Mercury will transit in Vrishchik / Scorpio on November 09, 2016. This planet of intellect will reside here till December 28, 2016 and will bring changes for everyone . To know what these changes are, read this Moon Sign Post-

www.vedicastrologysolutions.com – General impacts of Mercury transit in Vrishchik / Scorpio on all Moon  Signs


Keep control on your words, don’t speak anything which annoys others and leads to arguments. Postpone legal matters, as unfavorable results are foreseen. You might lose your cellphone, be careful. You might get responsibility of any major task in place of someone else. Expenses are possible and luck might not support upto your expectations. Workload will trouble you.


This time is meant to rejuvenate love life. Expenses are possible on spouse. Fun, laughter and such things will go inside your mind. You will take quick decisions and will solve matters in minimum time. You might get anything from in-laws. Singles might get into relationship. Life will rejuvenate for those who belong to music, films, dance, etc. Time will bring progress for those associated with business.


Health might fall down. Issues related to cold and cough are possible. Mental disappointments are also possible. Useless delays will affect your endeavors and you won’t feel satisfied. You might feel depressed. You might feel like changing your job. Allegations are possible, you need to be very careful. Luck might not support much.


Disappointment is possible in love life. Money, time, and peace will get wasted. Luck might not support, but your endeavors will accomplish. Don’t lose your calm and don’t act in hurry, else losses are assured. Take care of health and familial bonds. Make sure no tiffs happen in family. Don’t get into conflicts with in-laws. Don’t waste money and save it for future. Avoid betting else loss is possible.


Work and business will expand and you will get best in job. Time is good for businessmen too and profits are foreseen for them. Excellent time for people associate with property. Friends will support and help in accomplishment of endeavors. Some health issues are possible,however, nothing serious will happen.

Debate and arguments will prove beneficial for you. This is an excellent phase for students. Favorable time for media and similar people as well. Short trips are foreseen. Tuning with siblings will be excellent. Luck will also support you. Your spouse might go on long journey. You will enjoy romantic moments with your spouse. Recognition and appreciation will come at work front.


Mercury, being ascendant lord has come in your second house, which is auspicious for you. Mercury is twelfth house lord in your Kundali, but gives you results of ninth house. Librans are successful businessmen because their ninth house lord is planet. You might earn from your relatives. You might meet them. Enemies might turn warm toward you. Overall, this transit is going to be favorable for you.


Be very careful, as some loss is possible. Be very careful in your eating habits too. Love life will grow further and your efforts will play. You might say no to any good plan. Think carefully before doing anything and don’t get emotional. Matters related to land and property might give tension to you.

You might have to go out for professional reasons. Work might get delayed and mental stress is possible. Control your useless expenses. Spend money in right things. Try to save money as much as possible. Any problem might occur in your throat. If you suffer from weight issues, try to reduce weight.


If you are fed up from your job, try your best, as you might get your dream job. Try to share good chemistry with your friends and take profits from them. Luck is all set to support you. Profits are asire if you work in the right direction. If there is any work related to foreign institutes, profits are possible from there too. Friend circle will increase. Endeavors will accomplish easily.


Mercury is favorable for your ascendant as well as for Cancer ascendant. However, it turns eighth house lord in Aquarius, still malefic impacts are very less. If Mercury is not lord of bad deeds in Kundli, profits are assured, else problems will come in endeavors. There are good chances of financial gain for business men a well as for those who are in job. However, don’t spend entire money, saving it will help later.


Mercury in ninth house will prove good for you. Visiting Lord Vishnu temple will prove good. it will provide you opportunity to spend good time with family and involve in religious deeds. Don’t get attracted towards someone else, as it will destroy your every goodness.