The planet of vitality and life force, Sun emboldens and defines the inner center or substance in a person. Sun is the planet that symbolises masculinity and ego. The planet governs our relationships with the men of the family. It’s position in one’s chart determines how one will be with the male members of the household. Creativity and leadership skills are one of the few qualities the planet bestows upon us.
The month of March 2017, will witness Sun enter the Pisces zodiac on 14th of March, 2017. The planet will remain posited there till the 14th of April. This sojourn would impact all the signs considerably. To know their effect on your zodiac, read on.The below mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign

As the Sun spreads forth light, so it brings forth light. The planet Sun exemplifies oneself, one’s persona and ego, the spirit and every aspect that makes an individual unique. Sun epitomizes the ingenious ability and the potential of an individual to meet the quotidian challenges of life.

Meticulously it can also be said that, “A human is the Sun and his feelings are the planets’’. We learn to explicit ourselves in the world through the will of the planet Sun. Sun administers our health, and its energy saturates us with strength, power and will to become successful. Apart from this, Sun gives strength to the other planets as well and this is the reason this planet occupies a key role in the arena of Astrology. The Sun rests for almost a month visiting each sign and takes a year expedition through all the 12 Moon signs . Sun also known as Surya Dev rules Leo and the Fifth House of the Kaalpurush chart.

In the year 2017, the Planet Sun would enter into the sign Pisces on the 14th of March and would remain posted until the 13th. / 14th April. This transit would have a significant impact on all the 12 moon signs. Bhaiyaji gives us a general view  on the impact of this transit and its respective outcomes on the lives of the people, generally.During this Malmaas / Khar maas all mangilk karya like marriages etc should not be performed. www.vedicastrologysolutions.com


Considering the Aries sign, it can be presaged that Sun would move into your twelfth house. So, this time period is favourable for those who are aspiring for studies in abroad and thus, they might get successful. You might go for abroad trips in your leisure time and you would have an upper hand on foes and competitors. On the contrary, your expenses would increase and you might get upset or anxious because of the health of the children. If we talk about the students, they might have to struggle to achieve their desired goals. In the course of this period, some can expect a transfer or a job change. And as far as love relations are concerned, then this transit would bring about a tough period for those in love.

REMEDY- Chant Surya Mantra regularly.


Speculating the thrust of Sun transit in Taurus, it can be portended that Sun would move into your eleventh house. During this time period, you might gain from property and also you might spend some time away from your home. You might procure gains from your seniors and you might achieve respectable position or high authority in the government. You might be upset because of the health issues to your elder siblings. The increased aggression in your children might keep the domestic environment distressed. Apart from this, you also might think of selling off your house and you would spend your earnings on education. You might get inclined towards learning a new skill or you might spend your leisure time with friends.

REMEDY- Donate a red cloth to a Brahmin.


Contemplating the impulse of this transit in Gemini, it can be inferred that Sun would move into your tenth house. This time would be a perfect time to excel at work and you would get utmost support from the high authorities and seniors. During this time period, your determination would lead you to success and might be that authority of your position would increase. As far as the domestic life is concerned, then it might seem to be disrupted and thus, you would find it hard to establish an equilibrium between your personal and professional life. You would give in your best to achieve the desired goals and moreover, health of your mother-in-law might get affected.

REMEDY- Plant Shwetark plant outside your house.


Analysing the thrust of this transit in Cancer, it can be foreshadowed that Sun would move into your ninth house. Thus, this transit might lead to an increase in your income and your luck would be by your side. During this period you might experience an increase in recognition and prestige. Your relationship with your father might get hampered and also the health of your father might decline during this period. Probable chances are there that you might go on long trips or also you might plan a pilgrimage. Your inclination towards religious and spiritual acts would increase. An increase in your valor and courage is indicated but, this time period might prove to be slightly tough for your siblings. Hence,this transit would be an optimistic period for you.

REMEDY- Chant “ Om Ghrini Suryay Namah” regularly.


Observing the impact of this transit in Leo, it can be envisaged that Sun would move into your eighth house. In this period, you might face an issue with your eyesight and moreover, your health might decline as well. You might suffer from some issues at your workplace and there are probable chances that your seniors might not be supportive of you always. So, you need to refrain yourself from any scandal or controversies. In addition to this, health of father might decline and unnecessary expenses might get increased. You just need to maintain a balance between your personal & professional life. You should practice meditation and soak the sunlight.

REMEDY- Avoid accepting bribe or illicit money under any circumstances.


Determining the gravity of this transit in Virgo, it can be said that Sun would move into your seventh house. With the onset of this transit, new professional ventures might get initiated with foreign lands and your spouse would be completely devoted to you but due to their aggressive and dominating nature your relationship might suffer a little. During this period, you would have to work harder with sincere efforts at workplace. You should abstain yourself from heated arguments. For those associated with partnerships, they need to be stay assured before moving forward with a deal.

REMEDY- Respect women


Noticing the out turn of this transit in Libra, it can be deduced that Sun would move into your sixth house. So, during this transit period probable chances of wealth loss is likely and health issues such as fever, headaches and eye problems might keep you worried. Moreover, in this period professional gains to your father are indicated and relationships with women might get disturbed. You would have an upper hand in legal activities and disputes and you would excel at your work.In the course of this period, hard work will be paid off and you would triumph over your competitors.

REMEDY- Offer copper coin in running water as many days as possible.


Beholding the influence of this transit in Scorpio it can be intended that Sun would move into your fifth house. You might change your job and your children might suffer from some health issues. Those associated with the government jobs might gain during this period and you might experience gains from the government. Your hard work would pay off and it would lead to an increase in income. You would make good relations with influential & renowned people and hence you would gain recognition and prestige in the society. However, on the contrary children might get aggressive.

REMEDY- Serve and respect your father.


Envisaging the impulse of this transit in Sagittarius, it can be said that Sun would move into your fourth house. During this period, you would gain respect in your immediate family and probably, this might lead to your dominating nature. Your domestic life might get disturbed due to your misbehaviour and the health of your parents might keep you worried. If you are in a government job, then you might get a house or a vehicle from the government. Refrain yourself from indulging in any kind of dispute related to property and try to keep a tab on your aggression at work place.

REMEDY- Worship Lord Vishnu


Pondering over the impact of this transit in Capricorn, it can be envisioned that Sun would move into your third house. Your siblings and father might suffer from health issues and you would be highly determined during this period of time. In this course of time, you might consider the fact of changing your job and seniors would be supportive of you. For those, who are associated with government jobs would find this period to be quite productive and you might plan small trips during this period. Your health might suffer and you would gain recognition and prestige in the society.

REMEDY- Offer water to rising Surya regularly .


Assessing the influence of this transit in Aquarius, it can be apprehended that Sun would move into your second house. Aggression and harshness in your speech would increase. Apart from that, anxiety and disputes might occur amongst your family members. Probable chances are there that your spouse might experience professional and financial gains. During this time health of your spouse might decline so, pay attention to your health.Moreover, abstain yourself from unnecessary arguments and avoid being easily irritable and aggressive.

REMEDY- Donate jaggery on Sundays.


Foreseeing the impact of this transit in Pisces, it can be concluded that Sun would move into your sign. During this period of time, your aggression would be at its’ peak and you might get favours from government. As far as the government employees are concerned it can be presaged that they would gain in this period but your health might decline during this period. Health issues such as fever and headaches are likely and your spouse would be highly devoted towards you but your aggressive attitude might turn your relationship sour. Probability of reunion with the maternal relatives is predicted and you would have to work harder to achieve goals in the professional arena.

REMEDY- Feed wheat grains to an ox.