Mars is considered the Commander (Senapati) among the nine planets. It signifies courage, vigor, strength, energy and power. With its favorable influence on one’s birth chart (Kundali), one can achieve success in disputes, court cases, legal matters, etc. However, its malefic influence might result in lack of confidence, increase in anger and blood-borne diseases.

Mangal / Mars is believed to be the epitome of power, action, energy, life force and blood. People who are favored by this planet are generally strong and strategic beings, and have analytical and resourceful approach towards life. When it is in retrograde motion, Mars influences the lives of people either positively or negatively. 

According to Vedic Astrology, planetary movement have significant impact on human life. This impact could be either beneficial or malefic, depending on the position of the planet in a person’s birth chart. Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered malefic planets, whereas Jupiter and Venus are believed to be beneficial by nature. Mercury as per its association and Moon according to Paksha, are considered as auspicious or inauspicious planets.Retrograde / Vakri means to move backwards. Generally, it is considered that the retrograde motion of planets means their movement in backwards direction, but this is not what it means as the planets never move back. Let’s understand it this way. Suppose you are traveling in a fast moving train towards North. At the same time another train travels in the same direction as your train, but at a slower speed. When your train passes the second train, it will appear to you as if it is moving backwards. This is what retrograde actually means.
Major political uthal puthal , weather changes especially Maharashtra side , earth / bhumi related accidents , fire accidents , tension at borders , increase in terrorism activities are likely in coming times. Our motive is only to make you aware of things so that you remain safe and careful. In no way do we tend to make any one afraid of things or planetary changes. ULTIMATE IS ISHWAR SAI and he will take care of everything, just keep “Shradha and Saburi” / “Faith and Paitence” .

As per Vedic Astrology, a planet gains directional strength during its retrograde motion and becomes more powerful. As per some religious beliefs, beneficial planets offer auspicious results even in retrograde, while malefic planets give inauspicious results during their retrograde.

However, there is no specific difference in planetary influence during retrograde, but their behavior changes a bit. During such movement, a planet makes you work extra hard and delays in granting you the rewards for the things which they represent. If we talk about Mars, it will have auspicious influence on Zodiac signs it favors.

However, the signs which are not favored by the planet might experience its malefic influence on them. This influence during its retrograde movement will be more significant than its progressive motion.

At present, two biggest planets – Jupiter and Saturn – are already in retrograde motion. And now the retrograde of third planet Mars may offer different types of results. As it is the symbol of energy and strength, it might enhance anger and irritation in a person. For both men and women, Mars retrograde will increase masculinity, courage, vigor, strength and power. However, there are chances of increase in family disputes as well during this period.

This movement of Mars will influence all 12 Moon signs, but people with Mars Major period (Mahadasha), Sub period (Antardasha) or Sub-Sub period (Pratyantar Dasha) in their birth chart or with retrograde position of Mars in their birth chart, would get highly influenced by this retrograde of Mars in Capricorn.

If we talk about other planets, Rahu and Ketu are the only two planets among others who are always in retrograde motion. Simultaneously, Sun and Moon are the only two planets who never perform retrograde movement. Rest of the planets perform both type of movements – transit and retrograde.

Today , June 27, 2018, Mars has started its retrograde motion in Makar / Capricorn at 02:38 AM and will continue this movement here until 03:56 AM on August 29, 2018.

Take a look at following General predictions to know how Mangal vakri /  retrograde in Makar / Capricorn will influence all 12 Moon signs.


This retrograde of Mars would be in the 10th House for your moon sign. This House indicates strength, action and social status, which means your commitment towards work would increase.

It also means that work pressure may demand you to put your shoulder to the wheels. Take care of your father’s health and also maintain a good relationship with him. Chances of success in competitive exams are there, so make positive efforts to get it.

Don’t neglect your health. If unmarried, you may receive marriage proposals. Don’t indulge in disputes with anyone at work. If possible, steer clear of such situations. Put extra efforts into your work to reap the rewards.

General Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa on regular basis and offer Sweet Betel (Mitha Paan) to Hanumanji.



Mars retrograde will be in the 9th House for your moon sign, which is the house of luck. To have luck in your favor and to make your work a success, you will have to work hard. There may be obstacles and hindrances in ongoing tasks.

But do not let it lower your spirits, just take every challenge head-on. Be optimistic always and keep trying. Make money investment decisions wisely. If you have lent money to someone, you might face problems in getting it back.

General Remedy: Donate Red Lentils (Masoor Daal) or Red clothes.



