On October 13, 2016, Venus will transit into Scorpio and will travel in constellations of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Bhaiya ji tells us about different effects of this transit for different people, depending upon their sign or ascendant. People going through Mahadasha , Antar or Pratyantar Dasha (Sub Periods) , of  Venus will witness major change.
General impact of Venus transit in Scorpio


Venus, being lord of seventh and second house is posited in your eighth house. Some problems are possible in personal life. Gift is possible from in-laws. Your endeavors might pause down while on the edge of accomplishment. Keep control on your speech.Postpone the date of legal matters. Luck might not support much. Disappointment is possible at last moment.


Ups & downs are possible in the love life of unmarried people. Affection will come in the life of married people and you will feel happy. You will enjoy good state of mind and luck will support. Businessmen will enjoy great progress and same can be said for service people. You might purchase new things and please your spouse.


Time is not good for love life, have patience. Luck might cheat you at last moment; hence, avoid taking major decisions. Time is good to change job, try your best for it. However, don’t leave the present job till you get other. Businessmen need to be restrained and don’t keep much expectations.


Control on expenses is necessary. Personal bonds might remain that cordial. You will take interest in music, arts, and entertainment. People associated with these fields will enjoy success. However, some problem are possible to businessmen. Minor health issues are also possible. Any old affair might get exposed, bringing embarrassment for you.


This time is very fortunate for natives who are into jobs. You might make friends of opposite gender. Support will come from people of opposite gender. Appreciable profits will come for businessmen. Give your best efforts, as you are expected to get extreme profits. Time is not that favorable for love life and conjugal life. However, this transit is good for financial gains and sexual pleasures.


Luck will support you. Native belonging to media will enjoy extreme benefits and will get opportunities to excel. You might get chance to visit places nearby your residence, which will bring great profits for you. Progress and profits will come for businessmen and for service people too. You will talk humorous and pleasant. Owing to this, you will be admired.


Financial gains are on cards, but you need to be careful for health. Control your expenses and try to save your income. Luck is with you, don’t let your efforts fall. Decor of home or vehicle is possible. Affection will be there in love life. You might think about sexual pleasures. Wealth will come for businessmen as well for service people too. Long journeys are foreseen which will bring benefits for you.


You will enjoy inner bliss. Every sort of happiness will come in conjugal life. Profits will come from friends. Your friends will increase and that of opposite gender. Sexual pleasures are on your cards. This transit is very favorable for native of electronics and print media. You will coordinate well with others. Support will come from siblings. Love life will go wonderful, give your best.


Stay away from financial loss. Don’t waste you money on showing off and control your expenses. Don’t import and export new things. Avoid online shopping. Argument is possible with siblings or neighbors. Love life might face problems for few days. Losse are possible in business. You will enjoy sexual pleasures


If you are not interested in your job, you might get great opportunities. Make sure to try for it. Luck is ready to support you. Friends will also bring profits. You can take help from online sites to get better job. Business will go great, but you should control expenses. Extreme profits are possible from native of opposite gender.


Love life will improve. Betterment will come in professional life. This time is very fortunate when you should try you luck, as ninth house lord is in tenth house which will give profits. You have to be courageous, rest all will happen on its own. Give your best to fulfill your wishes. Sudden financial gain is possible. Don’t get overconfident, else it will harm. Relations will improve with others.


Make sure to keep your efforts on in the best possible way. Luck is with you, your efforts will bring rewards. You might get sources to make money, make new friends. All this will help later. Long journey is also possible. You might go on pilgrimage as well. Family life will go great and you will meet your family members a lot. You might turn religious. Don’t get influenced by any Tantrik and all and believe in your work and talent.