Hindu Mythology about Planet Mercury

Planet Mercury plays a prominent role in Vedic Astrology. It represents our ability to communicate. Mercury is a messenger and acts like a prince for celestial cabinet. It delivers our thoughts to others. Mercury is a dualistic planet. It is very close to the planet Sun.

Its orbit lies in between the Sun and our mother planet Earth. Mercury and our mother planet Earth both rotate around Sun with different speeds. Mercury rotates inside the circular path traced by the Earth. It cannot be distinguished easily by the naked eyes. It revolves around the Sun in 88 days whereas Earth revolves around the Sun in approximately 365 days. Mercury is considered the significator of intellect, logic, strength, mathematics, research, statistics and traveling. Generally, the retrograde of a planet is not considered auspicious, but it is not necessary that every planet undergoing this phenomenon would always offer inauspicious results. Sometimes, it can prove to be highly beneficial.

As per Hindu mythology, there is an enmity between Moon and Mercury. However, it is not the complete truth. The planet Moon does not show any enmity with Mercury, while Mercury maintains enmity with Moon.

Mercury is also known as “Budh” in Vedic Astrology.

Mercury is the greatest among all as it bestows person with intelligence and wealth. It proves to be the source of positive thoughts in the minds of natives. It is considered as the avatar of Vishnu. It is worshiped on Wednesday. It brings benefits and happiness in the life of a person, removes obstacles, helps one to get a progeny, profession of fertile lands, etc. It rules over “Mithuna” and “Kanya” rashi. It stays approximately one month in each rashi like the Sun.

In Western Astrology, it was known as Thoth or Hermes in olden days. It is the son of Jupiter and Maia, the daughter of Atlas. He is the friend of Apollo as it is nearest to the Sun. Mercury is the inventor of Lyre, God of Commerce. It always exhibits duality and lack of concentration within a native.

In Hindu Scriptures, Mercury represents God Kesava, Narayana, Madhava etc. He represents Dwaitham. It stands for plurality whereas Saturn denotes singularity.


Nature of Planet Mercury

Mercury is a variable, convertible, feminine, effeminate, neutral, dualistic and vacillating planet. Mercury doesn’t act independently. It will always behave according to the rashi and house it sits in and will have PAC connections with. It is convertible because it will behave like a benefic or favorable planet for your horoscope if it is associated with the benefic factors. On the other hand, if it is gaining the aspects and conjunctions of malefics, it would become malefic for your horoscope. Its nature is Vata or Airy. Its direction is North. It gets exalted in Virgo at 15th degree and debilitated in Pisces at 15th degree.


What does Mercury signify in Vedic Astrology?

Mercury represents the intelligence and communicative ability in the native’s birth chart. It rules over third house and sixth house in Kaal Purush Kundali in Vedic Astrology and is the significator of fourth house and tenth house. Fourth house is house of happiness and Mercury does much better holding this position in horoscope. Likewise, Tenth House is house of profession and career, and again, Mercury does well in this house as it offers good communication skills that help the native set up his/her business. You can be a good counsellor also in such a case.

Let’s understand below what it signifies:

  • Body Parts & Diseases: It is a karak planet of chest, nervous system, skin, nose, navel, gall bladder, lungs, nerves, tongue, arms, face and hair. If it is afflicted by the malefics, it gives problems related to chests and muscles. The native may also suffer from typhoid, madness, seizure, paralysis, ulcers, dizziness, cholera etc.
  • Physical appearance: People born under the strong influence of Mercury will be tall with well formed body. They will never be stout. They will be of average height. Hands will be long and slender. The hair will be dark and eyes will be expressive. Their eyebrows will be curved with enough hair. Voice will be thin and shrill. They will walk quickly. Just like Martians, these people will appear younger than their usual age.


Characteristics of Planet Mercury

If Mercury is placed positively in your birth chart, then it will bestow you with good health, wealth and speech. It will be very beneficial for you. It will provide you good oral and writing communication skills, knowledge and intelligence. You will be able to handle more than one task at a single point of time. Let’s see below how Mercury confers good, medium and bad results:

  • Strong Mercury:It means placement of Mercury in favorable sign or exaltation sign, which confers good results and strong speech to communicate with others. You would have good merchant attributes inherent within you and will be impressive in conveying messages. Mercury is the planet which makes the native intelligent, ingenious and analytical. It gives retentive power and reproductive ability. “Mercury is the messenger of God.”
  • Beneficial Mercury:A beneficial Mercury will give you a subtle and political brain and intellect. It will make you an excellent disputant and a logician with great learning ability. It will make you sharp and witty. You would be able to learn almost anything without a teacher and you’d also be ambitious to know every science.
  • Afflicted Mercury:Afflicted Mercury will not be good as one will be frantic. Native will be clever, cunning and mischievous; and would anonymously write petitions. He/She will always work against whoever he/she doesn’t like. He/She may be a gambler, liar, cheater, forgetful, overly proud, self-centered and moody.


