In Vedic Astrology, Sun is the significator of success, respect and high government services. The planet Sun has a special significance in Vedic Astrology and in Hinduism. Sun is the main source of energy and light on planet Earth. Astronomically, it is the “Father of Stars” and nearest to our mother planet “Earth”. It is the largest among all planets and is considered as the centre of the entire solar system.

Though it is a star astronomically but it is considered as a planet in Vedic Astrology, and an important planet while analysing the birth chart.

Surya (Sun) will transit in Cancer on Monday at 10:42 PM and will remain in this sign till 07:02 AM on Friday, August 17, 2018.

In this transit period, Sun will influence the lives of people of all 12 Moon signs in several ways which might be fruitful or otherwise.

However, natives of Taurus, VirgoLibraScorpioAquarius and Pisces will get benefited more with this planetary movement. As Sun is the main factor for high government jobs, it will remain favourable for people working in public sector.

Sun is considered the King of all nine planets (Navagraha). Being a fiery and spirited planet, it rules the East direction. As per Vedic Astrology, it governs Leo sign. Sun is also the significator of soul and a father figure.

As per astrological texts, Sun oversees the inner depth of a person and motivates his/her soul. It inspires spirituality in people and enhances their personality. With its strong presence in one’s horoscope, a person can achieve respect, success, progress and good position in the working domain.


Hindu Mythology about Planet Sun

In Hinduism, planet Sun is worshiped as “Sun God”. It provides life force and energy, most importantly “the pran” i.e. it is a planet which represents our “Soul” in Astrology. People pray to the planet Sun thrice a day. It represents our high esteem. People do “Surya Namaskar” in order to regain vitality and eyesight on Sundays.

It is believed that the creator of the Universe, Brahma, did the survey with his four faces in four directions causing four seasons and four elements named as Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

The day, allocated for Sun Planet, is Sunday. Sunday is kept at the top or at head of the all seven days in a week.

In Western Astrology, planet Sun is also known by the name “Apollo”. They consider it as a son of “Jupiter” and “Latona”. Apollo is a brother of “Diana”.

According to Hindu Mythology, the moment when Sun enters into any Moon sign, it is considered an auspicious time to perform any religious work. People perform a religious function to satisfy their soul as well as offer prayers to Sun God.

Hindu Calendar or Panchang is also based on movement of the Sun in different Moon signs. When Sun enters from one sign into another sign, it is considered as one Solar Month. Hence it takes one year to complete the ecliptic. It does not retrograde like other planets.

Sun represents the Spirit. In Hindu Vedic Astrology, Sun is considered as the Soul of “Kaal Purusha”. It is considered that Sun is a ray of hope and hence represents positiveness and also a ruler or leader.

Different Names of Sun: Adhithya, Arka, Aruna, Bhanu, Dhinakara or Dhinakrit, Hell, Pusha, Ravi, Surya and Thapana.

Sun is one of the luminaries along with Moon in the Universe. Sun governs inspiration and expiration i.e. the life span or duration of life. It gives you the force and self will to make yourself determined and decisive.


Nature of Planet Sun

It is a masculine, dry, positive and hot planet. The sun is called “Agni Devta”, an Indian God. It is fiery in nature. It rules “Eastern Direction and “Grishma Season” – in the months of June and July. The colour of Sun is orange or Kanakambaram. It rules over metals like copper and gold.


What does Sun signify in Vedic Astrology?

It represents the “Father” in native’s birth chart. It indicates “Husband” in woman’s chart. It represents authoritative position in service. It shows the government, head or administrative position in society. It stands out as a skipper or leader in games.


Physical appearance of native:

People born under the strong influence of this planet have large and round face. They will be born with Leo Lagna or on Sundays and with honey coloured eyes. Sun represents the heart in your body parts and hence Leo sign indicates heart in natural Kaal Purush Kundali. It also represents the right eye in man and left eye in woman.


Since it represents heart of a person, it indicates heart diseases as well as problems in eyesight if it is afflicted in kundali. If Sun is afflicted by Saturn, then it may cause low blood pressure whereas Sun afflicted by Jupiter causes high blood pressure. It also denotes cerebral meningitis, eruptions of the face, aphasia, sharp fevers, typhoid, polypus, epilepsy, bile complaints, sunstroke, scorches and disease in the head, etc.


Characteristics of Planet Sun

If Sun is placed positively in your Birth Chart, then it will bless you with sterling qualities. It will be very beneficial for you. It will provide you real love towards everything and everybody. You will have good intuition power and inspiration. It indicates you self acquisition.

