In Hinduism, Surya is believed to be the God of life. No life is possible on Earth without the presence or warmth of this planet. He is also the King of all nine planets as per Vedic Astrology and rules Singh/Leo rashi.
The presence of planet Sun in one’s sign signifies success and growth in various aspects of life, peace and prosperity on personal as well as professional front, high prospects of a good government service and better father – son/daughter relationship.

Along with these benefits, Lord Sun oversees the inner depth of a person, motivates spirituality in them as well as enhances their personality. Sun provides energy and remits enough light to keep us working.

On Friday, August 17, 2018, Sun will transit in Leo from Cancer sign at 07:06 AM in the morning and will remain in this sign till 07:02 AM on Monday, September 17, 2018.

As Sun is the ruling planet of Leo, therefore the natives of this sign may gain several benefits during this transit period. It will also motivate the natives of Leo to progress in their professional domains and it will make them determined to achieve their objectives.

Movement of mighty Sun carries lot of importance and is an event to take note of. Now Sun entering its own sign is surely a major event.

Now Sun is no more in a conflict with any malefic planets. This opens way to think clearly before taking any major decision. Head of country is to conduct gracefully. Similarly, a person in high position will also tend to conduct gracefully.

Rains may not lead to disasters as was the case lately. Person inclined towards spirituality will feel kind of relieved and act positively to move ahead. Progressive forces are to start working effectively now. However, Sun in Leo needs to move out of constellation Magha for smooth working of things at large.

This post tells us, in General, about how the planet Sun will influence the lives of the natives of Leo and other Moon signs during this transit period.


With this transit, Sun will move into the 4th House from your Moon Sign. In this period, you might think about changing your current job. As far as business matters are concerned, good results are expected. An increase in your income is also indicated.

Sun rules the fifth house for your sign. Now Sun traverses through the fifth house. This movement of Sun is likely to provide relief from stressful situations. This movement of Sun is to enable you to improve your position on the financial front. Couple keen to have progeny can look for successful conception now. No serious health issue is to trouble you here. You are to enjoy good general health in this time period.

On the career front you will have progressive movement. Higher growth prospects will look encouraging. Business persons and professionals will experience gainful time. Progressive forces are to start working effectively, more so when Sun enters Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. Your love life would be normal in this duration and you are advised to give some quality time to your relationship.

Also, avoid indulging in a war of words with your partner. Your children might act moody or stubborn. Your elder siblings might face some obstacles in their life. You may receive gains through government schemes. You might not be favored by your seniors at the workplace.

General Remedy: See the rising Sun, chant mantra and offer water to Surya God. Avoid pitt vardak food.


With the transit of Sun into Leo, the planet will move into the 4th House from your Moon Sign. This planetary movement indicates that health status of your mother would improve and she would be able to recover from all kinds of illnesses, if there are any. Some tiffs and tension might affect your personal life as you and your spouse would try to dominate each other.
Sun now moves through the fourth house for your sign. The fourth house is the domain of the mighty Sun for your sign. You are to remain more concerned about domestic matters. You may be keen to give a fresh look to exteriors and the living room. Career oriented native will feel comfortable with his/her position.

Business person dealing with institution/organization of government may be able to successfully negotiate a big ticket contract. You are to enjoy good general health during the sun transit through Leo. You are to remain in a healthy financial position as well.

However, increase in family related expenses is likely.  Plan your finance with the long term in view and keep enough provision for contingency.

Overall, it would be a favorable period for you and you might gain a good position or authority at the workplace. Your spouse may also gain a good position in his/her working domain.

General Remedy: Offer coconut and red fruits to Sun God on Sunday and donate to needy. Practice Durga maa upasana. Avoid hyper behavior.


As Surya transits into Leo, it would move into the 3rd House from your Moon Sign. This would increase your overall potential and you would be more open to taking risks and challenges. You would be feeling determined to perform every task with passion and dedication. Your determination and valour would also increase. Sun, being ruler of the third house, now moves therein. This can induce you to spend money in your social circle.

However, do not go overboard, and execute due discrimination in spending money. No major health issue is to trouble you in this period. You are to remain in the pink of your health. You need to handle matters related to finance carefully. Refrain from taking undue risk to increase inflow of money. Take due measures to remain in a healthy financial position.

Business persons and professionals are to get encouraging results from short term travel. Career oriented natives may have to work on tasks based outstation. Successful handling of this will enhance your chances of getting a better position.

