Being the source of energy, the Sun plays a vital role in Vedic Astrology. Known as Surya in Hindi, the Sun is regarded as the King of the Navagraha, and is one important Luminary which emanates light. The Sun signifies the soul of a person, and is known as the Atmakaraka. It symbolises the command and authority, and rules the most important part of the body, the Heart. The constellations Krittika, Uttara Phalguni and Uttara Ashadha are ruled by the Sun. The Sun is regarded as the father factor in an individual’s life, and governs the Zodiac Sign Leo and the Fifth House. 
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On August 17, 2017 (Thursday) at 01:01 A.M., the Sun will transit into Leo / Singh , the Moon Sign it rules, and significant effects of this transit will be observed on all 12 signs of the Zodiac. The Sun would remain in Singh till 12:55 A.M. on September 17, 2017 (Sunday). 
All predictions are general , only for guidance , and not to make you afraid , if problems occurring , do particular remedies , all will go on smoothly in life .
Following are General details Moon sign wise :


With the transit, the Sun will move into the fifth house from your Moon Sign, and you might think about changing your current job. As far as business matters are concerned, good results are expected. An increase in your income is indicated. Your love life would be normal, and you are advised to give time to your relationship, and avoid indulging in a war of words with your partner. Your children might act moody or stubborn. Your elder siblings might face some obstacles in their life. You may receive gains through the government schemes. You might not be favoured by your seniors at workplace.

General Remedy: Look at rising Sun with naked eyes, and offer water to Sun God.


With the transit of the Sun into Leo, the Sun would move into the fourth house from your Moon Sign. Your mother’s health status would improve, and she would be able to recover from any kind of illness, if present. Your personal life might be affected by some tiffs and tension, as you and your spouse would try to dominate over each other.. It would be a favourable period for you , and you would gain authority at workplace. Your spouse would gain in position at workfront.

General Remedy: Offer Coconut and red fruits to Surya Bhagwan on Sunday and donate to needy


As Sun transits into Leo, it would move into the third house from your Moon Sign. This would increase your overall potential, and you would be more open to taking risks and challenges. You would be determined to perform tough work with ultimate passion and dedication. Your determination and valour would increase. Some short distance journeys might prove fruitful to you. Your siblings might have to struggle a bit, but it would lead them to a comfortable and luxurious life. The luck factor of your spouse would be at its pinnacle, and as a result your spouse would receive favors through the government.

General Remedy: Donate Red clothes on Sundays.


During this period, the Sun would move into the second house from your Moon Sign. Aggression, ego and harshness would make their way into your speech, and as a consequence, you might have to face problems in your life. You might have some arguments with your spouse. The health of your spouse might deteriorate. There are probable chances of occurrence of a conflict in the family. Accumulation of wealth, and benefits through government are likely.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and offer little Khas itra 


Leo is the Zodiac Sign ruled by the Sun itself, and during its transit into Leo, the Sun will move into your own Moon Sign. As a result, you would gain strength and recognition. You would develop a charismatic personality, which would make you stand out in the crowd. You would get rid of any existing health issue, and would stay healthy during this period. You would find yourself in an excited mood, and might utter some words which may create problems in your married life. You would earn name and fame, and enjoy a luxurious life.

General Remedy: Offer water to Surya in a copper vessel.


Following the transit of the Sun into the Zodiac Sign Leo, the Sun would move into the twelfth house from your Moon Sign, Virgo. During this period, your desire to travel abroad may be fulfilled. Your workplace may be changed. You would enjoy travelling and find yourself in the lap of mother nature as you travel to forests, mountains, etc. You need to keep a check on your expenditure, otherwise there could be a negative flow of income. You would gain an upper hand over your enemies. Probable chances are there that any case you indulge in, you would succeed.

Remedy: Daily JAAP “Om Adityay Vidmahe Bhaskaraye Dheemahi Tanno Surya Prachodayat”


With the transit of the Sun in the Zodiac Sign Leo, The Sun will move into the eleventh house from your Moon Sign. A period you have been yearning for, would commence. You would be raking in money during this period. Your relations with high officials or government authorities might result in additional benefits. Escalation is your social status is highly probable. Your love life would be subjected to ebb and flow. The health of your children might be affected, so you need to take all the necessary precautions and remedies to tackle the problem. You would find yourself getting favours from your seniors. Your spouse may think about changing their current job.

General Remedy:Recite Aditya Hridya Stotra.


As the Sun transits into Leo, it will move into the tenth house from your Moon Sign. Your position and authority at work would increase, and you might get promoted at your workplace. You would enjoy yourself at work, as a result of which you might not be able to give time to your personal life, which might create issues in your personal life. The health of your mother might deteriorate, for which you need to take utmost care. You would be admired at your workplace because of your outstanding work.

Remedy:Recite Om Ghrini Suryaya Namah.


During this transit, the Sun will move into the ninth house from your Moon Sign, Sagittarius. You would be honoured, and your social status would be enhanced. Your rising glory would know no bounds. You would get a chance to get acquainted with the elite section of the society. Long journeys would give fruitful results. Your father might disagree with your opinions, and his health might degrade. You would strike gold during this period, and would thank your stars for the lavish life you would spend. Your younger siblings might be subjected to some problems, which they need to take care of.

General Remedy: Wear Surynaari root , Avoid salt on sundays


Due to the transit taking place, the Sun will move into the eighth house from your Moon Sign, and the health of your father would be negatively affected as a result. Sudden gains and losses might surprise you. The transit may bring about a period of illness, and you might develop a perianal disease like piles, fistula, fisher, etc. A deep hidden secret might be revealed, so you need to keep your cards close to your chest. You would enjoy this period, but you need to make sure that you do not entangle yourself in any kind of unethical deed, as it may lead to defamation. You might be a bit strapped due to wealth losses, so think twice before spending extravagantly.

General Remedy:Donate Wheat on Sundays.


Because of the Sun’s transit in Leo, the Sun will move into the seventh house from your Moon Sign. There would be an increase in your spouse’s ego, which would lead to some issues in your marital life. A low health might stress you a bit. You are advised to see the rising Sun, and offer water to Sun God. You might act harsh, when it comes to your behaviour. It would be a good time for your professional life, as you might receive a promotion or increment at your workfront. Business partnership is expected to yield the desired benefits.

General Remedy: Donate Jaggery to brahmin.


The Sun would move into the sixth house from your Moon Sign, due to which your spouse might act aggressive during this period. You would have the trump hand and would be able to dominate over your opponents. Your expenses would increase, so you need to keep a check on what you spend. You would win in cases involving litigation. The result of disputes or quarrels might end up being in your favour. Pay attention to your health as there are chances of the development of perianal diseases. Minor issues like fever and headache might also add to your health problems. The chances of success in competitive exams are quite high, and you may come through with flying colors if you give your best shot . Your efforts at work would lead to good gains, and you would be recognised at your workplace for your performance.

General Remedy: Feed wheat and jaggery to ox on Sundays

We hope that this transit brings a favorable period for you!