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Rahuji is going to transit to Cancer / Kark  rashi on 20th August 2017 along with Ketu which will transit to Capricorn / Makar rashi. Rahu is perennial enemy of the lord of the sign Cancer which is moon. Moon too is always afraid of Rahu as said in the ancient texts. Thus moon rahu conjunction gives psychological disorders many times and many times weird thoughts in the native and many times it makes one characterless. Whereas good / ucch Rahu can give lot of positive changes in ones life. Rahu transit in Kark 2017 is going to change many things globally , individually.

It is not that Rahuji is always a bad planet but instead it has the power to tilt the fate either in favor or against the native in a fraction of time. Rahu is going to stay till 6th March 2019 and then it will shift into Gemini. In chart of Bharat, Rahu is going to transit into the third house where it is actually supposed to be good.

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Rahu is considered good in the houses 3, 6, 10, 11. The transit of rahu will be happening over natal Sun, Mercury, SaturnVenus, Moon of Bharat Independence chart. It is surely going to bring drastic incidents because Rahu`s transit over benefice brings sad incidents also. We will see a major national political figure may pass away in this transit that may be of Leo sign or ascendant. Lot of more changes will come in sports , politics ,border tensions , media and film industry.

A major Brahmin Hindu leader could be assassinated. In film world there will be many scandals and atrocities on women will increase. A major female figure may suffer physically and succumb or will be in media for her wrong acts. Indians will make a name in sports competitions. Acid attack cases might rise in this period. Number of patients of psychological disorders will increase universally and there will be a steep increase in hate crimes and suicides. Water could become the source of mass deaths , oil ships may sink and pollute the sea. Chemical warfare can be used by terrorists. Islamic terror may reach to its height which may become the cause of their extinction by 2020 approximately  India may have war with its neighbors in 2017 and will win it too. Rahu will be in the stars of JupiterSaturn and Mercury in this transit. To understand the possibilities of events in Rahu or Ketu transits is a Very Difficult Task because of their shadowy nature , Bhaiyaji tells us few General predictions rashi/ signs wise.

Aries: For Aries, Rahu will be in your 4th house. You will be having problems related to lungs, breathing etc so if you are a smoker then be regular in your health checkups or reduce best quit it. Your house may catch fire due to electrical short circuits or in celebrations. Change of residence is also very possible. Students will not be able to perform well in their exams. Health of your mother also could be at risk to some extent. If she is too old then take proper care of her. If you are into real estate or sale purchase of vehicles then be careful of frauds. Land owners will not have good crops. You may not perform well in your career or businesses and losses may occur from time to time. You will make friends from far off places and will do extensive long distance traveling. Rahu’s transit to your Fourth house will be auspicious for you as many of your matters will get straightened out. You will get many opportunities to implement new ideas in your work. This transit might give you a hectic work schedule and may increase your mental pressure. Your family life might get a wee bit disturbed in this period. In the middle phase you will make good gains and will become popular. You will strike good last minute deals if you are into businesses and those into software will get onsite opportunities. As far as legal matters and competitions are concerned then you will be at loss and will have to bite dust in 2018-2019 when rahu will be in star of mercury. Your spouse will be making good career progress and job changes will be there. There will be health risks to father in law.

Taurus: There will be good progress in your career; whatever it is. You will be moving ahead with great speeds and making a name for yourself. Those into the profession of consultancy, internet, communications, sports, and valor will be showing remarkable progress. You may have disputes with your younger kiths and kin. There could be severe differences between your parents. Your attitude will be a cause of trouble for yourself so it is something which you should be careful about. You will try to make quick bucks illegally. There can be injury or bone dislocation in your shoulder.The transit of Rahu in Cancer is expected to bring happiness and luck in your life. You would feel more determined towards your goals and would double your efforts to achieve them. You might travel, for work or otherwise, in this period. You might feel a positive change in your behaviour, post September. You might feel inclined towards spiritual practices and beliefs in this duration and would do incredibly well in all facets of life. Your maternal uncle will get sudden success in his endeavors. Your spouse will not be so lucky and she/he will be dependent on her/his efforts more than the blessing of luck. Your father in law may get serious health issues. Your laptop, mobile etc could be stolen or you may forget them after keeping at a safe place. Even after many failures you will not lose your heart and will move on and will succeed in your plans. Negotiations will be in your favor if at all they are required. You will be able to manipulate people towards your cause.

Gemini: This is one of the worst places for Rahu or Ketu the second bhava in which it is going to remain for long. Your finances will be dwindling a lot , you will make many useless expenses and later throw the things you purchased. You will have problems in your eyes and teeth. Root canal procedure will be undertaken by many of you and many of your will go through eye surgeries. Not all is bad, those who are unmarried could get married in this transit in the initial phase itself. In the mid phase in the Saturn star you will face problems of all sorts.Post 9th of September, work might keep you away from home. Your sources of income are expected to swell during this transit. Health of your dear ones might need attention in this period.There will be health issues, there will be disturbance in your married life and your business partners may cheat you. You may earn a lot by selling your immovable assets. Students will be not being able to focus on their studies and their grades will fall. Scars may pop up on your face. Vision problems may come in your right eye. Health of your spouse will be very bad and there will be career disaster to him/her. Your father will win over his enemies but suffer from abdominal disorders. The career or business of your mother will be very progressive. This could prove to be the last major transit your father in law will witness. People will not repay after borrowing from you and legal action will be required to get your own money back. You may be cheated by your own relatives. Control on your speech / bad words 