Mercury will retrograde/vakri on Thursday, July 26, 2018 at 10:32 AM in Cancer, and will remain in this state until 9:55 AM on Sunday, August 19, 2018. Phenomenon of Mercury retrograde will provide mixed results to natives of the 12 signs. Mercury, the significator of intelligence and business, undergoing retrograde in a Kundli can offer a variety of powers. 


Let’s know the General Effects of Mercury vakri/retrograde in Kark/Cancer on all twelve Moon signs.



With retrograde of Mercury, you’ll have to make more efforts to maintain peace and harmony in your domestic life. At the same time, you’ll have to give in your 100% to attain desired results. Some problems may arise in the beginning of construction of a new house or building. Do not take any decision without properly thinking about it; otherwise you may have to repent.

General Remedy: Donate fruits to Brahmins on Wednesday.



During this retrograde of Mercury, there may be some difference in your way of speaking so you must speak carefully. Constant efforts have to be made to earn good income. There will be high chances of short-term trips. You will earn maximised profits with your efforts. Your interest in philosophical and spiritual subjects will increase. Students will have to work hard to get good results in exams.

General Remedy: Serve a Cow.



There will be lack of humility in your language and behaviour. You may have to make more efforts to win the heart of others with your speaking skills. Your courage will increase but you will have to work very hard to complete any task. There may be a possibility of dispute with neighbours, so try to maintain good behavior with everyone.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu and offer him Sandalwood.



Mercury is in retrograde motion in your Zodiac sign, so this time may be a little challenging for you. Your suffering from any health disorder might increase and you must take special care. There is a possibility of some challenges occurring in personal and professional life. Benefits from foreign relations might get affected. In this period, you will gain comfort and luxurious amenities.

General Remedy: Donate Camphor on Wednesday.



During Mercury retrograde, it is likely that your expenditure might increase. A member of the household might go abroad. There may be a dispute over some matter in this period, so try to avoid such situations. If married, your child will be supportive towards you. You’ll gain money and honour in this period. You may have to go on a work related long distance journey.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu using Ghee and Camphor.



Depression and frustration may increase, so be patient. You will be more active in the work related to society. There may be a small fuss with your lover and friends. This retrograde is likely to be normal for students but they will have to work hard to attain success. During this time, there are strong possibilities of obtaining monetary benefits.

General Remedy: Chant “Shri Vishnu Sahasranama” everyday.



Happiness and mutual understanding will increase in your marital life. You will feel comfortable and peaceful in your personal and professional life. Benefits from foreign relations may get affected. You may feel something lacking in your way of speaking. Your respect in society will increase, although there may be some delay in success.

General Remedy: Gift something to your aunt (Chachi) and sister.



In this period, Scorpio natives are likely to get money through lottery. You will achieve fame in your workplace through hard work and efforts. You will show interest in learning occult sciences. Students who want to go abroad for higher education may have to wait for some time. Sources of income will increase. You may have to struggle in general during this period.

General Remedy: Donate green vegetables on Wednesday.



There is a possibility of disputes in marital life, so be patient. It would be better to behave well with your spouse. You may get interested in knowing more about astrology or other mystical teachings. Under any circumstances, choose your words carefully while speaking. In this period, you are very likely to come across some unanticipated profit. Your father may suffer some financial loss.

General Remedy: Feed green fodder and Jaggery to a Cow.



Do not take any decision in matters related to property, otherwise disputes may arise. Mercury retrograde might increase stress, so take special care of your health. Natives working professionally might face delay in attaining success in their working domain. Avoid heated discussions or disputes with anyone in the meantime or there may be a negative impact on your image. Avoid arguments with your spouse.

General Remedy: Take blessings of transgenders.



Money matters may cause stress in this period. There is a possibility of an increase in your expenses. If there is a case in court, there might be a delay in its verdict. Your health might get worse, so take special care. Students will have to make more efforts to succeed in competitive examinations. Try to control your anger during this period.

General Remedy: Donate clarified Butter or Ghee on Wednesday.



Interest in religious and spiritual work will increase. You will dominate opponents and defeat them. You will show more interest in learning about topics such as meditation, mantras, commerce and mathematics. At the same time, students will have to work harder to achieve success in their field. Your life partner may achieve something new in this period.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Modak (sweets) and Durva (green grass).


Please note that these are general predictions for all moon signs. For specific predictions as per your birth chart, seek guidance from a learned astrologer.