Strong Sun:

It means placement of Sun in favorable sign and provides good results and strong will power to accomplish any task. You would have cheerful attitude towards life and enjoy the blissful life with good fortune. Sun is the planet which gives power to rise high in life, due to which you get recognition in the society. It gives magnetic quality and ambition to the person.

Beneficial Sun:

It provides ambition, boldness, brilliance, capacity to command over, dignity, energy, faith, fame, grace, generosity, health, hope, happiness, joy, kind heart, kingly appearance, loyalty, nobility, royalty, success in worldly affairs, truth, vitality, vigour, virtue and warmth.

Afflicted Sun:

It makes one arrogant, bluff, egoistic, faithless, insulting, jealous, over ambitious, self centered, angry etc.


What are the professions generally denoted by planet Sun?

In general, Sun is the karaka planet for permanent position in life. Sun denotes all government services and such departments. Wherever there is safety and security in service, Sun would be ruling over it. It also represents the independent business financed by the Father.
The stream of profession also depends on the PAC (Position-Aspect-Conjunction) connection with the other influencing planets. In short, we can say that the nature of Planet Sun in profession or career varies with the combination of Sun with the other planets. Here are some professional fields and related things, associated with the Sun, listed below for your better understanding:

  • Politics: It denotes administrators, kings, dictators or anyone who heads at the top or holds an authoritative position.
  • Products: Products like varieties of rice, almonds, chillies, foreign exchange and currency trading, pearls, saffron, herbs etc are denoted by Sun.
  • Market: Government Loans, Gilt Edged securities, Gold, Reserve Bank, Stock Exchange, Government etc are denoted by Sun.
  • Plants and Herbs: Thorny trees, grass, orange trees, lavender, marigold, medicinal herbs etc. are denoted by planet Sun.
  • Places: Forests, mountain, fortress, government buildings etc are denoted by planet Sun.
  • Animals & Birds: Lion, horse, boar, serpent, all singing birds, swan etc are denoted by Sun.

The day governed by the Sun is “Sunday”. One may expect better results on this day itself if he/she has Mahadasha of “Sun”. Sun rules over “Leo” zodiac sign and gets exalted in “Aries”. The precious gemstones for planet Sun are “Diamond” and “Ruby”.

Hence planet Sun is very prominent in terms of Astrology as well as Astronomy. Life exists due to the light energy of planet Sun on the Earth. It provides energy to everything and everyone in order to sustain and it also is the biggest source of hope for new beginnings.

With this transit, Sun will motivate the natives of Cancer to progress in their professional domain. Read this post to know in detail about how Sun will influence the lives of the natives of Cancer and other moon signs.



With this transit, Sun would move into the 4th House from your moon sign. This would affect your domestic life and will cause tension and chaos in it. Parents’ health might dwindle in this duration, therefore, make sure that they take proper rest and follow a healthy balanced diet. You would try to control and rule over everyone at home. As a result, major conflicts might occur at home.

Your spouse will gain authority at work with their hard work and efforts. At your vocation, you would perform exceptionally well and would charm everyone around you. Lack of mental peace will keep you on your toes. Benefits from Government sector might be a possibility. A Government accommodation or a vehicle would grace your life.

General Remedy: Recite or listen to Sri Harivansh Puran.



Planet Sun would move into the 3rd House from your moon sign which signifies an increase in your determination and courage. You’ll act with great valor and strength. You would be able to outshine your opponents. Health of your parents requires your attention. Even a minor ailment gone without paying heed to it, might come back to bother you.

Some minor issues to siblings are likely. You would be their pillar of strength in this duration. You’ll also befriend eminent people of society. This relationship that you forge with them will prove to be beneficial for you in later years. There might be gain in reputation and glory of your spouse. You might also consider changing your vocation in this period.

General Remedy: Donate copper items to Brahmins on Sunday.



The planet of luminescence will transit in the 2nd House from your moon sign. This would increase harshness in your speech and could affect your partner’s sentiments. You’ll have to tone down your moodiness in this period. A discord amongst family members will keep you on your toes.

Despite all troubles, you’ll be able to accumulate wealth in this period which would be of greater importance in the long run. You would receive gains through government officials or government related authorities. Spouse’s health will require your keen attention. Pay heed to what they eat and in what quantity. Your potential will harbour benefits in this duration. Short distance journeys would prove to be fruitful for you.

General Remedy: Serve and respect your father and offer red flowers to the Sun God.



During this transit, Sun will be moving into your own sign. This would affect your behavior pattern and you might act impulsively. Some ego clashes and harshness in your tone are probable. This will probably affect your relationship with your spouse. Hence, you are advised to abstain from all arguments at all costs. Try to value your spouse’s opinion and trust him/her with yours as well.

