse.

We hope that you adhere to the Do’s and Don’ts of Surya Grahan to ensure that it can by no means affect your life negatively.