Mars Vakri / retrograde in Makar will be in the 8th House for your moon sign. This house represents mystery, longevity and death. So, during this retrograde period, natives of Gemini may face health related problems. Avoid hot and spicy food, otherwise there might be a risk of irregular blood pressure or blood related diseases. You may also face love related issues and ups and down at work might be seen.

There may be delay in the completion of desired tasks. Also, stay away from any kind of arms, weapons and fire instruments. If you are trying to get a surgery, it is better to avoid it for the time being. There are chances of unexpected income as well. Pay attention to your parents’ health as they may face some health problems.

General Remedy: Offer Chola to Hanuman ji on Tuesday / Saturday.


Mars retrograde will be in the 7th House for your moon sign. As it is the house of partnerships, peace and harmony will continue to harbor your family life. However, problems may occur where your marital life is concerned. Your spouse may face some physical discomfort.

Apart from this, some dispute may arise between both of you which may fracture your relationship later. Problems may occur due to your hostile behavior towards each other. You may get success at work, but there may be some delay in it. Take care of your health and drink lots of water. Unnecessary expenses may lead to loss of money.

General Remedy: Light a Jasmine oil lamp and recite Hanuman Chalisa 7 times.


In retrograde motion, Mars will move into the 6th House for your moon sign. Sixth house stands for enemy, illness and debt. You may have to spend money in matters related to disputes or court cases.

Pay special attention to your health as you may suffer from some kind of health problem in this period, which in turn would lead to expenses. Incomplete tasks would be completed in this time period and whatever endeavor you make, there are chances that it would be successful. Downturn in monetary gains may occur.

Beware of your opponents and enemies. If you are thinking about filing a case against someone, postpone it for later. Success in competitive exams would be achieved after much hard work.

General Remedy: Plant a Pomegranate tree and water it for few days till it starts growing properly.



Mars retrograde will take place in the 5th House for your moon sign. 5th House represents children, education and higher studies. If you are a student, there may be obstacles in your education and you may feel lack of concentration while studying.

Some of you may feel concerned about your children, especially about their health and education. If you are in a relationship, there might be some fights between you and your partner. Therefore, if possible, try to have less meetings with your beloved in this period. Trips are likely and expenses might also occur.

General Remedy: Donate blood to a needy person or in a blood bank.


The retrograde of Mars in Capricorn will be in the 4th House for your moon sign which is the House of home and happiness. Pay attention to your mother’s health as she may suffer from some health problem in this retrograde period. At the same time, there might also be some differences between you and her. Transformation at workplace seems a possibility, as a result of which, you may have to change your place. If you are making a property related deal, postpone it for some time. You may experience the lack of materialistic comforts. Furthermore, there might be some problem in your love relationship.

General Remedy: Offer Pomegranate at Maa Durga temple.


Mars retrograde will occur in the 3rd House for your moon sign. This house is also called the house of courage and valor. With this movement of Mars, your strength and power as well as your life force will increase. However, it is important that you keep this energy under control, otherwise you may get into trouble.

Also avoid indulging in other people’s disputes. If you are a business person, you might have to face some challenges at work, although your lucky stars would remain favorable to you. Take care of injuries and drive carefully. Work pressure may cause you mental distress. Individual efforts would offer good monetary prospects.

General Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa or Sunder Kand and offer three or six  Bananas to Lord Hanuman.


Mars will move into the 2nd House for your moon sign during its’ retrograde. This House signifies money and financial matters. Monetary gains are on the charts for you, but they would not be achieved easily. You may have to give your best efforts to earn them. If you are expecting to receive family property, you would have to wait a little longer for it. This time period will not be fruitful for your love life. Avoid using harsh words or speaking bitterly, otherwise it may affect your growth and relationships as well.

During this retrograde period, you would go on several trips, however, these trips might exhaust you or increase your expenses. If you are living abroad, this time duration offers you good prospects for earning money. Other than this, people working in MNCs or foreign companies would be especially benefited in this period.

General Remedy: Feed Turmeric and Jaggery (Gud) mixed in flour dough (Aate ka Peda)  to a Cow.



Mars will retrograde in your own sign, therefore, it will influence your life the most. Take complete care of your health and drive very carefully as a small mistake could have a serious impact. Keep your anger and ego in check, otherwise it may create fights in relationships, especially in your marital life. However, romance will be there in your life in this period.

Pay attention to your spouse’s health as he/she might face some physical discomfort. If you are planning to go on a trip, postpone it for some time. Also, the time is not appropriate for buying a vehicle or a house so postpone that too for a while.

General Remedy: Avoid meat and alcohol, and feed Jaggery and Gram (Chana) to monkeys.



Retrograde of Mars would take place in the 12th House for your moon sign. This house gives an insight on unnecessary e