Mercury / Budh ,  is the smallest yet the closest planet to  Sun. Budh graha in our birth chart , signifies budhi knowledge, comunication , interpretation , skin problems , Vani dosh / Bad language . It will move into Dhanu / Sagittarius from Scorpio on Monday, 28th November, 2016and remain here til Friday, 3rd February, 2017 and on this day it will transit into Makar / Capricorn. Some of you will encounter new experiences during these days. While some of  you will be benefited in various ways , many of you may also suffer  repercussions. You need to be very careful as these experiences will bring a change in your life. Please do some remedies , you may refer our blogs . Analyze what is good for you and what is not reading this post by Bhaiyaji and make the decisions accordingly. It will have impact on every Moon sign, let us have a look at its effect on your sign.

Aries / Mesh

Aries will take interest in innovation and inventions. As Mercury will be residing in your ninth house. An inclination towards learning new things and finding peace in spirituality will be noticed. Make plans and follow your heart because you will find triumph, wherever hard work is involved. You will make new connections, which will increase your network and it will bring you various advantages. Also, you may travel abroad to attain higher education. There is a famous saying “Hard work Forever pays” , It is accurate and this year your own efforts will yield you the best results. It will bring prosperity and it will increase your confidence level. You will enjoy delightful hour with your partner, and do not get very anxious, you will receive the reward of your hard work.

Taurus / Vrishabh

Keep your money intact and avoid unnecessary expenditure, as Mercury will enter into your eighth house which signifies a crucial hour for fiscal interest. It is important to value your hard earned capital, and if you will spend recklessly, you will suffer loss of money. Also, your money may get stolen or you will incur financial losses. So keep a check on your money. There can be misunderstandings between you and your partner. Resolve it before it creates a lousy situation for both of you. You will show interest in learning astrology and knowing about life in depth. Your partner will bring more wealth in family.

Gemini / Mithun

Movement of Mercury into your seventh house will bring auspiciousness in your life. This period will bring growth and harmony in your life. You will enjoy a peaceful time with your family and your partner at home. Also, you will find pleasure in your partner’s company, your love life will take a different route this year. Celebrate your life with your partner. She will provide strength during various challenges. You will enjoy great health benefits and you will spend most of your time with your loved ones. You will move a step ahead in your career.

Cancer / Kark

You will enjoy an expedition to another country. There are possibilities that you may decide to find a job there or it can be a family trip. As Mercury is currently living in your sixth house, which increases the possibilities of long trips and you will also find triumph in juridical activities and other disputes. Do not indulge into any kind of quarrel with your siblings, chances are that you may encounter differences with them. You will win against all the odds, just keep your calm and make decisions wisely. You will receive benefits of your own traits.

Leo / Singh

An inclination towards increasing contemporary knowledge will be noticed, as Mercury will reside in your fifth house. In case you are a student, you will make your parents/guardians proud. You will do extremely well in studies. Your intelligence will provide you better earnings. Your love life will prosper and your children will bring immense happiness in your life. You will also decipher your feelings to an acquaintance. If you are determined, you will receive good results in your career. Do not lose your patience as it may become a hindrance in your way.

Virgo / Kanya

You will relish delightful hour of your life at home, as Mercury will enter into your fourth house. You will find happiness at home. You will experience unanimity and joy. No other comfort will satisfy you more than the amenity that you will receive from your family. You may also plan to decorate your home to increase the auspiciousness in the house. Also, a new vehicle will bring happiness in your life. If you will remain astute, nothing can stop you from achieving heights of success. Your innovative mind will bring you more prestige and recognition.

Libra / Tula

If you are a sales and marketing person, you will receive great benefits this year. Mercury will resident in your house. You will be a fine personality to communicate with. Corporates may seek your advice, especially if it is related to corporate communications. You will plan a short expedition, which may also include visiting pilgrimages. You will be lucky during this time, so much so that you will feel more confident in finding triumph. Your siblings will enjoy enormous wealth and various other benefits during this period.

Scorpio / Vrishchik

You will make more money during this course because Mercury will move into your second house. This period will add to your wealth. You are also expected to receive benefits from your supervisor or a business partner at work. You will be surprised to receive startling profits, it will bring more excitement in your life. Also, you will enjoy various tastes during this course, as you will try different meals. You will appreciate outings with your family. Your in-laws will be very generous and may as well gift you something to ponder their love on you. Your chemistry with your family members will bloom. Be prepared in case you have any debts on you because chances are that you will have to pay them off. And avoid taking any debts in future.

Sagittarius / Dhanu

Your ability to think beyond the best will provide you immense success. You just need to observe that it is being used in the right directions, the success will be in your corner. The time that you will spend with your partner will bring grace in your partners  and your life. They will be very supportive and kind at all times. You will achieve a milestone at work, just put in your best efforts. You will be sarcastic but that will be positive, your friends will enjoy your company and a budding relationship is on your cards during this period.

Capricorn / Makar

You will spend vigorously during this period and may also spend a fortune on an expedition. Mercury will be the resident of your twelfth house, which signifies high expenditure. You will not be able to cope up in various fields, a lot of thinking will be involved in decision making, which will not benefit you eventually. You should not make any important decisions during this point of time, rather postpone them for later course and keep your calm during this phase. As they say that it is better late than never, just imply this quote in your life as well.

Aquarius / Kumbh

Your intelligence and your wisdom will bring treasure for you during this course. As Mercury will enter into your Eleventh house. Just be a little more diligent while making decisions, rest you will gain enormous monetary as well as non-monetary benefits. Surprise gains will amaze you, they will work as a morale booster for you. You will be an ecstatic partner. The course of your love life will be eventful. You will find comfort in your children’s company and they may also provide you great benefits of life. If you have been waiting to receive success for a long time, this may be time that you should prepare yourself to celebrate your victory.

Pisces / Meen

You will be very enthusiastic at work as a result of which you will be working effectively and efficiently. It will be a fruitful phase of your life because Mercury will move to your Tenth house. Chances are that you may also get promoted or will be send abroad for work purpose. Money is going to play a crucial role during this phase, as you will be making a lot of it. Your relationship with your family members will be decent, they will motivate you and may also provide you support in case you ask for it. Kill your ego and work resolutely towards achieving your goal. And, the most important tip for you is to give proper rest to yourself, else it can have negative implications on you.

Those facing problems , must do some remedies to minimize problems .