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The planet of fiery passion, Mars is a go-getter and an action initiator. The planet holds the role of providing us with stamina and energy, to protect and safeguard ourselves from the obstacles and day to day struggles. The planet is naturally malefic, but can yield great results in case of it being the ascendant lord or Yogkaraka.

The planet Mars, would transit into the Taurus / Vrishabh Rashi on the 13th April, 2017 at 04;31 a.m. The planet would remain posited there till 01:53 a.m. of 27th May, 2017

A weak Mars in a birth chart could result in the native not being able to defend themselves. They’ll be timid and weak, with being prone to get oppressed by their rivals. The ability to make decisions and taking initiative will be missing from your behavioral aspect. A weak Mars could also give you blood disorders, anaemia and leukaemia being a few of them.

A strong Mars on the other hand is responsible for lending us an action oriented and passionate life. You will have a violent tendency, and will be quite aggressive in nature. You’ll fight back strong and hard against every hurdle and/or issue. Brilliant leadership skills would enable you to win at every sphere of life.

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Planet Mars would move into the 2nd house from your moon sign, that stands for communication, speech, and immediate family. Your tone would become harsh. You’ll get aggressive in a click and this will be the main factor that’ll affect your love life. Sudden monetary gains are possible. Health issues that you’ve been facing in the past will still persist. But, with proper diet and exercises you’ll be able to get over them. Children would enjoy comforts in this period. THose aiming for getting great grades will get successful. Make sure that you stay focussed and determined to achieve all that you’ve desired for. Good results will give you a boost to strive for the skies. Health issues to spouse will give you something to stress about. A healthy lifestyle promises to get them back in shape.

General Remedy: Daan sweets and take care of words you speak , otherwise you may experience problems.

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The transit of Mars in your ascendant symbolises your personality and characteristics. You might get aggressive and stubborn in this period. This behaviour would turn people around you aversive towards you. You are advised to drive carefully in this period. Your spouse will be devoted and loyal. However, if you don’t change your attitude, things might take a turn for the worse. Refrain from getting your anger out on anyone. Any blood related irregularity might bother you. Some monetary gains are probable for you. You are advised to maintain cordial relations with females. Respect everyone around you and do not take any relationship for granted.

General Remedy: Carry four dried dates with you whenever you go for driving, and drive carefully.


The planet of passion, Mars would be moving to your 12th house from the moon sign, that symbolises bed comforts, and foreign associations and trips. This will be a challenging period for you. You expenses would sky rocket. Not keeping tabs on your pocket might cause you to face a financial crunch in the long run. You might have to go away from your current place of work or a sudden offer to go abroad might appeal to your senses. Some health issues might crop up. Aggression in your behaviour might make you and the people around you act icky. Spouse’s weird behaviour and health might stress you. Your happiness would depend solely on them. Abstain from having any arguments with them. You’ll be rejuvenated and energetic in this period. Maintain your health and energy levels for a happy life.

General Remedy: Donating blood will prove fruitful for you.


Planet Mars would grace your 11th house, the house for ambitions, achievements, and older siblings. You’ll receive high gains in this period. Your intellect would be touching the ceiling. By applying your wit and perfection in all that you do, you’ll be brilliant at your vocation. Results will guide you to a blissful place, as you’ll celebrate your sweet success. Seniors might not be supportive, but don’t let that harm your tone or behaviour. Some natives might think about changing their current job. Single ones might find someone intriguing in this duration. A new relationship might get on board for some. Refrain from getting aggressive on petty matters to enjoy your love relationship.

General Remedy: Worship Mahadev with full dedication 


The planet Mars would transit in the 10th house from your moon sign, which symbolises karma, profession, fame and glory. You’ll gain authority at work. Recognition at work would keep you in high spirits. Although, you are advised to stay away from office politics and controversies. The rumour mill might churn out some false lies, but you are to make sure that they stay a lie. You might think of acquiring a vehicle or a property in this period. Some health issues might trouble children. You might have to face some troubles in your love paradise. Going abroad for higher education would appeal to you. Students will excel at studies; results will be satisfactory. Mother’s health would improve for the better in this period.

General Remedy: You will get the desired results by venerating Lord Surya.


