On October 17, Sun will enter into its debilitated sign, Libra. After being here for one month, it will move into Scorpio. Natives going through Antar or Pratyantar Dasha of Sun will face adverse effects. Being debilitated, Sun will lose its natural auspiciousness for some days. However, you need not worry. This transit will last for 30 days , effect for 40 days approximately .

It will remain here till November 15, 2016. Some changes will be seen in the life of every native owing to this planetary change.On October 17, 2016, Sun will transit into its debilitated sign, Libra. To unveil effects of this planetary shift, read this General article by Bhaiyaji. At this time of Gochar Moon will be in Rohini Nakshatra , this may put vishesh prabhav on our country This is a important transition , hence do few general remedies as told by Bhaiya ji to minimize ill effects . Because of Western country problem / internal problem , we might also get some effect . Bharat north west and north east some problems are indicated . Mehengai bar sakti hai especially annaj , Some political party may split or uthal puthal is indicated ,overall not too good time . Some political or Adyatmic Guru may have prestige or health issue in coming 30 to 40 days .Gold Annj Silver Gur/Jagary, Petrol may see up swing. Share market will go up for few days especially before 28th october possible .North will have some spell of rain  and overall climate will change immediately. Some devia aapda possible .

Here are impacts of Sun transit in Libra on all the signs:


Sun will transit in your seventh house. Don’t get angry from your spouse and be calm as far as possible. Keep the conversation normal and decent. Health issues such as headache, pain in eyes and stomach are possible. Keep control on your words. When Sun will transit in Nakshatra of Rahu, it might harm you. Though luck will support, but you might lack concentration. You might do anything wrong.


Stay away from those who envy you. You need to behave well with all. Love life might get affected. Expenses are possible on spouse. Any family member might have to face serious health issues. You might face any problem whose reason might not be clear to you. Some of your endeavors will accomplish as well. If you behave right with your authorities, you endeavors will accomplish.Dont take any important decisions they may go wrong ,alas and over confidence may create problems work and pratishta wise , take care of stomach and blood related problems.


Time is good for love life. You will make new friends and they will understand your sorrows. This transit is fortunate for businessmen and for service people as well. Stay away from ego and have control on your words. Don’t interfere in matters of others,. Personal life will go great. Drive very carefully , over spending , investments, on interest lending . Stomach and Hip area take care . Take medicines in time , Vani control n take care of your image / pratishta


Arguments are possible with family members, spoiling family atmosphere. No matter who you meet, you should be polite with them. Have control on yourself before it gets too late. Negativity should not be there in your thoughts. Stay away from discord in office and don’t develop wrong thinking for others. Luck is with you; hence, no need to worry. If you think anything is not right or you are going through Pratyantar or Antardasha if Sun, recite “Aditya Hridaya Stotra” for total of three times at one time regularly.


Luck is not that supportive. Any disease might pop up again. You might say something in ignorance which will not only harm, but will also raise questions on your trustworthy nature. You might get into any tiff with your siblings due to your anger. Avoid all these things. Money will be wasted on useless things and you will not be able to control them. You yourself might become the reason for your losses. Meditation will help you, try practicing it . Take care of health .Krodh par control , concentration / ekagrata will have problems , take care of job and business coming 40 days . take advice think and then take decisions , or you may face problems . Take care of eyes , head , driving especially night time . Be careful while traveling.


Useless arguments are possible with family members. Conflicts because of you are possible in your in-laws family too. Health might get affected a bit. Pain in shoulders and lower area of stomach is possible. Luck is not that good, but you will get the needed help at time. You might get into tiffs with your spouse, maintain calm. Any valuable asset might get stolen or misplaced. Take care of teeth , throat , skin ,Vani control ,  over all your works will be done .


If someone do anything for you, appreciate it and be always there to help them too. Headache, fatigue, and muscular pain are possible. Time is not good for new agreements. Postpone the date of legal cases, as your lawyer might commit any mistake. You might reject any good proposal and lead to your own financial loss. Personal life might lack bliss. Guru Shukra Shani giving sanghrash already , additionally this Surya in your rashi will bring different and more sanghrash . Take care of friends , vehicle , stomach , relationships over all , especially business people . Take care of health blood pressure , chest , don’t fall in depression,God will help you soon .Over all you will soon come out in times to come .


Weakening of tenth house lord will lead to some problems. However, this is not a matter of many days. Love matters will also lack bliss. You might get annoyed over minor things. You will harm your enemies. Friends will help you. You might take wrong financial decision. You might develop habit of doubting others. Drive very carefully , you might feel udaas / dipressed , absent minded , place do not take decisions in hurry without salaha , especially for children , take care of neck , chest , shoulder, but do not fall prey to tanaav , all will get over , Ishwar aka dhyan .


Friends might forget their promise. Don’t depend on them else you will lack behind. Your own efforts will take you ahead. Give your best and don’t let your efforts fall down. Personal life also need serious attention. Betrayal is possible in love affair. Do not take nirnaye for family , or you may face problems . this is very important along with friends misunderstanding you .


Sun is considered effective in tenth house, but you might not get extreme profits. Your performance might decline and allegations are possible. Mind of students might get diverted from studies. You might miss any major work and any agreement might get canceled at the last moment. Don’t take major decisions in this time. Pain in joints is possible.Gupt shatru can create problems , spouse can also give tensions , family over all may see you as culprit for some thing , please very much take care of  anger , fights , etc. job people also be quite in office Headaches , nervous system please take care , over all do remedies , all will be ok .


Financial profits are there on your future cards. Some problems might pop up and embarassment is also possible. Don’t run after money to such an extent that others things get neglected and hopes of others remain unaccomplished. You need to be really conscious at workfront. Your own action might lead to harm for your image. Avoid alcohol or reduce its quantity.Take care of eyes


When sixth house lord goes in eighth house, vipreet Raja Yoga is formed. However, it happens when eighth house lord is posited somewhere in third, sixth, or twelfth house. Extreme profits are not foreseen for you. Enemies might plan strategies against you, which might harm. Losses are possible at work front and you need to balance personal life too. Your image might get harmed in in-laws family.New ideas may be fruitful , take care of stomach eyes , foreign travel may be fruitful , over all good time .


1. Have gur and Haldi  and daan also

2. Visit any dharmik sthal

3. Do not do bitting , afwa , lies

4..  Daan of Ghee , Curd , Potato , oil , Almounds , Nariyal to needy labour any qty any day especially sunday

6. Gayatri Paath or Aditya Hridaya stotra Paath , if facing  more problem of money