Headache, fever, chest infection and inflammation will affect your wellbeing. You are advised to consume lots of liquids and water to keep yourself hydrated.

General Remedy: Recite the Mantra “Om Ghrini Suryaya Namaha”.



Planet Sun would be transiting into the 12th House from your moon sign. Your health will suffer in this period. A steep low in your wellbeing might affect your confidence. A trip overseas is on the cards for you.

You might consider going away from your residence for a short while as well. You’ll be able to manage with determination and hard work in your working domain, and will succeed in achieving your goals.

An increase in expenditure would hamper your savings and investment plans, so make sure that you don’t go overboard while spending money. Eye related ailments are probable.

General Remedy: Wear Belmol Jadi around your arm / neck on Sunday.



Planet Sun would transit in the 11th House from your moon sign. This indicates gain through foreign companies, contacts or partnerships. Your determination will be at an all time high. Seniors will be kind enough to extend their favours to you. However, you are advised to stay wary of having any arguments with them.

Some harshness in love matters can be foreseen. Children will have a tough time in this period, as their wellbeing might suffer. However, you would have a good time and would also outshine your opponents.

General Remedy: Donate Red cloth on Sunday.



Planet Sun would transit in the 10th House from your moon sign. This period will be progressive for you as you’ll strive forward with full strength. You are advised to use this duration to its full potential and utilize it to your advantage. You’ll gain glory at the workplace and reputation as well. Seniors will favour you.
Benefits through Government organisations or schemes are probable. Domestic life will likely suffer in this period as you’ll remain discontented. Mother-in-law might have to suffer due to her weak health. You will indulge in useless tiffs and arguments in this period which, if not taken proper care of, might escalate into something big. Support from elder siblings will help you gain benefits at the workplace.

General Remedy: Feed Wheat and Gram to an Ox on Sundays.



Sun will transit in the 9th House from your moon sign signifying a progressive period for you. In this duration, you might consider taking long journeys or make distant travel plans which will prove to be fruitful in due time. Good gains are possible in this time if you work hard for them. Father’s health might dwindle, so keep counting his calorie intake. You’ll have a philanthropic approach towards life. Your charitable behaviour will garner you love and glory. Rise in your name and fame is predicted.

Some minor issues to your younger siblings are predicted, but with proper care they can be curbed. Some natives might get new job offers, which will be better than the existing ones. You’ll be inclined towards exploring and visiting new places that are close to nature and wildlife. Gains through Government schemes are probable.

General Remedy: Offer Kumkum infused water to the Sun God in a copper vessel early morning.



Sun will be transiting in the 8th House from your moon sign which indicates health sufferings. Sudden losses are probable. The period doesn’t look very good for you. Your relationship with your father might get affected. It is advised that you keep it light and simple with him. Keep tabs on his health as well. Your spouse will likely use a harsh tone while striking a conversation with you. Make sure that you do not react to it otherwise.

Any important ongoing project might get stuck at the end stage and may cause you stress. Some issues or tiffs with in-laws are possible. Children may suffer in this duration. Unexpected gains might come in handy at this time.

Depending on Sun’s placement in your birth chart, many of you may get totally positive and opposite results.

General Remedy: Water Shwetark tree daily.



Planet Sun would transit in the 7th House from your moon sign. This would induce tiffs and arguments in your life. Domestic life would lack harmony and due to this you would feel restless. Due to change in both of your behaviours, you and your spouse might have arguments over petty issues. Harshness in speech and ego clashes would create chaos. If possible, keep yourself calm and composed.

Health is likely to decline in this period. Spouse’s health will require your attention too. It is needed that you maintain good wellbeing for both of you to enjoy a blissful married life. Students will relish comforts in this period and will attain success in their studies. You might get promoted to a position that you’ve desired for very long.

General Remedy: Donate copper on Sundays.



With this transit, Planet Sun would move into the 6th House from your moon sign. This period would see a rise in your career as you will outshine your rivals. Students will taste success in competitive exams. Any litigation or legal disputes will likely result in your favor if you play your cards right. Spouse’s health might get affected, so make sure that you keep tabs on what they eat and at what time.

Expenditure in this period would hit the ceiling so keep your pocket in check. Trouble in business partnership is very likely. You are advised to keep your calm and not indulge in reckless blabbering. Your work will get recognition and its due share of glory. Hard work that you’ve done in the past will earn you name and dignity.

General Remedy: Donate wheat grains on Sundays.