Hari Om,


The effects of the Chandra Grahan on 31st January 2018 will last at least for next one month. Below are details of some effects and moon sign wise upaay.

1. Mesh – Daan of green things after grahan is recommended.

2. Vrishabh – Do daan of red things after grahan.

3. Mithun – Hanuman ji puja after grahan period will be beneficial.

4. Kark – White things should be given to needy after grahan

5. Singh – Give black things, slippers or umbrella to needy as daan after grahan is over. Hanuman puja will also be helpful for you. You need to take care of eyes, family and money matters.

6. Kanya – Chanting Ram Rakha Stora and ann daan after grahan will help you in this period.

7. Tula – Problems may arise suddenly and you need to be careful of accidents. Wearing Durga kawach and daan of black colored items will help you.

8. Vrishchik – Daan of fruits to needy will be good for you.

9. Dhanu – White colored items like rice should be given to needy and poor.

10. Makar – This is not a good period for you and you must give black colored items as daan to needy.

11. Kumbh – The upcoming period is good for you. Doing daan of black colored things will benefit you as well.

12. Meen – Giving daan of bananas and red colored items is recommended for you.


Hari Om