From October 21 till November 09, Mercury/ Budh , will transit in Libra / Tula rashi. Venus, which is the domineering lord, is buddy-buddy with Mercury. Mercury has a dualistic nature whereas Libra belongs to all the air elements. When these two combine, effect of Mercury is bound to increase many folds. Natives going through Mahadasha , Antar or Pratyantar Dasha of Mercury will enjoy liberty & will have carte blance to do anything as they please. While some might enjoy this spell more competently, others might experience just a bit of it. All in all, your decisive ability will put on good or bad results.

Mercury will transit into Libra on October 21 and will remain here till November 09. It will then move into Scorpio on the same day. Know generally about effects of this transit on your moon  sign with this exclusive  article by Bhaiyaji.

Here are General impacts of Mercury transit in Libra on all the moon signs:


Everything done in hurry proves useless. Hence, rather than acting suddenly, try to understand things carefully. Listen to all, but do what you feel like doing. Confusions might surround you, but you have to listen to your inner voice and act accordingly. Sweet and affectionate moments with spouse are foreseen on your cards. If any argument happens in family, be quiet and avoid stretching it. Doing this will maintain harmony and mental peace.


Who does not like talking about love? Make sure to please your beloved with sweet and romantic talks. Intensity of relations fades with rude behavior. Minor arguments are normal and are a part of everyone’s life. Concentrate on how to achieve rather than what to achieve. Listen to the elders of family, as it should be your first priority. Spending money is good, but buying useless things is just wastage of money and nothing wise.


Other than work, you will take interest in every other thing. If interested, you can try your luck in share market too. Your performance at job might not be that good, but it will not stop others from appreciating you. Your way of speaking will be admired by all. Make sure not to say anything against anybody. You will advice right things to others, which will help them.


You might feel some issues in personal life. This might make you uncontented, but avoid such things and concentrate on your goals. Make sure your performance does not get questioned at workfront. Talk clear and in the right way to make sure others take them in the right way. Some people might disagree with your opinions. Laziness might surround you and you might delay household works. However, you should complete them first.


Mercury enjoys being in third house. Reason behind is its connection with communication and it controls third house in the birth chart of Kaal Purush. Utilize the best of this time and accomplish your endeavors by providing your communication skills. Arguments are possible in family. However, resolving it will lie in your hands only. Time is excellent for journeys, profits are assured.


This is the best time to make financial plans. How much amount to give and how much to take, you can decide all. Purchase of new things is also foreseen. Good news might come from in-laws. Progress will come in everything, be it sooner or later. This transit is wonderful for you. Take care of your health and drive carefully. Keep your thought positive and forward, else loses are possible.


You will feel like completing everything in the minimum time. Though luck will support and most of your endeavors will accomplish, but acting in hurry is not good. Think carefully before taking any decision. Personal life will remain blissful. Nothing to worry. Control your expenses. Spending on decor of home is good, but excess of everything is bad. Don’t complicate the conversations. Try to sort out legal matters outside the court, success is possible.Don’t keep things inside you , communicate  clearly especially to your mentor / Guru if you have. It is impossible to let your wishes happen if you keep things within you.


Small expenses are possible on health issues. If you have taken money from anybody, try to return it back. People might feel uneasy with you and your behavior might change with them. Enemies might try to harm you. Mental troubles are foreseen, but not extreme. You need to concentrate on your love life. Try to strengthen your bond with your beloved.


This transit is favorable for you. Try to accomplish endeavors which are pending from long. You will get success in them. Try to take help from friends as much as you can. You will spend romantic moments with your lover. You will acquire wealth. Control your ego and temper to enjoy this auspicious time. Behave well with all and keep your humorous nature on.


This transit is favorable for you in every aspect. You will perform great at work and your relation with get better with all. Your decisive ability will be admired and you will enjoy fame. Don’t keep things inside you and communicate it clearly especially to your mentor / Guru if you have. It is impossible to let your wishes happen if you keep things within you. Keep your thoughts and desires open to your family members so that they know what you want. Try to know their wishes as well.


Mercury is lord of fifth house, but is lord of eighth house as well. Your ninth house lord is friend of Mercury. This phase is good for you. Transition of eighth house lord in ninth house leads to losses. However, here, neither anything good is foreseen nor bad. Life will remain as usual; however, you might make money. Long journey is possible. Time is good for pilgrimage. It would be good to visit Shiva temple.


Married life goes through tiffs and love, but this is quite normal. You might get stressed, but nothing to worry. This transit is good for you. Money or gift is possible from in-laws. If you are unmarried, you might get surprise from friends. Any old relation might rejuvenate you. You might get help from someone unknown who might help you in accomplishing anything major.Take advice from you Guru / metor and then take important decisions .