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Treated as the Justice Planet in Vedic Astrology, Saturn is the decider of the fate of the wrong and right doings of the humans. Due to this, the retrogression motion of Saturn plays a major role in the kismet of the people of different rashis / moon signs. 

Planet Saturn would go retrograde in Dhanu / Sagittarius on the 6th April 2017 at 10:34 and will stay like that till the 25th August, 17:19

Although, on the Wednesday, 21st of June, 2017 the planet would visit back the Scorpio sign, and will again come back in Dhanu / Sagittarius on the 25th of August, 2017.

Saturn will be transiting in Scorpio Sign in the beginning of the year. On 26th January 2017, Saturn will move to Sagittarius sign and will remain in this sign up to 21st, June 2017. Saturn will be in retrograde position and will again move to Scorpio Sign from 21st June 2017 to 26th October 2017. From 26th October, 2017, Saturn will again become direct and will move to Sagittarius sign for the rest of the year. Here, predictions include the results of all these transits.

Saturn transits Scorpio Sign to Sagittarius Sign on 26th January 2017;
Saturn transits Sagittarius to Scorpio on 21st June 2017 (retrograde);
Saturn transits Scorpio to Sagittarius on 26th October 2017 (Direct).

Saturn is the second biggest planet in our Solar system. Shani is not considered a benefic planet in the opinion of general public. He moves very slowly therefore he has been named as Shani which means ‘shane’ ‘shane’ I.e. one who moves very slowly in Sanskirt or Hindi. He remains in a Sign for about two and half year and is placed at the outer most boundary of our solar system.

For natives of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant, if Saturn is well placed in the chart, it confers abundance of affluence, authority, administrative skills, high designation and a very successful life during its dasha period. Placement of Saturn in third, sixth and ninth house of the chart is considered very auspicious and benefic as these placements of Saturn make a person wealthy, powerful and diligent.

 In other houses of horoscope, Saturn gives either bad results or mixed results. Natives governed by Saturn are generally serious by nature and are goal-oriented. On the negative side, if Saturn is malefic then it causes much ill-impact like limitations, delays, hurdles and problems in every aspect of life.

One important fact about Saturn is that he purifies a person by giving him difficulties in life and do not make him a criminal or offender which are generally results of malefic Mars and Rahu.

Saturn is transiting in the next house Sagittarius for about two and a half year. This transit will have good results for some Signs and bad and unfavorable results for other Signs depending upon the Ascendant or Moon Sign of the native.

This Saturn transit for different Signs

Native with Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn would experience tough time as these natives are undergoing one of the phases of Saturn Sadhe Sati.

Those who are born with Sagittarius as their Moon Sign will get the worst results as they will be facing second phase of Sadhe sati.

Moon sign born Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces will feel bad effect of this Saturn transit.

Moon Sign born Cancer, Libra and Aquarius will have good results of this transit.

Moon sign born Leo and Aries will have neutral effect of transit.

Below is the detailed description of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius from 26 October 2017 for each Moon Sign. However, the true picture can be ascertained only after looking at the other planetary position i.e. Saturn placed with other planets, aspect of other planets on Saturn and the Sign, House and Nakshtra in which Saturn is placed.


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Saturn would retrograde in the 9th house from your moon sign. This would affect your life adversely. You’ll have to face some difficulties and challenges in your professional life. You’ll feel discontentment at work. You’ll be mentally stressed and worked up at work. In this situation, you are advised to stay calm and keep a tab on your anger. Till the month of June, you’ll have a slow time in your career. Due to your planetary positions, after June, chances are that your income might experience a hike and will steep high. As soon as Saturn graces the 8th house from your moon sign again, it will test your patience. You’ll have a hard time focussing at work. In this period you are advised to keep your spirit strong and act maturely. Some minor bickerings are probable with siblings.Saturn will become direct and will move to your ninth house again from 26th October 2017 to remain there for a long period up to January 2020.

You will start feeling some relief in your life from the matters related to finance and also conflicts from others. Seniors may remain indifferent and may not show any favor. Still you have to work hard to achieve desired results. You may not show much interest in religious activities.

 Income sources may improve for some time. Relations with teachers, elders or father may not be cordial. But you will be able to win over your opponents who may be creating problems for you for long.

GENERAL REMEDY: Feed oily chapatis / fried stuff to dogs , cows , crows.


Saturn would retrograde to the 8th house from your moon sign. This is bound to affect the wellbeing of your father. You are advised to take care of your family and friends. Keep a check on what you speak and to whom. Try to inculcate sweetness in your tone. Some minor issues might sour your relationship with your partner. Your fate is not that much in your favor, so take every step with caution. Take every challenge head on in this period. Your health is your primary concern and must be your top priority. Saturn would test your limits in this duration, so be ready for that. Don’t let anything bitter your mood or that of your spouse. Your spark must illuminate each other. 