Mars would transit in your 9th house, which symbolises fame, fortune, and long journeys. Some ups and downs might lower your will in this period. But. patience and perseverance is the key that’ll guide you to achieve greater things in life. You might consider going on along journey in this duration. Some minor health issues to parents might keep you stressed. With proper care, you’ll be able to revive their health. Luck would work in favour of your spouse. You’ll have a gala of a time, as things would work out in your favour. Your skills would increase substantially. Make sure that you keep your head held high, but not stuck in the clouds.

General Remedy: Donate Red Lentils (Red Masoor dal) in Hanuman Temple or to needy sitting outside temple.

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Red planet would transit in your 8th house, the house of life and longevity. Health issues might trouble you in this period. Wealth losses are probable; however, you’ll earn pretty well in this duration. Blood irregularities, fever, and perennial diseases might cause you to follow restraints on your diet. Proper caution must be taken to stay healthy and well. Females might have to suffer from gynaecological issues. You might get interested in shelling out on your in-laws. At the workplace, you’ll work hard and achieve all your goals. A good position at work might be your rewards for this.

General Remedy: Drive carefully, and maintain a cordial relationship especially with females.


The planet Mars would move into your 7th house, the house of partnership and career. This duration would make you loyal towards your spouse. You’ll be dedicated and loyal towards them, and they’ll reciprocate the same. Aggression and ego must be kept at bay in order to live a blissfully married life. You are advised to drive carefully in this period. Your professional status would gain momentum. Avoid arguments and tiffs in this duration. At domestic front, you might feel discontentment. Family would be complaining, as you’ll not be able to spend much time with them. Income is likely to increase, which will be like a silver lining for you.

General Remedy: Plant a pomegranate tree away from your home on Tuesday and nourish it .

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The red planet would move into your 6th house- the house of enemies and opponents. You’ll garner huge success from your opponents. Legal cases will come out in your favour. Some trips to the foreign lands might lure you in this duration. The trips undertaken in this duration would prove to be fruitful for you in the long run. Your hard work would produce you your hard earned success. You might feel hot under the collar in this period. Father’s profession will touch heights. Your expenses are expected to decrease in this period. Some minor health problems might occur to your spouse. You are advised to intake a diet healthy in fibers and nutrients. Avoid eating junk and exercise regularly.

General Remedy: Apply a Tilak of Saffron (Kesar) on forehead .


The planet Mars would move into your 5th house, which stands for education, intellect and love affairs. The transit period predicts income hike for you. You’ll be able to amass wealth in this period. And on the brighter side, you’ll have a great time as your outlook would change towards the world. You’ll go big on the savings and miser on the expenses. Children will be playful and naughty, which would bring you out of gloom, if any. You’ll get lucrative benefits from property in this period. Romantic encounters will happen. You might meet some one new in this period. It’s advised that you keep your speech / tone under check. Refrain from lashing out on anyone.

General Remedy: Pour unboiled one tea spoon milk on a Banyan tree root , and the milk which falls on the soil, should be used for applying Tilak with ring finger .


As the planet of passion, Mars moves into your property and happiness related house- 4th house, you’ll start considering and weighing your options of buying a property or a land. Some minor tiffs in domestic life might happen, but with extra care you’ll be able to handle them pretty well. Mother’s health would be of concern to you. You’ll have to pay strict attention to her well being and diet. Make sure that you maintain your good health as well. At the work front, you’ll get great benefits as everyone you know would be amazed by the work that you do. Income would be great, due to which you’ll shell out on the luxuries of life. Some minor quarrels with spouse are likely.

General Remedy: Take care of street dogs.


The red planet would move in your 3rd house, which symbolises skills and efforts. You’ll be more energetic in this period. Your rejuvenated self will make the correct life choices. Your siblings might act icky in this period, which would be the major cause of problems with them. Despite of all the problems with them, you’ll be quick on your feet to help them. You might think about changing your job. Some journeys taken in this duration would give you fruitful results. You might be dominant against your opponents. Outshining your rivals would be your best hobby. Success would follow your path, but for that you’ll have to perform your ace work. Sudden gains for spouse are predicted.

General Remedy: Avoid boasting about the knowledge you have.