In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is appraised to be as the planet of communication. The variations in the locus of this planet brings about primary changes in the nature, character and conduct of an individual. Communication, intellectuality and awareness comes within the realm of Mercury and thus it aids us in enhancing our thought process. But it also has malefic effects when not in a good place in one’s chart. Mercury is responsible for your behaviour towards others and the way you handle the unwanted situations in your life. Being the Lord of Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is exalted in sign Virgo and debilitated in the sign Pisces. Mercury represents intelligence, education, business, publishers and writers as well. So, here is a glimpse on the grandeur of the desired transit to enlighten you the upshots with respect to the man oeuvre of the planet Mercury. Budh Planet is nearest to the Sun. Mercury is also referred to as ‘Budh’, which signifies cleverness and wisdom. Planet Mercury exemplifies the characteristics of intellect, sagacity and repartee in a person. Being a planet of communication, Mercury embodies the fields related to accounts, trade, computers, commerce and banking. Excellence in all these fields can be achieved by the strong position of Mercury. Zodiac Signs namely, Gemini and Virgo are governed by Mercury. Mercury planet surmises logic, so people with strong Mercury position in their horoscopes possess the eminence of analytic ability and reasoning. Though, Mercury is considered to be a beneficial planet, but there are situations where it might prove to be malefic as well.

In the year 2017, Mercury will transit in the sign Pisces on 11th of March and this transit will prolong till 27th of March. This transit will have sundry effects on all the 12 moon Signs. Bhaiyaji gives general details on the influence of this transit, and how it will affect the lives of people belonging to different moon Signs.

All are general  predictions  based on your moon sign, as to what will be  Impact of Mercury Transit in Meen / Pisces.


Considering the Aries sign, Mercury will move into your 12th house and thus a substantial increase in the expenses is foreseen. This transit would lead to the probability of frequent journeys. However, you would have an upper edge over your foes and competitors. For aspirants, who are preparing for competitive exams, might succeed in cracking the exams as this transit would prove beneficial for them. Probable chances are there that you might spend on a legal activity and you should avoid getting involved in arguments. You might plan a foreign expedition with family and friends. You should avoid taking big financial decisions and also put a hold on big investment plans, if you have any. For your personal growth, you might take a personal loan and this time period would be conducive for those who look forward to get settled in abroad.

General Remedy- Worship Lord Shiva with utmost devotion and appease Shivji with your sacrificing nature.


Envisaging the impact on Taurus, it can be intended that Mercury will move into your 11th house.You may think of starting your own business and therefore, you might indulge in investments. You might experience sudden professional gains and favours from your seniors at work can be expected. A boost in social circle is predictable and you might encounter highly improved love life. Apart from this, minor tiffs in marital bond can be expected. You would have an increase in your earnings, and also you would enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. After a few hurdles and obstacles your education would improve. Moreover,you would come across new avenues during this period for professional growth.

General Remedy- Serve cow on regular basis


Beholding the influence of this transit in Gemini, it can be said that Mercury will move into your 10th house. As a result of which your primary focus would remain only on work. This transit would bring about enhanced and harmonious domestic life. There is probability of some alteration and modification in your current residence. During this transit, health of your mother would improve and you would receive support from the females. Restrain yourself from gossiping and also you might show occasional aggression in your speech. So, you need to try to control your temper and maintain a good conduct with others. You would get full support from your life partner and this time period would aid you in becoming intellect. You would feel positive and optimistic and desist yourself from unethical acts.

General Remedy- Offer yellow sandalwood to Lord Vishnu.


Apprehending the impact of this transit on Cancer, Mercury will move into your 9th house. This period might prove to be advantageous for you and you might go on long journeys. You might feel inclined towards spiritual & religious activities and associations. You may get some good and favourable news from foreign lands and your siblings would prosper during this period. You should try to nurture a hobby, as you might feel disposed towards activities such as writing, performing arts and acting. For those, who are associated with media and glamour world would obtain success after a few hurdles. Moreover, you might gain financial assistance from your siblings and you would be interested in higher studies.

General Remedy-  Always Respect and Take proper care of mother.


Noticing the effect of this transit in Leo, it can be deduced that Mercury will move into your 8th house from your moon sign. This period might prove to be a bitter-sweet period for you as a sudden loss in wealth is predicted along with certain unexpected gains. This period might be a tough period for your financial growth. You may not get desired support and favours from seniors and thus, you should avoid getting into diplomatic conversations as they may create problems for you. You should improve your relationship and conduct with women. There might be a probable rise in your egoistic nature and you might spend extravagantly on your in-laws. Your health might decline during this period and withhold yourself from excessive workload and stress.