As soon as Saturn moves back to the 7th house from your moon sign, you’ll get your golden period in life back.Saturn transit may cause some married life problems. Coldness in the relations with the spouse cannot be ruled out. While transiting in Sagittarius, Saturn will have 10th aspect on fifth house which may create problem or delay in progeny. You may develop sudden tendency to take interest in occult science or black magic or secret knowledge to find out solutions of the difficulties you are facing in life. 

Those who are in partnership business may not feel satisfied with the behavior of their partners. You may have to face displeasure from seniors at workplace. Even health may be the cause of concern. Digestion, arthritis problems or pain in the leg cannot be ruled out. Care should be taken in the month of May and October 2017. Months from July to October 2017 may again create some difficult situation for married life.

Two and half year period of Shani popularly known as DHAIYYA is going on. However, Remedies of Saturn should still be continued to reduce its malefic effect of Saturn even in coming time.

GENERAL REMEDY: Donate black clothes and leather shoes to the needy.


The planet saturn would retrograde in the 7th house from your moon sign. This would yield you average results. You’ll garner name and fame due to the philanthropic deeds that you do. However, if you are married, chances are that you’ll have to face some challenges. At the beginning of June, Saturn would move back to the 6th house from your moon sign. This period would give you desired results in legal matters.Saturn transit in 2017 cannot be considered favorable. 

Some relief can be expected during the months from July to October 2017 but situation may again aggregate in coming time. You should also be careful of the health of spouse and should avoid any unnecessary arguments which may further spoil the relations. You need to understand that spouse wishes to help you which may prove to be positive. Lovers need to be more carefully during their discussion. There may be delay in getting desired proposal for marriage or circumstances may force you to postpone the marriage. Businessmen may also find this period difficult due to behaviors of partners. 

Period from last quarter of 2017 to first half of 2018 should be utilized for this purpose. Transfer of job or change of residence may also be possible. Unnecessary and wasteful journeys should be avoided. Also take care of venereal disease, if any. However,www.vedicastrologysolutions.com suggests that remedies of Saturn should still be continued to reduce its malefic effect of Saturn in coming future.

GENERAL REMEDY: Wear a horseshoe ring in your middle finger.


Saturn would move to the 6th house from your moon sign. Due to which you might have to face some issues at the familial front. Chances of engaging in an argument or a debate with partner are high. You are advised to pay heed to these situations when they are at their lowest, so as to refrain them from evolving into something big. You might end up making a mountain out of a mole. In the month of June, Saturn would move back to the 5th house from your moon sign. Do not indulge in any bickerings with your partner. Do not let any misunderstanding breathe between the two of you. Students will have a hard time focussing on their studies. The little kids at home must be taken care of, health wise. Shaniji will become direct and will move to your sixth house again from 26th October 2017 to remain there for a long period up to January 2020.

Saturn will be transiting your sixth from 2017 onward. Saturn will be able to give you good results during its transit in Sagittarius. Saturn feels comfortable in this house. Your opponents, who may be conspiring against you, will not get success in their endeavors. You will be able to win over them by you planning. It is observed that this is also a favorable period for those who are appearing in competitive examinations. 

At workplace, you may get the support of your seniors and colleagues. They will be influenced with your dedication towards hard work. You can claim you promotion, if it is due. Health problem may be cause of concern during this period and some of you may feel the severity of the same. You need to be careful during the month of August to November 2017. This period is also not favorable for the health of spouse. You should perform remedies of Saturn to meet the challenges between Augusts to November 2017.

GENERAL REMEDY: Feed 7 types of pulses and cereals to birds.


Saturn would retrograde to the 5th house from your moon sign. Natives involved in any love relationship will get affirmative results, by getting married to the love of their life. However, they’ll have to wade through the obstacles in their way. Your lover will be in a great mood in this period. An income hike is probable. 

You’ll garner name and fame in the society and glory would follow suit. You might think about changing your vocation. As the planet transits in the 4th house from your moon sign, you’ll face some tension and stress in life. You’ll have to bear through all the pain of bickering and squabbles at home.

Saturn will become direct and will move to your fifth house again from 26th October 2017 to remain there for a long period up to January 2020.

This transit of Saturn cannot be considered favorable for you. Fifth house represents trikona of the chart and as such this is considered one of the most important houses of the chart. During its transit of Saturn in Sagittarius from 2017 onward, you may have to face challenges in life. Progeny may be delayed or you may have to experience problems in this regard. 

Health or performance of children may not be up to your expectation. Love matters may take a back seat. For married persons, support of spouse will be available but health of spouse may be the cause of concern. Addiction to alcoholic tendency should be curbed particularly during the period from July to November 2017. 

Health of mother may again become cause of worry. Same may be the case for speculation or gambling to earn quick money which will prove to be harmful. You inclination towards religion will decline. Health problems related to gall bladder or stomach or pancreas may create trouble. You need to perform the remedies of Saturn during this entire transit.

GENERAL REMEDY: Light a mustard oil lamp, beneath a Peepal tree every saturday and tuesdays.


Saturn would move to the 4th house from your moon sign. This elevates the chances of you changing your residence. Your behaviour might turn aggressive in this period.