Venus will transit in Sagittarius on November 07, 2016. What will happen when Venus will transit into its inimical sign, how will it hit your fate? What will happen in the country and world?

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Planet of love and romance, Venus will transit in Sagittarius in the morning at 11:57 am on November 07, 2016. Shukra will remain In Dhanu , Till December 02, 2016 – 06:42 pm to be exact. Lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter, which is the enemy of Venus. We can say that Venus is transiting in its inimical sign.This transit may not be that favorable / Change Over  for many Sectors , Women, especially for those belonging to Law, Bank , Finance , Policies , Share Market  Government , Politics . For many it will be favorable .

People having more problems , please refer old articles / mails for General Remedies .


According to Venus / Shukra ,  transit in Dhanu Rashi , journeys are possible either due to business or job. You might go on pilgrimage. If you are looking forward to take decision related to job or business, time is supportive. Family bond will get better.


Venus transit in Dhanu Rashi demands concern related to health. You might get transferred. Chances are there that you will get transferred to the place you desire. Venus transit in Sagittarius , Bhaiyaji advises you to stay away from sensual thoughts. Don’t do anything which can harm your image.


Though this phase is prosperous for conjugal bliss, but stay at bay from sensual thoughts. Make sure not to do anything which can lead to harm on image. You are expected to get benefits due to women. Try to control your expenses.


Cancerians won’t get more results due to transit of Venus. It would be good to understand the strategies of your opponents, especially if the opponent is a female. Venus transit in Sagittarius , Bhaiyaji predicts betterment at job front, provided you work keeping in mind your health.


Venus transit is extremely good for love and romance. You might get attracted toward opposite gender, predicts Venus transit in Sagittarius . If you are in love with someone who shares an inimical bond with your family, think carefully. Choose studies over love if exams are about to begin.


This time looks good financialy   According to Venus transit in Dhanu , you will get back your stuccoed money. Distant journeys are possible. You might get a profitable deal. This phase is favorable for financial as well as familial matters. Opponents will also remain inactive.


This transit will inculcate better energy inside you; hence, you will work passionately. However, don’t overburden yourself, as it might affect your health, also health of parents may suffer. As luck is with you, your endeavors will accomplish. Venus transit in Sagittarius , Bhaiyaji predicts completion of work due to journeys and socializing.


For Scorpions, Venus transit is a call for income as well as expenses, equally. On one hand, you will accumulate wealth from a stable source, while on the other hand, expenses are possible due to spouse, female or livelihood. You will get company of a female and will associate with any auspicious event. Health of spouse could be weak.


According to Venus transit in Dhanu rashi , you will get better results even with small efforts. You are expected to get affectionate with music or art. You will be happy and joyous. Time is good for love and personal life, however, stay alert from opponents.


You will get mixed results. You will be in a mood to spend on things related to luxury and comfort. As per Venus transit in Dhanu , this time is financially good. Though time is favorable for conjugal and romantic bliss , however, avoid getting lusty , and doubtful on people who are behind / for you.


Aquarians, this transit is very favorable for you. Venus transit Bhaiyaji predicts profits from distant journeys. Peace and harmony are foreseen in family. Friends and colleagues will be supportive. Awaited desires will come true. Though income is foreseen, expenses are also possible.


  • Pisceans will get favorable results. According to Venus transit in Sagittarius , improvement will come at work front  If you are working under any female, you will get support from her. However, be in your limit. You will get chances of traveling and entertainment.