Cancer : Natives who are going through the Rahu antar dash will be most affected due to this transit and then those with Rahu mahadasha, otherwise also when rahu will occupy your ascendant you will feel it day in and out. Those negative feelings and suspicion for everyone will suddenly pop up from nowhere and occupy your mindset. You will be boasting about your future plans and how great your small endeavors are going to shape. The stories of rags to riches will suddenly be liked and told by you. You will develop a silent fear for almost everything and feel a presence of sorts when you are alone. Shadow will play its part. You will be unfair with your spouse, with your business partners and will be jealous of anyone who is doing something positive and good. Moon is a jealous planet and rahu will add the attributes. You will be having lot of confidence in doing foolish things and people will mock you behind your back. You will be breaking the gates without being invited many times and will think that you are doing a smart thing. Family life will be most affected in all this. Rahu will be changing its effects from time to time and in all the three stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury it will give different results and most of all of it will depend upon what phase you are going through and what are they signifying in your birth chart. Rahu transit 2017 will disastrous to you when it will be in the star of Saturn because Saturn is posited in your 6th house during the coming time. It will surely give separations and divorces to many couples worldwide and issues will be very petty. Love matters will fade away and there will emotional blackout. Rahu’s move in Kark is considered to be advantageous. Your intellect and decision-taking abilities are predicted to improve in this period. You might feel sprightly and full of vigour. Your domestic life might seem a little dull as not everyone will be able to match your trail of thoughts. Patience and heightened efforts to keep sailing smooth on the domestic front will improve sour situations.Watch out for the time when Rahu will move into star of Saturn and play with your bulging emotions. There are always good and bad sides to all stories but here it seems the other side won’t be able to show up much. In the star of Jupiter which it will enter before Saturn`s star, it will be you travels here and there, your place of residence could change and for many it will change the city or the country itself. Remember water is always flowing. For some, after September home coming may be celebrated. Mercury is a planet having enmity towards moon and thus it is awarded with the 12th house lordship for this ascendant and rahu`s entry in star of Mercury will make things out of control for you. Your expenses will increase; health issues will be disturbing you. You will be mentally harassed to your limits. But remember all this will depend more on your birth chart rather than transit because transit is the last thing to be considered so if you have good placements of planets in birth chart then not much to worry about for you or any one. Sexual diseases are likely to your spouse, loss of money and friends is also a possibility. Your family elders may have some illicit relationships and losses in speculation. Your father`s job may be lost or changed. Your mother in law may have heart problems or asthma. Your in laws may be cheated in a real estate deal. Your maternal uncle may face severe defamation and loss of reputation. Some deadly disease may inflict him. The career of your mother will flourish if in Job or business will be rewarding. Your elder brother will have good success .

LEO Rahu will be in your 12th Leo natives who are going through the phase of rahu will be most afflicted due to this transit. The 12th bhava is a bad bhava and Rahu will further make the scenario worse, you will have sleepless nights because sleep disorders will start to popup. You will have blackening below your eyes and people may ask whether you have become anemic etc. These are possibilities and probabilities only, it will happen as such with those who have a very bad rahu but not with everyone. The intensity will differ for sure. You will lack concentration in your day to day works and will make silly mistakes. Financial liabilities will be a major factor in increasing your mental tensions. You will become less tolerant and some people will term you as very irritating personality. You will become suspicious of people around you. Your food habits will change and stale food will be more in your plate. You will not get proper diet. Health problems will be there and there will be issues related to nerves, aches, intestines. This transit might make you easily irritable and turn your friendly relations sour. You might find it difficult to distinguish between friends and foes during this period. Your marital life might also feel perturbed. But chances of situations improving are high after September. Long distance travel and establishment of foreign connections is on the cards. If there are inimical planetary combinations in the horoscope of a native, then this transit might harm their health and reputation. In this period, your expenses are expected to step-up.Your daily habits will lack proper hygiene and cleanliness. Rahu will be in stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Thus it will change its significations from time to time. Waste foreign travels are there i.e. you will go with a purpose and come empty handed. You may change your residence and some may change their city. Illicit relations will be done. Myriad and weird thoughts will occupy your mainstream time. You may sell your house or buy a haunted house. Love matters will be saddening and their end is very likely. Married life will be full of harshness and complexity. Separation for some time is also possible from your spouse. Friends will not be supportive and people will commit and forget so do not rely on commitments made by others. Profits will turn into losses, things will be cancelled at the last moment and many of you will be hand-to-mouth. Things will simply not work for you and you will visit countless healers and occultists. It will be of no use. Someone can do black magic on you. You will have to spend on your spouse`s health too and on your in-laws.Some of you  will be able to pay your debts. Losses in betting are sure so avoid them.

Virgo: Coming years will be boon for you. You will be making sudden success , friends and people in the circle will be supportive. Marriages will be celebrat