General Remedy- Offer water to the Surya before 7am.


Determining the thrust of this transit in Virgo, it can be predicted that Mercury will move into your 7th house. During this period devotion towards your spouse is foreseen and your spouse would support you a lot.You would be able to express your deepest feelings and thoughts with your partner so as to strengthen your relationship. Romance would be on full swings and it would prove to be a blissful time period for married couples. For those who are associated with fields such as performing arts might gain success and it would be a favourable time for starting a new business and/ or partnership. Your professional status would elevate and gains to your spouse are indicated.

General Remedy- On Thursdays, feed  elderly brahmin .


Observing the out-turn of this transit in Leo, it can be comprehended that Mercury will move into your 6th house. This transit indicates the struggle in workplace and your health might decline during this period of time. In the course of this period, hard work will be required for achieving your goals. There might be a probable increase in your expenditures and possibility of unplanned journeys are on the cards. Apart from this, few losses are also predicted and you might repay your loans during this transit period. The issues concerning health of your spouse might keep you anxious and worried. As far as the aspirants are concerned, then they might succeed in their respective competitive arenas. Moreover, you should avoid arguments and tiffs and you might plan a reunion with your maternal relatives. Also, you might have issues with females so you need to be calm and composed.

General Remedy- Give presents to your sister to make her happy and take her blessings 


Speculating the impulse of this transit in Scorpio, it can be inferred that Mercury will move into your 5th house. You might enjoy your love relationships and making a commitment pertaining to your love lives is quite feasible. While,those who are planning to get hitched to their love partners might succeed during this period.During this period, students might gain exceptional success, and apart from this they should even practice meditation to improve their focus and boost up their confidence. During this period, the marital bonds would improve and would get strengthened. Abstain yourself from getting into unnecessary arguments to avoid your relationships from getting querulous. This transit can fetch you sudden gains and your luck might shine in lottery as well.

General Remedy- Offer butter and sugar to Bal Gopal and distribute the rest to little children to make way for prosperity and happiness.


Assessing the impetus of this transit, it can be apprised that Mercury will move into your 4th house. During this period of time, harmony would prevail in your domestic life and the health of your mother would improve. You may think about buying a new house or a vehicle and the most appreciating aspect is that you would feel contentment during this period of time. Probability is there that your spouse might gain success in their professional arena. Your ideas would help you to gain recognition and respect at your workplace and hence, this period would prove to be advantageous for your personal as well as professional life. However, you would have to work hard to gain success in this duration.

General Remedy- Gift perfume to your spouse.


Analysing the steam of this transit on Capricorn, it can be discerned that Mercury will move into your 3rd house. You should cultivate a hobby during this period and gain expertise in it, as this would help in gaining recognition and respect by developing expertise in that hobby.You may also plan to take up a new career which might have associations with it. Your focus would enhance, your determination would increase, your communication and PR skills would boost up. There is a probability of having beneficial and fruitful journeys and might be that you would get involved in sacred deeds and pursuits. Apart from this, your siblings would flourish in this period.

General Remedy- Help out a needy and differently abled, especially on Saturdays.


Noticing the gravity of this transit, it can be inferred that Mercury will move into your 2nd house. During this period, you would impress people with your speech. However, avoid being way too garrulous as that might create problems for you. For those who are involved in singing might gain considerably during this period. You might encounter unexpected gains and also there is a probability that the inflow of income would increase. Moreover, some undesired expenses would also come up, and students are likely to gain favourable results in their academics. Your kids might feel easily irritable,or squabbles in immediate family might be possible.

General Remedy- Worship small girls, also known as Kanya Pujan, regularly.


Marking the impel of this transit, it can be said that Mercury will move into your sign i.e the 1st house. The planet, Mercury is in your own sign and it would make your domestic life harmonious. During this period of time, your spouse would be highly supportive and you would spend more time with your closed and dear ones. This time period would be beneficial in reaping benefits from partnerships and would prove to be gainful. Your spouse might gain promotion though that might require hard work and sincerity. The emotions of love, sacrifice and understanding would brim you during this period and you would be able to express yourself clearly to others by being transparent. You might plan to construct a home and probability is there that an auspicious event might take place at your home.

Remedy- Please Lord Vishnu by putting white sandalwood Tilak on your forehead.