Some short distance journeys might prove to be fruitful for you. Your siblings might have to struggle a bit, but it would lead them to a comfortable and luxurious life. The luck factor of your spouse would be at its pinnacle in this duration. As a result she/he may receive favors through the government.

General Remedy: Donate red cloth on Sundays. Think, don’t get hyper with investments.


During this period, the Sun would move into the 2nd House from your Moon Sign. Aggression, ego and harshness would make their way into your speech and as a consequence, you might have to face problems in your life. Sun now moves through the second house for your sign. The second house is linked with finance and family mainly. Sun moving through the second house will lead to increase in family related expenses.

From beginning of September your financial prospects stand to improve. Increase in inflow of money is foreseen for you then. Financial gain here adds strength to your position on the financial front. No major deal is to come up for negotiation for business persons though.

Career oriented native will find it difficult to perform effectively. Middle aged and above need to take due care of nagging old health issue/s. You may have some arguments with your spouse. Health of your spouse might deteriorate as well. There are probable chances of conflicts in the family. Accumulation of wealth and benefits through government are likely.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and offer Khas perfume to him. Perform Aditya Hridaya Stotra patth. Take care of anger. Dhairya / Shaburi is key.


Mighty Sun is the ruler of your sign. In view of this, movement of Sun through your sign carries more importance for you. Sun here adds to your vitality and keeps you energized. You are to remain active on the occupational front. Some good opportunity to showcase your talent and inherent ability will come up for you.

Future growth prospects are to look encouraging. Business persons will get opportunity to have a deal with a high worth customer. You will enjoy good general health. Your position on the financial front is likely to improve. Couple eager to have a child are likely to feel happy due to successful conception.

As Sun will move into your own Moon Sign, you would gain strength and recognition. You would also develop a charismatic personality which would make you stand out in a crowd. You would get rid of existing health issues and would stay healthy during this period. You would feel quite excited and happy. But be careful, utterance of words without thinking may create problems in your married life. Overall, you would earn name and fame, and would enjoy a luxurious life.

General Remedy: Offer water to Surya God in a Copper vessel. Take decisions peacefully. Offer water to people .


Sun would move into the 12th House from your Moon Sign. During this period, your desire to travel abroad may be fulfilled. Your workplace might also get changed. You would enjoy traveling in this duration and would find yourself in the lap of mother nature while traveling to forests, mountains, etc. The 12th house is linked to expenses, loss and bed room activities. This movement of Sun through the 12th house will lead to increase in personal and some unwarranted expense. You may be inclined to spend money for charity as well.

However, keep effective check on personal and unwarranted expenses and be concerned about saving money for future needs. Middle aged and above will experience pain in joints. Take due action to minimize pain by applying effective external measures. Some minor health issue related to digestive system may keep troubling you. Apply due remedial measure promptly to prevent the issue from escalating.

However, keep a check on your expenditures, otherwise there might be a negative flow of net income. You would gain an upper hand over your enemies. There are possibilities that any case that you indulge in would end in success.

General Remedy: Recite Surya Gayatri Mantra “Om Adityaya Vidmahe Bhaskaraye Dheemahi Tanno Suryah Prachodayat”. Do annaj daan on Sundays.


Sun will move into the 11th House from your Moon Sign. This will be the period that you have been yearning for for a while. Monetary gains are on the charts for you. Your relations with high officials or government authorities might result in additional benefits. The eleventh house is the domain of the Sun for your sign.

Sun in its own sign Leo traverses through the eleventh house. This does not seem to be a happy proposition for Libra Moon Sign natives. Some issue with the one you are in a close relationship with, may put you in discomfort. Keep your cool and handle this very tactfully to maintain harmony in your relationship.

Some encouraging financial gain for you is foreseen. Also, you will remain in a strong position on the financial front. Some unexpected expenses may upset your plan to save money. From September, business persons will get good opportunity to strike a good profitable deal.

Escalation in your social status is highly probable. Your love life would be subjected to ebb and flow. The health of your children might get affected, so take all necessary precautions and remedies to improve their health. You would find yourself getting favors from your seniors. Your spouse may think about changing his/her job. You should take care of your health.

General Remedy: Recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra. Offer gur and annaj to unknown needy on Sundays.


As Sun transits into Leo, it will move into the 10th House from your Moon Sign. Your position and authority at work would increase and you might get promoted. You would get busy at work, as a result of which, you might not be able to give time to your personal life. This might lead to issues in your personal life. Sun holds an important portfolio of the tenth house for your sign. The tenth house is about occupation – Karma.

