This is a general post regarding the current position of planets and the adverse effects that people have already started experiencing.
The on going time and the near future are not good as Shaniji, Mangal, Guru and Main Planets are not in a good position and will affect the lives of many people. The impact would be magnified in case of children appearing in competitive exams, people in jobs and business persons.
Shani (Saturn) is currently Vakri (in retrograde). Opposite Shani vakri is Surya (Sun) and in front is Mangal(Mars) which is also Vakri (in retrograde). In addition, the 11th house from Shani is Guru(Jupiter), again Vakri (in retrograde). Also in front of Shani is Ketu in Makar (Capricorn).
As a result, overall, this is a difficult time period and many people will be facing negative effects in their lives, such as:
– Increase in negative thoughts
– Anger (being more aggressive than usual and feeling angry all the time)
– Frustration
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Increase in stomach problems and blood related problems
– Restlessness and anxiety in children appearing for exams
– Problems arising or increasing on the job or business front
Whether and to what extent you experience these ill effects depends on your own birth chart, karma and upaay/vedic remedies.
If you experience any of these ill effects, you should watch out for the following symptoms cropping up on your palm. This will indicate how the ongoing time is impacting you and what vedic remedies you should follow to minimise the impact.
Symptom #1:
Bhagya rekha (Fate line) breaking or getting little dark or any til (moles) appearing on saturn mound. This indicates that Saturn may be impacting you negatively.
Upaay: Donate/Daan salt for 5 consecutive Fridays, and/or DO NOT eat salt in your food on these 5 Fridays.
Do Sundarkand path and offer Hanumanji chola on Saturday and Tuesday.
Daan of blue colour vastra will also help you.
Symptom #2:
Saturn line (shaniji rekha) getting broad or dark or breaking or branching out. This indicates that in the current period you will feel confused all the time.
Upaay: Donate/Daan medicines to needy and veterinary doctors/clinics, especially on Tuesday and Saturday.
Take care of your elders at home, neighbourhood, families etc.
Avoid wearing black items of clothing, especially daily clothing.
Symptom #3:
Shaniji line developing black dhabba (mark) or til (mole) or extra small lines.
Upaay: Do jaap of “OM HANG HANUMATEY NAMAH” before sleeping daily.
Avoid wearing blue, black and grey clothes.
Wear Chiti ki lakri in blue cloth.
Many people have been complaining of how their lives have been suddenly impacted in the last three months. The following vedic remedies will be helpful in such cases.
Case #1:
Over the last 3 months, many people, especially natives of Mesh, Vrishabh, Singh, Mithun, Vrishchik, Dhanu and Makar, would have had a very stressful and difficult time. This may have been caused by other people around them or various other factors.
Upaay: Donate/Daan aloo (potato) to needy and/or give potatoes along with haldi to cows and/or give potatoes in temple.
Boil potatoes and keep your palm in that water after taking the potatoes out (you may eat or donate the potatoes).
Case #2: 
In the current period, many people may have already been facing problems such as depression, acidity, sudden hurdles and stoppage in work, papers/money/documents getting stuck and many people will continue to face such problems due to the current planetary positions.
Upaay: Wear Shaniji challa in middle finger on Saturday.
Go to Hanuman mandir on Saturday and light oil diya (preferably one that burns the whole day).
Light chaar mukhi diya with mustard oil under peepal tree for 43 days consecutively.
The best way of pacifying Shaniji is to abstain from ninda, backbiting and speaking ill of others.
Please take care of health and respect your elders, parents, daughter and wife.
Always remember, mrityu ke khub raaste hain par janm ka sirf ek – Maa.
For more information about Shani, Mangal and Guru retrograde, refer to our earlier posts.