Viewing this, movement of the mighty Sun through the tenth house carries a lot of importance for you. Business persons will get good opportunity to strike a big ticket deal. This indicates a gainful time for business persons and professionals as well. Career-oriented natives will aim at putting up improved performance. Future growth prospects will look encouraging.

Progressive forces will start working effectively, more so from September. You are to remain in a healthy financial position. However, plan finances with long term in view and keep enough provision for contingency.

The health of your mother might deteriorate, so you need to take utmost care of her. You would be admired at your workplace because of your outstanding work. Take care of father’s health and your relationship with him, along with your own health .

General Remedy: Recite the Mantra “Om Ghrini Suryaya Namah”. Offer blue coloured flower in flowing water.


Sun will move into the 9th House from your Moon Sign. During this transit period, your honor would increase and your social status would also enhance. Your rising glory would know no bounds. Chances to get acquainted with the elite section of the society are likely. Long journeys would give fruitful results. Your father might disagree with your opinions and his health might degrade.
The ninth house is the domain of the mighty Sun for your sign. Taking this into consideration, this movement of Sun transit  in Leo through the ninth house carries much importance for Sagittarius Moon sign natives. The ninth house is about Luck in general, long distance travel and blessings of higher soul.

Movement of Sun in Purva Phalguni seems supportive for progress in your pursuits. Business persons will be able to have more high worth customers. This will help to boost sales in a notable way. Visit to a highly revered sacred religious place may have a refreshing effect on your psyche. You are to enjoy good general health in this period.

You may gain gold in this period and you would thank your stars for the lavish life you spend. Your younger siblings might be subjected to some problems which they need to take care of. You should take care of your anger.

General Remedy: Offer jal to Surya everyday, chanting Surya gayatri mantra. On Sundays, do milk and annaj daan.


Sun will move into the 8th House from your Moon Sign. It is predicted that the health of your father may decline in this period. Sudden gains and losses might also surprise you. The transit may cause perennial diseases like Piles, Fistula, Fissures, etc.
The eighth house is ruled by the mighty Sun for your sign. The eighth house is linked with longevity, sudden losses or gains and the occult as well. Sun now moves through the eighth house for your sign. There is a good possibility of sudden financial gain for you. This will add strength to your position on the financial front. With regards to health, there is a possibility of getting injured unexpectedly. You need to take due care in this regard.

Career-oriented natives have to work hard for extended hours to keep their position secured. If you are inclined to know more about the occult, now seems to be a supportive time to follow your interest.

A deep hidden secret might be revealed, so it is important for you to keep your cards close to your heart. You would enjoy this period, but make sure that you do not entangle yourself in any kind of unethical deed as it may lead to defamation. Capricorn natives might feel a bit strapped due to wealth losses, so think twice before spending extravagantly. No risks in coming month.

General Remedy: Donate Wheat on Sundays. Perform Gayatri yagya every Sunday.


As Sun transits in Leo, it will move into the 7th House from your Moon Sign. This means that there would be an increase in your spouse’s ego which might lead to some issues in your marital life. Low health might stress you a bit.
Sun rules the seventh house for your sign. The Sun, traversing in a fire sign – Leo, moves in opposition to your sign. This does not seem good for those in a relationship.

Married ones need to take care of sensibilities of their life partner for good. Spend some quality time with your spouse regularly to maintain warmth and harmony in your relationship. Single natives will be under pressure from their loved ones to confirm their relationship and get married.

You are to remain in a reasonably sound financial position now, and more so from September. You will remain in the pink of your health. You are advised to see the rising Sun and offer water to Sun God. You might act harshly when it comes to your behavior. The time seems good for your professional life as you might receive a promotion or increment at your workplace. Business partnership is expected to yield desired results.

General Remedy: Donate Jaggery to a Brahmin. Do Aditya Hridaya Stotra paatth and offer gur to needy.


Sun would move into the 6th House from your Moon Sign. As a result of this planetary movement, your spouse might act aggressively in this period. You would have the power in your hand and would be able to dominate your opponents. Increase in expenses is likely, so keep a tab on what you spend. You may win legal cases and the results of disputes or quarrels might end up in your favor. Sixth house is ruled by the mighty Sun for your sign. The sixth house is linked with illness, enemy and employment as well. This indicates that job holders may at times have to work for extended hours and stay focused at the task on hand. Business persons will experience tough competition while trying to strike a big ticket deal. This can lead to small margins in order to score over competitors.

Increase in personal and some unwarranted expenses have to be incurred by you. Also, not much saving